4th Generation Warfare

4th generation warfare has been thrown around among military thinkers for 30 years. There are as many definitions as there are people who try to define it. Language used somehow is very interesting, since it describes something organized stalking victims struggle to describe, but from the academic point of view. I know he is talking about other states, but wikipedia definition is also revealing: The simplest definition includes any war in which one of the major participants is not a state but rather a violent non-state actor. Fourth generation warfare is defined as conflicts which involve the following elements:

  • Are complex and long term
  • Terrorism (tactic)
  • A non-national or transnational base—highly decentralized
  • A direct attack on the enemy’s culture
  • Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through media manipulation and lawfare
  • All available pressures are used – political, economic, social and military
  • Occurs in low intensity conflict, involving actors from all networks
  • Non-combatants are tactical dilemmas
  • Lack of hierarchy
  • Small in size, spread out network of communication and financial support
  • Use of Insurgency and guerrilla tactics

This is from Indian Military Academy Journal (local copy) (2010):
The fourth generation warfare will be highly dispersed in nature. The battlefield would expand to include the enemy’s whole society. The battlefield itself would be difficult to define or delineate. Expansion of battlefield from land to sea to air, will now go into the realms of ideologies, culture and values of the target society. Psychological manipulation will assume primacy. The lines dividing the combatants and civilians will get further blurred. In fact the combatants would not be the traditional soldiers. They may well be civilians with specific areas of expertise which will extend beyond conventional military matters. These would be applied for comprehensive disruption, degradation and destruction of enemy society. Nations are defined not only by their geographic boundaries, but because of their culture, traditions and ideological cohesiveness. The quest to target the vulnerabilities of the adversary will prompt the warriors of the next generation of warfare to destroy the very fundamentals of enemy’s nationality. The target would be its society, unity, national spirit and identity. The ultimate goal would be to create such conditions that the adversary’s society will cease to exist as a coherent entity. All the rules and norms of traditional war fighting will disappear, to the extent that it may be difficult to call it war. Consequently the intelligentsia will be forced to coin new terms to define such acts. Since the basic characteristic of this generation of warfare is its lack of form or boundaries, such definitions and terms will appear confusing, imprecise and inaccurate.
Terrorism, militancy, insurgency, asymmetric warfare and a large number of other terms, with overlapping scopes, will come into being. Delegation of executive powers will lead to operations being undertaken by small teams or individuals operating alone, making identification and targeting difficult. Fourth generation warfare will be fought in multiple strata, in different forms and methods, seemingly without a robust command and control architecture. It will also use tactics and techniques from earlier generations of warfare. The indefinable nature of battlefield, highly dispersed, specialized teams/ individuals and defiance of all norms will lead to ostensible chaos. As the stress of earlier warfare has shifted from manpower to fire power to maneuver, it will now further shift to this “apparent chaos”. This will be the strength of the fourth generation warrior, since it will make it difficult to identify its centre of gravity and target it. The “quest for profit” will drive the proponents of fourth generation warfare also. The goals would be money, territory, power or could go beyond to amalgamation of entire societies into own cultural / religious folds or its destruction to eliminate a perceived threat to own existence. International aversion to war, economic concerns and huge losses of lives will make the prospects of waging war more and more impractical to states. Intelligent methods of war fighting like war by proxy and by stateless actors will replace wars waged by nation states. The fourth generation warfare will use technology as a tool to wage an efficient and effective war with a wide reach, while exploiting the technological dependence of the target society to create mayhem. Having analysed the drivers and likely contours of the fourth generation warfare, certain basic questions need to be answered to further clarify fourth generation warfare.

It’s hard to understand what it is and if he is describing threats, adversary or process. As far as I can understand military role in globalized world should become less and less significant. It becomes harder and harder for military to justify it’s self-existence as they are obviously just system part of security racket. Word “foreign” should be retired all together, but in reality the traffic flows according to the “opposite day” pride parade rules of brexit empire. Only colored and crooked soot souls of tar budget lives matter. Notice the problem with embassies and consulates even in EU where such institutions being setup on the scale of geometric progression. So any foreign ministry of any country in globalized world is another layer of military deception stuffed with truculent CIA lemon party gestapo taliban apartheid. So it’s really interesting how the new threat will be defined and how popular support will be achieved. What will be new boogeyman?

