Adam Lanza

I’ve been getting hits on my blog with keywords of Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook and other keywords related to organized stalking, mind control, gangstalking, mkultra and so on. I guess some of targeted individuals suspect that he was a victim of such harassment. What is important to realize at this point there is nothing to tie Adam Lanza tragedy to organized stalking or anything related to mind control. One can only speculate about motives, injustice or pressures Adam was facing before the tragedy. Information that is available on the shooter himself or his behavior is so scarce that it’s almost impossible to assess him as personality or individual. Information that is presented can’t be validated or confirmed, not to mention a lot of information is contradictory or conflicting. We have some pieces of the puzzle where we’re expected to fill the blank spaces ourselves.

Focus has been placed on the guns, not Adam’s life as if somehow guns influenced the tragedy. Logically it doesn’t make whole a lot of sense. If Adam didn’t have access to guns he could have used machete, chefs-knife, box-cutter, hammer or any other instrument to deliver his vengeance. Aggression is almost always expression of frustration, but we do not have information what was causing real, imagined or perceived obstructions in Adam’s life. If guns are evil hardware that kills people – this premise should apply to military or any authority figure as well.

So whatever it is we can look at it as effect based operation, where focus is to implement changes leading to second order effects (like a tighter regulation of guns or population mental health screenings). I don’t want to speculate about third order effects that this tragedy might lead to.

Strangely enough nobody tried to tie the tragedy to terrorism, lone wolf theories, violent extremism or rapid radicalization. Focus is not on the individual who caused the tragedy, but the push of dialectical thesis and antithesis (pro-gun and anti-gun) that had nothing to do with the tragedy itself. At the same time debates about social issues can’t be dismissed as tactic to divert attention from the core issue – why Adam Lanza felt so wronged that the only way for him to express his point was to kill little children and mother who raised him, not to mention all lose ends in the story.

Trying to explain the tragedy based on “evil gene” is just funny and at the same time very scary as it portrays people as instinct driven soulless robots who’s cognition and reasoning is product of genetics.

Another issue that is being raised – Adam Lanza mental health. It’s also purely speculative, based on unnamed sources and hearsay. Blame game is therapeutic, but can never be transcending as its usually just manifestation of preexisting stereotypes. Of course no rational person would agree that actions attributed to this person Adam Lanza (who we can’t even verify that he existed to begin with) would fit in “normal behavior” category.

One has to pay attention to that snake oil psychiatrist who claimed being his doctor. That trail leads to CIA’ s Men Who Stare at Goats department.

So my question – was tragedy catalyst for debate about social change or debate serves as distraction from tragedy (as it fills the void of uncertainty)?


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