Movies and TV series about stalking, social control

Just some movies that I’ve seen recently. If you need a distraction and reflection – these were pretty good. Any others?

  • Micmacs. French movie about organized stalking. Quirky cinematography. Morally justified cause where goal justifies the means to defeat the villain by using all kinds of surveillance, coercive tactics and methods. After watching it I was left with weird aftertaste.
  • He loves me, He loves me not. Another French movie about stalking with elements of appearance of organized stalking. The beauty of the movie is how it’s split in two parts focusing on subjective perception as the key.
  • 12 months of Summer. Swedish masterpiece about individuals who are used to work in most dangerous places in the world, but this time its something completely different. It’s a paradise at first glance, but the looks are deceiving. It’s really interesting usage of hyperbole where person who underwent severely traumatic experience acquires completely different language. As if no matter how hard he tries to explain something – nobody around him can understand what is he trying to say.
  • Nowhere Man.  Not a movie, but 25 part TV series from 1995-1996. Each part has different flavor and follows new ideological message against injustice. From imdb: Photographer Thomas Veil who, in the course of one evening, seemingly has his whole existence erased. It appears as if some mysterious and powerful entity has coerced Veil’s family and friends into cooperating in a clandestine plan to annul every trace of him. Veil is all alone with no option but to begin a desperate, dangerous quest to find out how and why this has happened and most importantly, who is behind this torturous scheme.
  • This is not my life. 13 part TV series from New Zealand about future. Focuses on personal identity that you no longer own as it’s exploited for the greater good. Lots of allegories with current ideas of the war on terror, safe communities, psychiatry as form of social control,  etc…
  • Cache – Another French movie that depicts stalking from different angle where you’re forced to look at a stalking in a completely different way.
  • Martyrs – French again. Are there limits to ethics if you’re after some important answers for the greater good? Very cruel and twisted, but not to the point as to loose the plot.
  • Dogtooth – If you look at it from sociology perspective – it’s a greek version of matrix. Otherwise it’s a sick, twisted, incestuous, bizarre, revolting movie. What is reality? what is normal? What we believe, what we know or something else? If you consider that humanity has abandoned nature and nature has abandoned humans it can serve as answer to that loaded question about nature or nurture. Homosexuality doesn’t exist in nature (except maybe cases of enron like science book cooking of that CIA department where CIA homos use magical powers of “men who stare at goats”) or humans, it’s something incomprehensible to any normal person. Psychopaths look at children as frankenstein looks at stem cell – they can create monster of monsters that will hunt and kill kittens with bare hands while being under impression that they are being saviors of mankind and just cape away from superman. Pedophilia is not mental disorder – it’s a weapon of the pervertariat.
  • Bad Boy Bubby – How does one adapt to new social world and rules after the old one is destroyed? Is it genuine unbiased curiosity? Even though ending somewhat “hollywoody”, be prepared for stomach churning imagery.
  • Trading places – X-mas story that everyone knows and doesn’t really give a second thought about it.  Good triumphs over evil. Really? How could it be that two mens lives were turned around as experiment with social tools that you couldn’t even dream of. One man was driven to commit suicide in just a few days. Does it happen only in the movies?
  • Calvaire – How does one deal with society that is self sufficient, 100% sustainable, eco green, but bat shit crazy. They get raped, tortured and killed. You won’t know about them unless your car breaks down in their village. There shouldn’t be such thing as first impression as all evil in the world rides on it.
  • Me, Myself & Irene – Beginning of the movie shows the guy who is treated very unfairly everywhere by everyone around him. It doesn’t matter that he is a cop. Think of it as that movie “Truman Show”, but instead of having everyone behave nice around the target – everyone is mean and nasty and sick of you as if that target were the reason for their problems.
  • Seinfeld season 8, episode 5 called “The Package“. It’s an episode that aired in 1995 depicting situation where Elaine Benes accidentally notices being marked “difficult” in her medical file and right away she makes mistake assuming it was for not following some nurse’s order from years ago. All her efforts to get rid of the label and the “special” treatment (although it doesn’t appear she noticed anything out of ordinary before being aware of that label) that comes with it just shows how naive she is – she is just digging herself deeper into the hole. There was paranoia inducing moment where American Medical Association called her in the middle of the night to confirm her name. Of course it’s not about labeling. The skin rash itself is a psychiatric symptom and she was just asking for it. So she completely missed the point how she was forced into the “game”.
  • South Park season 19, episode 1 called “Stunning and Brave“. Little boy becomes a target of terror group (similar group to that group depicted in that movie “fight club”) for saying something that doesn’t worship filthy degenerate CIA psyop trannie.  CIA ANGLE club (LGBT officers from intelligence community) was probably depicted in that “fight club” movie and that’s what whole idea of PC principal and his pervertariat crew all about – bunch of loudmouth “alpha males” (comic book invention comes along with concept of superhero – all those muscular drawings also serve as pin up models for homosexuals) living together and instilling terror into everyone around them to hide their own homosexuality, while pretending to be “saviors”, “problem solvers” and “fixers”. Similar hazing tactics that exist in military, prisons, frat houses, etc. It’s very complex and multi-layered plot.
