OODA Loop and Targeted Individuals

I tried to see if a single TI website would link John Boyd OODA Loop to gangstalking or organized stalking. I couldn’t find a single one, even though it’s a apt description of the framework and method of environmental and situational behavioral control with expectation of target confusion to increase until disorder approaches chaos— death. Considering that it’s been for around 40+ years and quite broadly (albeit without original depth of the author) have been used in military, law enforcement and economic domain for various purposes – defense and offense, it’s quite reasonable to examine OODA loop as behavioral model for executing organized stalking. I always struggled to see the reasons why would organized stalking methods be effective or reasonable to employ. Attack on OODA loop (aka control warfare) clearly explains the organized stalking process which is in essence non invasive occupation of individual’s freedom aka mind control, it is also could be employed as theoretical framework for police “disruption tactics”.

Boyd thought that one could “collapse the enemy’s system into confusion and disorder by causing him to over- and under-react to activity that appears simultaneously menacing as well as ambiguous, chaotic, or misleading.”

The key is to obscure your intentions and make them unpredictable to your opponent while you simultaneously clarify his intentions. That is, operate at a faster tempo to generate rapidly changing conditions that inhibit your opponent from adapting or reacting to those changes and that suppress or destroy his awareness.

What is OODA loop (for observe, orient, decide, and act)?


John Boyd created an enduring legacy for those involved with describing, affecting, and compelling the behavior of others. Encapsulated in his model of the OODA Loop, Boyd’s framework represents the foundation for examining, and affecting, the actions of people, groups, and nations.

For the case of organized stalking we are only concerned about OODA loop in a sense of individual behavior (as they call it type I), unless you’re somehow important in affecting some group, organization or even nation. In that case the target might not be you, but the organization you belong to (suspected, perceived or real). Most of the victims of organized stalking doesn’t appear to be high value targets (HVT), high value individuals (HVI), PONI’s (persons of national interest), etc. So one possible benefactor would be mental health apparatus as they’d draw benefits directly from the state while taking care of targeted individual’s manufactured psychiatric symptoms. Now one has to evaluate cost/benefit ratio. How much does psychiatry industrial complex gets for “caring” for person in and outside the asylum? No matter what – psychiatry benefits directly from gangstalking so they could be considered at least tacit supporter of it.

At the systemic level, the OODA Loop provides a coherent framework for describing human and organizational behavior. People and groups observe what is occurring around them; they fit these observations into a general expectation regarding the environment; they make decisions as necessary or appropriate; and they take action when needed. Externally, it is a very neat and orderly process.

Unfortunately, such a model is also quite vague. Aphorisms like “operate inside the enemy’s decision loop” or “expand the enemy’s decision loop” are expressions of the broad strategic tasks that emerge from this general model. They are rich in metaphor and short on meaning, primarily because they say little about what needs to be done. A closer examination of the entire system reveals the true objective of this approach. The goal of behavioral modification at the systemic level is to reduce the flow of information to the enemy, or to increase the amount of time that it takes the enemy to act on whatever information he possesses. Systemic attacks against an enemy’s OODA Loop strive to isolate the various tasks of observation, orientation, decision, and action from one another. Systemic attack is not about getting inside the enemy’s head. It is about preventing the enemy’s head from getting useful information, and if that fails, preventing the enemy from acting on that information in a timely, relevant manner.

Boyd also uses quantum physics, entropy and the laws of thermodynamics to predict and explain cognitive effects of uncertainty, confusion, incompleteness, suspicion, destruction and creation.

Screenshot from 2012-12-24 12:34:23 Screenshot from 2012-12-24 12:33:07 Screenshot from 2012-12-24 12:31:06

As you can see the purpose is to delay the behavioral loop of the target, where response is needed and at the same time impossible.

Naturally, as we go through life we develop concepts of meaning (with included constituents) to represent observed reality. Can we not liken these concepts—and their related constituents—to the domains and constituents that we have formed in our imagination? Naturally, we can. Keeping this relationship in mind, suppose we shatter the correspondence of each domain or concept with its constituent elements. In other words, we imagine the existence of the parts but pretend that the domains or concepts they were previously associated with do not exist. Result: We have many constituents, or particulars, swimming around in a sea of anarchy. We have uncertainty and disorder in place of meaning and order. Further, we can see that such an unstructuring or destruction of many domains—to break the correspondence of each with its respective constituents—is related to deduction, analysis, and differentiation. We call this kind of unstructuring a destructive deduction.

So targeting somebody’s OODA Loop in essence translates into shifting ones attention and cognitive resources towards a task that is unsolvable with current state of mind. Important element of it is orientation and thats where internet gangstalking sites come in to play. Even though they provide definition, but clearly no solutions whatsoever.

