Through Wall Acoustic Harassment

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Above picture is taken from webspace of Dr. Pam Jackson where someone has been storing what i suppose teaching notes and since has been removed (  There are other 80 files of interest on I was able to find another copy here.

In quite a few sites mentioned acoustic shadowing where affected person suddenly notices that someone in the apartment above or below starts following you. Noise campaign involves different sounds: as if book being dropped, hitting two metal objects, furniture moved or dragged, heavy suitcase being put down, door slammed, metal object being rolled or bounced on the floor, tapping, squeaking, scratching, stumbling, vacuuming multiple times per day especially near radiators, all construction sounds like drills, hammers, deliberately heavy steps while walking, etc)   that that could be tolerated once in a while, but cumulatively and systematically cause enormous strain and stress.

From my observation first step of such harassment is to make sure target is aware of aversive nature of acoustic intrusions. So it will be louder, noisier and more pervasive until you cannot bear it. The noise transforms to being annoying very fast since it is unwanted and deliberate. If it’s coupled with the awareness that you’re being watched in your presumed private space it surely to create panic, not to mention that usually you’re dealing with multiple types of disruption tactics at the same time. At first you might think that you’re under some investigation and it will stop as soon as this authority is made sure that you’re not guilty of anything. It will take some time for targeted person to realize punitive goal of such measure, meaning there is nothing in targets power to stop it – any of such efforts will probably be utilized against the target.

The reason it’s even more effective is that human ear has evolved to detect direction of sound from horizontal sources. It has trouble pinpointing sound from above or below. Sound coming from above will create appearance of being directly above you or below you. Hard to say how accurate localization equipment is in the hand of torturers, but this points to exploitation of another inefficiency of human perceptive system, thus amplifying effect and making torture easier to execute, not to mention that they are able to create very convincing effect of target being watched as if target is on the palm of someones hand where acoustic harassment shadows target in such sophisticated ways that is impossible to comprehend with any existing to humans approach meaning localization itself is not the key, not to mention other more advanced stages and effects – so just to put it in a perspective the movie “Being John Malkovich” in comparison would serve as very dumbed down fairy tale on par of the shadow of the show “Teletubies” (so put that coffee down – coffee’s for closers only). If you need a hint just think about that CIA rainbow homo (with sham marriage for PR image control) Zuckerberg (i’m not sure if it’s a “he” – kind of smells like another case of hermaphrodite like Bill Gates or Princess Diana) squealing about upcoming commercialization of telepathy for telecommunication purposes. It’s as if 40 year old movie “shining” about something called shining is another hint. By the word “humans” I was talking about myself – someone who is public school and university educated without ever holding any security clearances or ever being employed by any government or contractor. Forced public education in modern society is another very interesting topic probably rivaling lobotomization where snake oil is being pumped into children under various shiny labels and they are constantly being judged on that b.s. from very young age. In a mildest sense target can be compared to a tree that is being logged or wild animal that has been captured for the zoo or circus.