  • “Fight Club”. Again it’s probably depiction of some adventures of CIA ANGLE organization (LGBT officers from intelligence community) where core of security is based on Stonewalling rule of conduct . They revealed lots of organizational psychological tactics among them the terror tactics to engage civilians on the streets, make them snap and entice them into the uneven fight. Don’t forget to google the single frame of male genitalia that was inserted into last scene of that movie… Of course keep in mind that movie was released before 9/11 and those two WTC lookalike towers that fell down in that last scene. Keep in mind how they portrayed the “leader” of the seemingly spontaneous movement and at the same time fall guy who ended up with schizophrenic like symptoms even though he wasn’t really even allowed in the back war/situation room – unless that part of the narrative doubles as his safety net. All he had left according to that narrative was just some dumb scar on his hand that would self-incriminate the mental tendency towards self harm. He was “in” just for bromance and acceptance of that flamboyant and very charming alpha male who left no real trail.
  • “Hot fuzz” (2007) – Tough to describe it. One way to look at it – depiction of how modern day community organizing and policing doctrines should be a subject of public scrutiny as it’s nothing, but building blocks of instruments that can be used to take over any territory, institution or zone of influence in liberal democracy and run it by using ancient mechanisms of serfdom, slavery, caste system (with an iron fist) without raising any suspicions by incrementally eliminating anyone who has an ounce of grey matter to be suspiciuos. It’s a movie depicting events that happened in 1995. This movie is part of trilogy.
  • The Event season 1, episode 14 called “A Message Back”. The show is relevant as it uses new narrative to portray the ongoing rainbowlution “perestroika” of the world by using concept of aliens which could also serve as another layer of military deception. Extensive usage of “you are with us or against us” semantics reminiscent of the Lost “the others” for divide and conquer warfare inspiration. In that particular episode president office had church building under surveillance and president asked how many people are inside. One of the guys pulled and split some satellite feed into infrared signal that enabled him to see everyone inside the building through the roof. It’s something that contradicts the science – maybe they don’t have any labels for technology that is classified hence stonewall rules. screenshots: 1 2 3
  • The Vanishing (Dutch: Spoorloos) 1988. Nothing is simple, but none of the chess game moves are. Chess pieces do not move on their own on the board even if the game is “played” by deep blue something. So even if this movie is a show and tell it doesn’t say anything. So it’s the same trap as the RIP lure designed for the movie’s OCD infected main protagonist in search of justice. So never try to save the queen transportation silk road logistic problems if shit martini stirrer comes to you and tries to convince you to throw someone down the well. So even if the rookie pawn gains the status and powers of the queen – you’re still the same donkey who is being moved and shuffled around by some sort of Mr Hand, not to mention that queen is vulnerable to be RIP’ed by any pawn. What happens if every square of the chess board is filled with pride parading queens, stacked on top each other like a collective commonwealth soul human centipede pyramid wtc skyscraper – top secret.. bottom secret… trumping with their “love” of trumping anyone who hates the trumping. What possible moves are there left to make? You don’t have to be operation paperclip racketeer to realize that something is rotten in Denmark.. they’re keeping calm carrying on assassination after assassination. playing planking games, etc.. If you get suspicious and try to look into this annoying windmill they will perform a Mannequin Challenge for you so your zombie brain can be analyzed more thoroughly to shit stain more dots to connect for your beautiful mind. The game is rigged in such ways that if you don’t realize that absolutely nobody plays with security you’re fair and balanced game of a fair origin, since you’re not intelligent life, but “selling” yourself as instrument for playing the game with your hands in hopes that you will also get a chance to decipher something by playing it by trial and error thus you also appear as if you’re part of intelligence community. In games of security there are no trials only errors even if you’re right as such word doesn’t exist in the rulebook. So if you’re given a choice of some pills, colors or colored pills – you’re being played or just playing along the con for the target or targeted audience. Brokeback crescent rainbow colored phantoms of the opera do not forgive, do not forget, expect them.. Think of bitcoin as another spooky instrument where  compound word consist of two words:”bit” means that metal thing in the horses mouth connected to the reins and COIN is a military term that means counterintelligence. Don’t bother looking for horseman – they are always headless by design. Like that anonymous logo with man in tar budgets and a question mark.
  • World is not enough – James Bond movie from 1999. In final scene the 007 is in bed with someone. His accomplices who are monitoring him pick up something and they pull some sort of “feed” that picks thermal signature through the walls.  Screenshots 1 2

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