There are a lot more of the theory of OODA Loop in the links you can find below, but the important part is the Boyd’s own suggestion to dealing with such attack:

Fortunately, there is a way out. Remember, as previously shown, we can forge a new concept by applying the destructive deduction and creative induction mental operations. Also, remember, in order to perform these dialectic mental operations we must first shatter the rigid conceptual pattern, or patterns, firmly established in our mind. (This should not be too difficult since the rising confusion and disorder is already helping us to under- mine any patterns). Next, we must find some common qualities, attributes, or operations to link isolated facts, perceptions, ideas, impressions, interactions, observations, etc., together as possible concepts to represent the real world. Finally, we must repeat this unstructuring and restructuring until we develop a concept that begins to match-up with reality. By doing this—in accordance with Godel, Heisenberg and the Second Law of Thermodynamics—we find that the uncertainty and disorder generated by an inward-oriented system to talking to itself can be offset by going outside and creating a new system. Simply stated, uncertainty and related disorder can be diminished by the direct artifice of creating a higher and broader more general concept to represent reality.

However, once again, when we begin to turn inward and use the new concept—within its own pattern of ideas and interactions—to produce a finer grain match with observed reality we note that the new concept and its match-up with observed reality begins to self- destruct just as before. Accordingly, the dialectic cycle of destruction and creation begins to repeat itself once again. In other words, as suggested by Godel’s Proof of Incompleteness, we imply that the process of Structure, Unstructure, Restructure, Unstructure, Re- structure is repeated endlessly in moving to higher and broader levels of elaboration. In this unfolding drama, the alternating cycle of entropy increase toward more and more dis- order and the entropy decrease toward more and more order appears to be one part of a control mechanism that literally seems to drive and regulate this alternating cycle of destruction and creation toward higher and broader levels of elaboration.

So it’s not a solution, but cyclical process of expanding ones cognitive space so attack has no effect on ones goals, intent and freedom.

I’ve been posting various research, essays and academic thesis from government, military, behavioral, social and policing domain. One has to understand that academic papers do not reflect operational reality or reality of the individual in question. Usually it’s just a push from above to describe/influence the existing order/method (one has to keep in mind that every single area of our economy operates under unwritten rule that there are no irreplaceable employees even if they are nobel laureates with IQ of 1000) , but at the same time it provides a glimpse of reality from the “pusher/insider” position. Almost all targeted individuals share the notion that only government could organize and execute such operations, but at the same time it’s almost impossible to understand why would these individuals pose a threat to the state.  So analyzing government/military intellectuals defining the threat, reality, methods could at least give some indirect insight into bigger picture why is it reasonable for them to attack seemingly random people. Argument could be made that defense and policing apparatus became so paranoid/disoriented that they started attacking their own people that they are supposed to be protecting. Another argument could be made that it’s no mistake and state has some very logical/strategic reasons like research, exercise or training on people that they consider disposable for whatever reason anyways. One can only use the information for analytical purposes when overlaying it over your existing perception of reality.

John Boyd “Destruction and Creation” (local copy)

Control warfare inside OODA Loop (local copy)


One thought on “OODA Loop and Targeted Individuals

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah…just a snazzy way of explaining stalking and extortion. Might garner media coverage for an “expert” that wants to hawk his/her wares, but it doesn’t explain what it really is: KKK tactics.

    If you want to see military intelligence in its raw state, just Google Gary Smith of New Mexico (GOP candidate). Until you’ve seen the “Hares” in action, you wouldn’t know what they were all about-talking into their sleeves and seeking people to hide behind.

    They have these “studies” in my area, too. They’ve taught the campus police to target professors that do not conform to saying ‘I’m sorry, I’ll not accept a parking ticket in a spot that I had a permit to park in.” When he doesn’t say he is sorry for not taking the blame, he removes himself so another can move in and teach social conformity. I once attended and had to carry a weapon to make it to the car because I didn’t realize how important conforming really was when I thought the goal was to learn. I did.

    They’ve used quantum physics, entropy and the laws of thermodynamics to get people to conform in my area, too. Fortunately, I was out of state that year. Nero fiddled while Rome burned!

    But, at least they are teaching good fiscal policy. They have produced 90 billion dollars worth of damage and collected 9 million dollars worth of assets.

    Some are worried a banker may be dealing drugs to these aspiring youths. I don’t think he’ll get far because they have a guy that recruits for the city in the area that will make him flop like a Schnauzer if he gets wind of it.

    Everything I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten.

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