Quantum cognition and organized stalking

It is estimated that every 7 years, we replace every cell in our bodies, yet we keep our identities and our shape, if not mentioning wrinkles and less hair. Science tries to reason it with DNR, but many spiritual, behavioral and mind issues are beyond the grasp for science if applying traditional constructs and research methods. Subjective experience of the consciousness is something traditional science is fully aware, but can’t even begin to explain. Science and traditional criminology is all about testability, repeatability and evidence. If we approach organized stalking from criminology perspective it’s almost impossible to create compelling case with evidence since only accumulation of instances can be understood as persecution, but impact still can’t be measured. Impact is only on you and only from your point of view. There is no way to examine real time-line impacts within intent of the crime. Organized stalking is Schrodinger’s cat paradox where it all depends on time, subjective observability and interpretation – it’s alive and dead at the same time. The potential witness could be standing right next to you and wouldn’t notice anything out of ordinary unless you point it to them and even then witness might have his reservations about aversive intent.

How do you create evidence for the ripples in the water that are intentionally created to erode part of the shore. Do you document the ripples or someone who is causing the ripples and monitoring destruction. Who is accountable, ripples or someone making the waves? Ripples could appear completely natural to casual observer since they occur everywhere in the water. So how do you create evidence for the crime that by design has to look natural. Ripple could be anything – degrading rumor, name calling, scratch on the car, etc.. It’s the intent that is threatening and forcing our attention and concern. There is subtle dangerous stage of organized stalking is when all ripples start to look the same: intentional and natural.

So if we presume that human is both particle and wave – body (our physical space) is a particle and wave is our awareness, perception, behavior, cognition and same applies to humanity and use already existing quantum cognition insights to frame organized stalking phenomena. So if we are both particle and wave, lets call unity of both a string and our activity we could call vibration.
So if we agree that quantum models apply to humans (strings) and and conglomeration of particles that we can only interpret as collective vibration energy and potential of ideas where ideas take life of their own and do not belong to anyone who is part of the conglomerate: political parties, school, communities, activism, militaries, etc – anyone can like or dislike anything.. We can imagine them as bigger strings based on vibration through energy of their followers or enemies.

We are all intertwined and entangled in various ways: we are part of culture, community, we are citizens of particular country, belong to party, have hobbies, workplaces, etc.. We are a string and we vibrate creating waves of interaction with outside world and other strings around us try to affect and influence in many different ways where you’re alone and part of everything at the same time. Why are we influenced by something and are indifferent to others. That is subjective matter how we lend importance to something making us feel (vibrate) about something. Some strings force us to behave in one way or another, like law, social norms, peer pressure, work and so on, but we are not necessarily affected by it. Some coerce us to become their followers – like tv program we get intrigued to watch and can’t stop it, favorite brand, viral videos, etc. We resonate positively towards some strings and negatively towards other strings and some issues don’t affect us at all. That is all part of life and we accept it as normal. Now comes in a string that appears to be determined to influence about with sole purpose to affect your with constant ripples of negative waves. It’s ripples of negativity on targeted arbitrative point of view with apparent sole purpose to push right buttons to make you resonate as much as possible with negativity until you collapse like a bridge collapsing from platoon marching through it. How do you fight the energy? If you push pendulum it will swing back with more force. It feeds on your response. When does pendulum stops swinging – when it’s broken or out of energy, or put in different position eg parallel to the floor. Bridge is designed to withstand much bigger load than platoon of soldiers marching through it. If it didn’t resonate to stimuli it wouldn’t have collapsed. What if it’s almost collapsed and got conditioned that walking is a threat. Even few people walking on it might make bridge to resonate with fear under the threat of collapse. Of course you will say bridge is different and I agree it doesn’t have subjectivity. In some ways we don’t too – our basic instincts are exploited that naturally don’t depend on our subjection. But human is the only animal that is capable to controlling his instincts and i want to believe that we do have at least a potential to find way to tackle this.

I’m sorry if it sounds contrived, but I think it’s important to try to look at it from many different perspectives, overlaying onto existing frameworks and we might just stumble onto something. You know that movies are best watched in their original language, same applies for books. So this post is not about trying to find who or why. It’s about minimizing damage by disrupting perception of the problem.


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