Case study: Jurijus Radovicius

This time I’m looking at another case of self described political dissident and targeted individual from Lithuania who got sent to psychiatric ward for more than 2 years after he sprayed tear gas onto one of his alleged perpetrators. What is interesting is how media describes event, how court of law dealt with it and targeted individual’s side of the story.

He always comments on news and blog articles using his real name -Jurijus Radovicius. It makes it easy to follow timeline of events. In comment from 2007 (by the year 2015 comments have been wiped out by orwellians) from this article he describes typical gangstalking case that points to paranoia, hypervigilance and hyper-alertness. Hard to tell how much of that surveillance, harassment and threats are real and how much is taken from various internet gangstalking definitions and applied to his life, but lets assume that Jurijus was under punitive surveillance as his interpretation of it is flawed, but not necessarily 100% false.

This article from 2009 m. Oct. 8 d ( describes event where former President of the Constitutional Court Egidijus Kuris (Kūris)(at the time of attack was working in Law Faculty in Vilnius University and from 2013 serving as Lithuanian justice to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg) got attacked with tear gas by his neighbor Jurijus Radovicius. Jurijus Radovicius described as infamous because of his weird statements on the internet. You have to keep in mind that it must be nice area, safe neighborhood and decent apartment building since former constitution court judge lives there. So Jurijus Radovicius can’t be some sort of low life bum. Actually it is very exclusive building on Vasingtono aikste (washington square), Vilnius. You have to keep in mind that Jurijus Radovicius is also one of the signers of re-establishment of lithuanian independence after break up of Soviet Union, so you can’t assume that he is not someone who doesn’t know anything about games of three letter operatives and isn’t part of the game to introduce and adapt the game into lithuanian human terrain. Neither his name or surname is lithuanian origin.

According to judge he was going out to walk the dog and met his neighbor in the staircase. Radovicius asked “would you like some tear gas?” and right away started spraying him onto the face. Everything was witnessed by another neighbor, who helped judge back to his apartment. Radovicius said “don’t try to sic your kid on me”. Kid was 11-12 years old at the time.

Radovicius is described as someone who constantly post statements of persecution by various secret services and officials. That he is being followed by half of Lithuania. Sprayed judge commented “I hope now police and psychiatry will do the job”. It’s a literal translation. I guess better translation would be “will take care of it”. To police Radovicius said that judge installed micro cameras everywhere and following him.

Radovicius himself participates in discussion where readers comment on the article. He describes the event where kid “terrorized” him. The situation where he notices two kids on opposite sides of the street. Both of them stood in “agent position” and he had to enter their field of vision. He started screaming so people would pay attention to this situation. He kept screaming while walking. Girl didn’t budge. Boy started following him. Strange seemingly non threatening situation, where he was so threatened that reacted by screaming and consequent retaliation by spraying boys father with tear gas.

Fast forward to 2010-05-20 and anonymized criminal court judgment ( Only initials are provided “J.R”, victim “E.K” and event that matches newspaper article. We also learn that Radovicius is unemployed, university educated, without criminal record. Judge and neighbor’s testimonies that are entered into the case pretty much identical to the newspaper’s. In addition judge claimed that he resides in current apartment for 4 years and hadn’t had anything to do with attacker before. He also said that on a few occasions Radovicius approached him claiming (It’s not apt word since in lithuanian it sounds more like accusation) that someone is following him. From judge statement given to police on the scene: “I think Radovicius could be mental case, since his behavior is not comprehensible”. Judge also claimed that Radovicius on numerous occasions accused him of being a criminal and constantly conflicts with other neighbors.

Police protocol also states that Radovicius didn’t open the door so statement was taken through closed door and audio recorded by a cell phone. He introduced himself as J.R and sprayed gas in self defense since nobody likes to be terrorized. To police question if there was a real threat to his life and health, J.R. replied that terrorism is not necessarily about threat to life and health.

On 2009-11-02 investigator went to the apartment building and talked to a few neighbors about Radovicius. They all confirmed that Radovicius is accusing them of being agents, etc..

Protocol mentions video of Radovicius that is entered into the case by M.S. What kind of video is unclear. When was it taken? Before or after accident? Is it some sort of surveillance video?

Court decided on involuntary psychiatric treatment as expert decided that Radovicius is suffering from delusions. Radovicius wasn’t present in the court as he is unable to understand his actions (according to experts).

Fast forward to 2012-10-29 (not all pages of comments have been archived), after 2,5 years Radovicius is out of mental hospital. Now he reflects on events that transpired 3 years ago. It appears he resorted to spraying provocateurs on the streets as some sort of strategy. He used tear gas, bug spray or even water. Nobody complained until he sprayed his neighbor. He also mentions that he was treated with Haloperidol anti-psychotic drug that was also used in Soviet Union psychiatry as punitive or will breaking measure. He also describes various street theater, gangstalking, mimicking and other organized harassment tactics that allegedly are used to overtly harass him. Psychiatric treatment doesn’t appear to have changed anything if looking at it from “delusional thinking” standpoint. He says he would spray perpetrators again, but judge in Rokiskis (I assume there are some sort of arrangements for a judge in the mental asylum) told him if it happens again he would be institutionalized for 5 years. He doesn’t mention if harassment continues after his release from the ward.

Hard to tell how Radovicius felt about it – apparently he decided to go through some sort of “eye for an eye” route hoping to deter attackers, where he dishes out his own “justice” to perps. One has to understand that surveillance overt or covert will cause a lot of stress and anxiety so hypervigilance and augmented alertness will ensue. This could take any direction as provocation and disruption of cognitive process was successful where even non-threatening bystanders come under TI’s scrutiny. That is important part where whole environment transforms into possible threat.

Now we can only speculate how it all transpired (he says it started in 2005 – coincides with judge moving into apartment building), but one has to look at sort of trauma associated with early surveillance and follow-up search for answers to questions. Answers that helped him model his situation into some sort of frame of reference. In this case gangstalking sites could be harmful as victim might try to perceive his situation according to huge list of symptoms of gangstalking. Nobody can claim that he dealt with situation in rational manner.

Can word “cat” scratch you? Yes it can. That is the danger of gangstalking sites where they play devils advocate to increase paranoia helping to model uncertain, ambiguous and nonthreatening situations into aversive stimuli. Nobody is mentioning or examining 3 years of alleged abuse. The end result matters for abusers. Ultimately every case is unique.

update [2015/april/02] Jurijus wrote a book : pdf is comment section from lithuanian online daily newspaper (comments about the book are bottom two). He mentions that he printed 50 copies, book sellers refused to sell it and that on book presentation he will give away 15 copies. He uses promotional tone language and no longer mentions any kind of ongoing stalking or surveillance.

Notice title of the book is using ambiguous doublespeak language. Word “sekimas” in lithuanian language means not only surveillance, following, pursuit, bloodhound tracking people, etc  but also telling tall tales (eg reading fairy tale to kids). Phrase “asmeninis liudijimas” would translate as “first hand account”, literal translation “personal witnessing”. Of course word “asmeninis” is compound word containing words “as” (me) + “meninis” aka something to do with art and fiction. Another meaning of the word “ašmeninis” would have something to do with sharp edge of the blade.

Jurijus Radovičius “Sekimas: Asmeninis Liudijimas” (PDF of the book in lithunian)


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