After a while target becomes aware of noise and sensitized to it. He tries to avoid it by moving to another place or room. Footsteps and banging will follow. There is no escape. If you go to the bathroom they will go there too. Kitchen they will follow. Special attention is paid to sleep and waking time. I’ve read somewhere that it suppose to predispose target in bad mood for the day and disrupt their sleep for the night. It sounds improbable and crazy having in mind how many human work hours are needed to put into this. I guess it depends on resiliency of the target, how much time he spends there and ability of local authority to mobilize and motivate local community. There has to be quite pervasive rumors creating degrading stigma of the target among neighbors in order for it to continue. It is especially interesting the case when there are multiple occupants living in apartment, so target identification becomes priority and situational awareness of other occupants. Most targets theorize that localization is accomplished by using UWB Radar (thru-wall radar, through Wall sensing, through wall detection of moving target and other synonyms used to describe device). I’m not sure about identification of the target with UWB radar if there are multiple occupants. There is another option – strategically placed Thru Ceiling Scope ( ) and Thru Wall Remote Viewing Kit ( It provides multiple advantages over radar (full video), as well as disadvantages like limited field of view. Drilled micro hole could be quite easily detected by Nonlinear junction detector , but it’s expensive equipment and requires expertise. I doubt there is a viable option to detect UWB radar. There might be some other more exotic or more primitive ways to accomplish target localization eg georadar or groundradar, which is also based on UWB technology. It’s bulky and designed for a different purpose. I’m not into radio-technical stuff so if anyone is intimately understand principles of such devices and can compare their capabilities it would be great to get some input. There could be other options that are described in literature as concepts, but not yet commercialized like passive radars that detect moving targets without emitting any waves only using existing radio waves, GSM or WI-FI signals. Another option would be secret surveillance cctv installed inside the apartment. Maybe there is something notoriously simple that we’re overlooking – as crazy as it sounds it’s more likely than not that apartment above the victim has nothing to do with the perceived harassment and there could be a chance that both apartments are attacked and pitted against each other at the same time if they are trying to kill two birds (targets) with one stone or multiple birds (think of advanced level of Stephen King “Needful things”). The harassment is probably just next generation three card monte or shell game where very advanced weapons are in hands of worst con men and scum of the earth. More likely than not probably there is nothing brought from outside or installed into target’s apartment and if there is – it probably would serve as decoy or decoy of decoy – think of that last scene in the movie “The Conversation” 1974 – the only thing Gene Hackman had left to hang on to was the saxophone after destroying his apartment looking for a bug and he was private investigator (such occupation doesn’t exist – it’s always a cover) top expert in the art of surveillance.

I don’t know if it’s related, but in the bathroom quite often I can hear feint beeping sounds similar to Geiger counter. The frequency of beeping is not uniform, so I’m not sure if it’s part of localization/tagging/tracking system or it’s part of deception to create stronger illusion of covert surveillance. If the system is smart enough to distinguish me from other occupants in the apartment it means: system can evaluate and zero into some biometric identifying  characteristics: like gait, dental work, heartbeat. Just a speculation.

Knowing that all basic instinctive behavior is analogous among mammals (including humans) it was interesting to see if there was some similar research done and what they tried to accomplish and if its applicable in any way to TI.

The mammalian startle reflex is a fast motor response that is elicited if a tactile, vestibular or acoustic stimulus has a sudden onset and exceeds a certain intensity threshold. Over the last four decades the startle reflex arc has become a prime model system for the study of the neuronal basis of sensory-motor integration, emotional processing and the influence of genes on behaviour. However, in spite of the extended research effort on the startle reflex, its evolutionary function remains unknown. Initially it has been argued that its function is to interrupt ongoing behaviour patterns while more recent accounts suggest that it protects the organism from a sudden physical impact. It has also been suggested that it facilitates a flight response, but there are no experimental studies on the connection between startling and fleeing in mammals. In previous studies, animals were not given the opportunity to spatially avoid the startle stimulus and remove themselves from sound exposure so that the relationship between startle and flight responses is not well understood. Furthermore, the startle reflex is commonly used as a measure of emotional processing since the startle magnitude itself is often modified as result of conditioned fear (fear to a conditioned stimulus (CS) formed by linking an initially neutral CS with an unconditioned aversive stimulus (US)). However, it is unknown whether startling noise itself can act as an US in a fear conditioning paradigm.

Information on sensitisation and habituation processes related to startle are only available for parameters that are directly associated with the reflex itself i.e. response latencies and startle amplitudes (strength of muscular flinch). The dual process theory of habituation suggests that a stimulus should induce a habituating as well as a sensitisation component in the nervous system. Habituation constitutes a decreased response to repeated stimulation while response sensitisation represents the opposite process i.e. increased responsiveness as a result of repeated stimulation. In the startle reflex, the magnitude of the startle itself (i.e. the strength of flexor muscle contraction) is subject to habituation while sensitisation is present in the shortening of the response latency to the startle stimulus. However, no study has investigated whether repeated startling causes habituation or sensitisation processes in subsequent behaviour patterns like spatial avoidance or flight. In our study we address this question.