Don’t make mistake with this concept of “generation” when dealing with warfare. You have to look at everything including labeling theory as dual use technology. So people are divided for conquering by their “own” military. At the same time they are performing million other types of fractures and fracking of society by using all kinds of issues, causes and cooked book covers. Entire rainbow spectrum is available as option and ammunition. Your beautiful mind – your most prized possession is also your Achilles heel to be utilized to trample you 6 feet under.

What does it mean it terms of security and safety? It means absolutely nothing. It’s not a military. It’s the encryption of mighty pig pens to project hologram of non existent al-queda, the ISIS, the ISIL, the cosa nostra, the russian mafia, the drug cartels, etc.. So security apparatus has been performing rainbowlution long before 9/11, but it shouldn’t stop you for starters blaming them for 9/11. At the same time you can’t treat it as windmill with stonewalls for rioting with pitchforks, torches, tar and impotent feathers that you wouldn’t even know how to begin using – since even if you’re civilian you’re part of military, meaning the system itself is so interwoven into the world it’s being used to process any target they consider “army of one”, by using “you’re with us or against us” doctrine and all kinds of red handed codes from the entire rainbow spectrum – bullying, hazing, fragging, friendly fire, IED’s, mobbing, hot fuzz, insider threat, sexual assaults, needful things, etc etc.. So in this sense any military/intelligence community/security institution of any nation or supranational organization of the world is part of red, white and blue axis of Dr Evil. There are no foes, friends or adversaries – it’s just one rainbow fight club – united pervertariat, hunting people like pokemons in hunger games. Entire world is just one compartmentalized brexit penal colony overseen by scattered castles stuffed with uber alles caste of “vor v zakone” top secret, down secret and bottom secret diplomats, lawmakers,  CIA homos, DIA cunts, shit martini stirrers, etc.. Yes they have superior technology making them “uber alles” and people in comparison are just cavemen suckers that get born often (mammals) from planet of the apes. So in that sense if you’re honestly under impression that it’s a problem about few bad apples and you’re one of few good men – you’re just drooling wide eye retard.

Notice the definition about generation might be a encrypted layer of military deception to perform misdirection from frankenstein bioweapon programs involving logging of human terrain, pervertariat, courage trapped in wrong bodies, landfill of the brave, farming mighty pig pens with muscular tongues, trojan horses, cuckoos nests, harry potter, no country for oldmen, oldboys with iron fists, no child left behind, etc.. At the same time don’t make very crucial mistake about encryption and decryption. It’s not possible to decrypt kaleidoscope rainbows by looking directly into them and if you’re not looking you’re missing something out. If you decrypt something it will serve as foundation for new encryption, meaning you are going nowhere except towards ground zero. You’re a donkey going in circles pumping something. And thinking out of the box is not exactly an option for you if your freedom is not free. So also keep in mind that in equality regime war equals peace, freedom fries rapidly into free range serfdom and modern slavery, ignorance equals strength, etc.. What i’m hinting about. Blocks of chains to tie you up. COIN is a military term that means counterintelligence or counterinsurgency. BIT is that metal thing in the horses mouth, part of the bridle connected to reins used to control not only trojan horses. So world experiencing huge heist, holocaust of biblical proportions. Another “never again” has already been produced once again and is continuing with no end in sight. Numbered oceans. This time integer is being used to resemble the shape of 666… But once again don’t make mistake with such narratives. Treat such bible and rapture stories as high quality entertainment lulzboat production by madmen from madison avenue and mighty pig pens that are mightier than nuclear tipped swords. No different than say narrative in terminator, total recall, back to the future, MIB, etc movies. So if this new generation of shitbags don’t have horns, hooves and tails it doesn’t mean that it’s not new improved generation. Maybe those horns weren’t horns to begin with, but some sort of communication antennas. Notice cellphones just 15 years ago also used to have external antennas?


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