Behavior Modeling Programs

I already speculated previously about possible connection of research into radicalization and “organized stalking”. Now looking at NAVY desired capability for 2014-2017 (Office of Naval Research Code 30 (local copy) Thrust Area Willful Intents) we see:

CVE: Empirically proven process(es) by which an individual becomes extremist, and capable of violence.

It’s ambitious goal, that seems almost unattainable. Empirical evidence (also empirical data, sense experience, empirical knowledge, or the a posteriori) is a source of knowledge acquired by means of observation or experimentation. It’s not like you can take some volunteers, put them in controlled environment (lab) and apply some external pressure until that person snaps out killing a puppies or bunnies or starts harming himself and call it “radicalization”, unless they have access to federal/private prison system and can use the inmates as their research objects. If you accept shanking as incident of radicalization you have yourself a thesis. Even though data generated would indicate violence, but it wouldn’t reflect or be useful in real life. One way to achieve such empirical evidence would be total population surveillance that would generate enough data to examine history behind some dramatic violent event and create compelling case explaining circumstances that influenced individual’s life leading towards that event (like recent case of Adam Lanza). It doesn’t seem nowhere near feasible or even probable in the near future and it wouldn’t provide information on exact process of radicalization itself. I guess what is possible is partial surveillance of the population that would identify worrying patterns and zeroing onto these individuals for further investigation.

Of course Military has lots of people living under quasi caste system (there is really no need to differentiate between various countries – there is only one military in the world – the rest is military deception), where they are free to do with them pretty much anything. So hazing, sexual assault, suicide, etc incidents should also provide some idea about what is going on. If you look at some stats – they are simply heartbreaking: there is a rape each hour in US military. Thats what gets reported. I assume most of the rapes stay under radar. I wonder what percentage of those rapes are same sex rapes that in reality serves not only as sexual assault, but is used as psychiatric weapon of pervertariat to lobotomize someone. Equality my ass.

Another very suspicious Military program that sounds like Nazi-Gestapo-Kevorkian brainchild is “Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training” (ASIST). They train people to be suicide detection “specialists” that can be part of community and keep that community under surveillance.  Imagine some asshole identifies you at suicide risk and unbeknown to you initiates some sort of crazy protocol getting everyone around you to behave in some “special” way towards you. Of course that specialist (or bio sensor) probably keeps tabs on your “suicidal” progress.


Most of the mind control, gangstalking, TI, conspiracy websites point to MKultra data on CIA covert behavioral engineering, but nobody’s talking about human social and cultural behavior modeling ( field that has been exploding in the past decade with multiple governmental, educational bodies and private companies participating, proposing solutions and methods and bidding for contracts in fighting of global war on terrorism, influencing and shaping of societies, irregular warfare, cultural warfare, etc. If MKultra was a carriage drawn by a horse, HSCB modeling seems to be Lamborghini as focus has not limited to individual, but groups and whole society. NATO has similar program called Virtual Institute on Human Behavior Representation (HBR) ( I’m having hard time comprehending the purpose of these programs, but in generic terms it seems that modeling and simulation helps you peer into the future as simulation predicts what will happen in the future, how will adversary act or react. It helps to test “what if?” question. In a way behavioral, social and cultural modeling is quasi time machine where modeling and simulation can predict how will individual, group or society will react to some sort of change in their life (stimuli). These are very complex issues that I’m trying to talk about. I could be making complete ass out of myself…

Human behavior modeling (local copy) is the process of developing computable representations of human actions and/or cognition that occur in response to stimuli (both internal and external to the human). Human behavior models require, as a basis, an accurate portrayal of the modeled users’ knowledge and interactions in a process called user modeling. User modeling can be effectively utilized to make explicit the reasoning about the purpose of system adaptations and decisions, to take into account user motivation, and to present a unified model of collaborative, cooperative, and adverse behavior. In addition, employment of a user modeling approach allows the direct incorporation of knowledge derived from cognitive task analysis techniques into the knowledge processing structure of the user model. The main objective of user modeling is to determine what the user intends to do within an environment.

How does NATO sees radicalization process (A HOLISTIC VIEW OF RADICALIZATION: IMPLICATIONS FOR MODELING)(locall copy):

radicalization process

If you look at the picture organized stalking achieves a lot of objectives of radicalization process – augmented self isolation of individual. Of course absolute majority of victims (at least those who went their frustrations on the Internet) will not attack anyone, but some will lash out in some way. Some will harm themselves – suicide is violent act too.