An understanding of long-term effects of the startle responses is important in the context of evolutionary and ecological questions and in the investigation of unexpected reactions to noise. The potential for exposure to repeated startling stimuli for wild animals has increased considerably through the introduction of anthropogenic noise. The effects of noise can range from habitat exclusion to changes in the vocal parameters of communication sounds to extreme behavioural responses leading to death as in mass strandings of beaked whales induced by military sonar. Understanding the underlying mechanisms why mammals exhibit such responses is one of the highest priorities when trying to mitigate its effects. In this study, we investigated the effects of repeated exposure to startle-eliciting stimuli on the occurrence of subsequent longer-term avoidance behaviour and fear conditioning. (local copy)

This research is relevant as it gives direction into related keywords and research that might help to understand the concept of such method as weapon to be used on people. The process of the ongoing harassment has to be monitored for progress – can UWB radar do that? It would be seriously boring to bang on the floor without seeing any kind of response, unless you sure about end outcome and you’re really motivated for this goal, but i doubt it. According to various manufacturers uwb radar (there are many of them – from Chinese to Italians) is capable for capturing heartbeat and breathing, but it’s not clear how accurate these readings are. This video kind of puts in perspective about possible capabilities of UWB radar.  Is there research in animals that might encapsulate whole conceptual plausibility as it’s applied to human? In essence apartment becomes “Skinner box” where “thought stopping” ( by acoustic stimulus is used to stop critical thinking and continuously disrupt thought process. Similar technique is used by cults to brainwash inductees.

What is interesting about all this is motivational factor of participating public and where does (if it is) collected data goes for evaluation. It’s already clear that it’s not hard to coerce almost anyone to torture fellow human being. Milgram experiment has clearly demonstrated it. It’s easy to make assumption that psychiatrist has to be involved in all this, unless it’s standard operating procedure among coercive suppression tactics and is clearly documented with procedures for average person to understand and interpret targets reactions. Maybe that’s unnecessary? Also the need for radar or some sort of covert localization equipment would require law enforcement authorized to operate such equipment. It’s still hard to wrap mind as to why would such method be used or considered effective. Maybe it’s because it leaves no normal ways of dealing with problem for average person, so they can only adapt or try to escape (including drugs or alcohol). I guess at some moment target will move out (noise shadowing tactic usually follows to new place – it did for me) or start complaining and obviously that’s the stage that they are prepared for with plausible deniability – to portray you as “hearing weird sounds”. So the only way to confront is with witnesses who are able to confirm systematic and methodical acoustic abuse. I haven’t dissected much of it at this post, more like described it as much as i could from my perspective.

Think about this “comedy” clip: It’s very tough to look at it and not to think towards a direction that script is based on some sort of “carnal knowledge”. As if they are trying to portray and visualize what goes on in the mind of someone under such attack. You know “love thy neighbor” very quickly evaporates without a trace and starts hurling towards abyss of the king of kung-fu hustle roller coaster of suspicious minds. So you have to realize the clip is also a bait. It’s very painful to watch.

According to NATO (local copy): Most audible acoustic systems can be defeated with ear protection. But it’s impossible in continuous or interrupted unbearable acoustic stress.

Various Through Wall surveillance Equipment database.

Acoustic/etc through wall localization equipment

Speculations on other methods and equipment

Keywords: wall radar, thru-wall radar, through wall radar, synthetic aperture radar, apartment as skinner box, through Wall sensing, through wall detection of moving target, through wall harassment, continuous acoustic harassment, through wall surveillance, radar surveillance, uwb human imaging


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