Case study: Suicide or Homicide?

There was one strange case that was briefly mentioned in Lithuanian media, that echoes targeted individual phenomena (

Information is scarce, so it’s easy to translate, but at the same time makes it difficult to asses it: 56 year old small town resident (from Krakes, Kedainiai) went to regional police headquarters (Kedainiai) and asked to see the chief of police. He wrote a complain where he claimed he is being followed or under surveillance (hard to translate without context could be either one or both), he hears strange voices and he has a micro-chip implanted. Man was calm/collected, but police called the medics anyways since they weren’t convinced of his sanity. In hospital it was decided to commit him to psychiatric hospital. While preparation of documents was taking place police and man were waiting in the hospital hallway. Knife was already taken from him, but nobody even thought that he might have a gun too. He asked to go to the bathroom. After he entered the bathroom there was a gunshot. After police entered the bathroom they saw man laying on the floor with a gun shot wound to his temple. They found unlicensed revolver next to him. Man was known as one who wrote many unsubstantiated complains and frequent visitor to police headquarters.

It’s hard to tell if he was frisked and police missed the gun. Did he surrender knife voluntarily and police didn’t think about frisking him? Maybe something else?

What about “strange voices”? Is he complaining about people harassing him in subtle manner or is he really hearing voices.

To examine the case properly we need more information about it: what kind of complains man was writing before? Was it about harassment?

There was no further interest in the case by the media. Nobody asked questions or made any inquiries.

Lets assume he was targeted individual who tried to get help. It’s hard to tell where he looked for relevant information trying to understand the problems he was facing as it shaped subsequent definition of the issue and decision of going to police to file a report. On what grounds police decided to force him into hands of mental health professionals? Was he threatening to harm himself or others?

Another interesting factoid ( is that little Krakes town was elected as the safest community in 2011. It also mentions police preventive program about creating safe environment and community adherence to the rule of law. So irony of the story is that even it’s the safest community, his opinion would probably be the opposite.

This tragedy just incremented sad suicide statistics – Lithuania is suicide capital of the world. What is strange that virtually identical countries like Latvia or Estonia have dramatically lower suicide rates. They also have much lower surveillance rates if judging by cellphone wiretap requests.


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