Nobody knows what a hell organized stalking is, but HSCB and HBR programs could be used to model individual life to the second after they become person of interest, including cognitive and emotional domains thus generating behavioral personality patterns and template. If computer simulation plays out some sort of crazy scenario where you’re threat – you will become a target. Just a speculation. Scenario editor would create changes based on that profile and situation.

behavioral modeling
behavioral modeling

So capability is there. At least I think it is. So if TI is forced to play chess match against Deep Blue computer where computer knows all his possible moves in advance, the way to defeat it is to break patterns and do things completely out of character. Problem is the template would be updated with new information, so artificial intelligence would start thinking about it too.

Of course it doesn’t mean that every TI is being chased by CIA or DIA. Some of these methods are simply templates and could be copied and applied by copycats or law enforcement as disruptive measures without actual modeling of the situation.

One paper is talking about coping pattern simulation (local copy)(thats in 2001):

1) Unconflicted adherence (UA) in which the risk information is ignored and the decisionmaker (DM) complacently decides to continue whatever he has been doing.

2) Unconflicted change (UC) to a new course of action, where the DM uncritically adopts whichever new course of action is most salient, obvious, or strongly recommended.

3) Vigilance (VG) in which the DM searches painstakingly for relevant information, assimilates it in an unbiased manner, and appraises alternatives carefully before making a choice.

4) Defensive avoidance (DA) in which the DM evades the conflict by procrastinating, shifting responsibility to someone else, or constructing wishful rationalizations and remaining selectively inattentive to corrective information.

5) Hypervigilance(HY) wherein the DM searches frantically for a way out of the dilemma and impulsively seizes upon a hastily contrived solution that seems to promise immediate relief, overlooking the full range of consequences of his choice because of emotional excitement, repetitive thinking, and cognitive constriction (manifested by reduction in immediate memory Span and simplistic ideas). In its most extreme form, hypervigilance is referred to as “panic.”

All but the third of these coping patterns are regarded by Janis -Mann as “defective.” The first two, while occasionally adaptive in routine or minor decisions, often lead to poor decision-making if a vital choice must be made. Similarly, the last two patterns may occasionally be adaptive but generally reduce the DM’s chances of averting serious loss. The authors note, vigilance, although occasionally maladaptive if danger is imminent and a split-second response is required, generally leads to decisions of the best quality”.

If organized stalking is based on behavior modeling experimentation at least Targets could pat themselves on the back that they are doing great job by providing valuable data helping their countries fighting global war on terror or organized crime. The sad thing is the data from your experiment will probably be used to attack someone just like you only more efficiently.

Another idea to explore is all those hidden camera tv/youtube shows that rely on making people snap and calling it pranking or social experimentation. Some of the earlier shows were Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Punk’d, Boiling Points, Scare Tactics that were presented as Candid Camera type shows, but with very different approach with very carefully designed, fine tuned and prepared social situations. Nowadays on youtube they have complete psychopaths operating multiple channels designated on “pranking” where they put people into situations that can be considered as assault or a lot worse – inflicting person psychiatric symptoms and if caught red handed – oh we are just joking. They seem to be connected and operating under legal umbrella provided by porn industry (what isn’t these days?) which is of course leads us to sugar daddies in intelligence industry. Don’t forget that some of this “science” is probably used and applied when designing and crafting such foreign NGO programs as StopHam, StopZlob, Hrushi Protiv, Lev Protiv, Федеральный проект “АГЕНТЫ”, Трезвые Дворы, etc. I’m giving examples of programs in Russia as it’s the language I understand and I’ve been following the development of them on youtube for a while now. So here you have it. If you look at it from this perspective Russia is in huge trouble as it’s being destroyed from inside by multiple trojan horses who siphon local budget money for foreign warfare operations. Not to mention experts can review youtube videos and finetune and coordinate actions accordingly by using whatever method is agreed among them. I’m sure in other countries and localities exists similar programs and NGO’s which can appear completely innocent driven by nationalistic pride, fight for human rights, livability, justice or similar psychiatric weaponry, but in reality it’s something else. You have to keep one thing in mind – there are no NGO’s in this world – they all are used as cover for activities that need cover by people that prefer to stay undercover.


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