Jesse Ventura show about targeted individuals

So I downloaded and watched this Jesse Ventura show called “conspiracy theory” about Targeted Individuals (Brain Invaders S03E07). You can watch it here: or on youtube, bittorent, etc… I know TI’s will be rejoiced that at least someone on TV is talking about it, but as far as I can see the show didn’t crack any eggs, unless you consider that slime on Ventura’s face as an egg.

jesse ventura

The show didn’t even touch organized stalking and harassment issue. Targeted individual problem was framed mainly about hearing voices through microwaves, radio frequency or some other high tech means. I’m not saying that such narrow definition is deliberate misdirection, but it right away discredits large portion of TI’s as “not fitting in” this frame.

So approach was mapping all the targeted individuals on the map (where did they get these statistics?), subsequently clusters appeared in specific areas and it gave them some sort of clue about GWEN towers – cold war relic communication system. This approach doesn’t really make sense as it would imply that people are targeted based on location of residence.

They interviewed some ex CIA guy. Interview is a strong word – Jesse was doing most of the talking. Another black ops guy in a white wan was interviewed by Jesse’s team member, who also didn’t say anything of substance except saying don’t look at the present – look at the past. Finally ex-CIA scientist “star witness” (Robert Duncan) who claims to have invented the system, but couldn’t really give any details or evidence. He also speculatively assumed that GWEN towers have capability, he didn’t confirm that it’s the towers that are behind this. None of these witnesses confirmed that they work for government – from OSI it appears they been out of government work for years if not decades. So show pretty much made an impression that:

1. Targeted individuals are ones who hear voices in their head through rf/microwaves

2. The reason for this is criticism of government

3. There are a few bad apples in the government who are behind this at the same time it’s systematic and mainstream (self contradictory)

4. There is nothing that could be done

You have to understand that main purpose of the show is to make it interesting for the wide audience. The show didn’t uncover anything new what’s already out there. It only rehashed some points, made some assumptions, quickly jumped to conclusions, got a few TI’s, dubious field experiment, flashy graphics and a lot of undeserved patting on their own back – typical low budget military psyop. I speculate that black budgets are misused and mishandled in cases like this and money laundering becomes the issue. Jesse Ventura didn’t do any favors to TI’s with this fear mongering, agenda driven show. He didn’t use his own government or military connections to bring at least an ounce of credibility into the issue. If you want to create effect – how about using some Michael Moore style confrontational tactics on these “bad apples” in dark crevices of the government? Even Borat was able to gain access to some very high members of the government.

Maybe Jesse Ventura will take on organized stalking as separate topic to investigate? Hopefully…


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