Upstairs noise harassment links

My intention was to try to investigate if I can find more victims of deliberate noise harassment. I was surprised how widespread are noise harassment complains among neighbors. Most of them involve common noise: little children, exercising equipment, inconsiderate activity like partying and so on. Sometimes it’s a simple misunderstanding, but it’s always a huge concern for the victim. It also shows that it’s very tough to deal with noisy neighbors, not to mention intentionally inflicted terror campaign as it appears out of ordinary and kooky. I’m posting only links to experiences of noise harassment that is similar to mine – intentional, systematic, methodical and apparently employing some sort of through wall localization. None of the victims speculate about localization aspect and if they do – they think it’s something to do with some sort of listening device.

I have trouble imagining using some sort of stethoscope listening device as localization tool –  you can’t really listen and observe the movement of the person below while you banging on the floor. By accident you could rupture your eardrums.

These threads have no victims complaining of further harassment outside their apartments, such as labeling themselves as targeted individuals or victims of organized stalking or gangstalking. They are about people that notice or perceive patterns of noise and being followed from upstairs. Most of them can’t state any reason, motive or cause for such abuse.

Most common advise is to move. Of course such advice is not really an advice as dumb as it sounds those people would already be packing their stuff and not looking for some solutions online. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that moving is very expensive procedure, not to mention that it’s always traumatic and very stressful. I read somewhere that noise is the primary reason for moving – ahead of crime, schools, infrastructure, etc.

This Russian lady living in Brooklyn, NY videotaped her abuse and put it on youtube. From the sounds she has documented it looks like a very similar abuse to mine. This is the video where she confronts her abuser. If you understand russian it’s interesting exchange. She doesn’t try to find common ground, to solve the problem or find any answers. I guess it’s way past that. It appears as some sort of feud between neighbors.

New York the city with portion of stabilized rent control real estate – such tactics could be used by landlords to get rid of dormant cheap rent paying tenants. Her Russian upstairs neighbor is like a twin brother of one of my neighbors.

Examples of how complaining about such harassment can be used and designed for victim to be made appear as mentally unstable

I don’t know how truthful are these posts. I learned already that It always can go both ways.

Above links point to pretty much the same situation, but complains are from upstairs neighbors being wrongfully accused for harassment by delusional people living downstairs. So it all boils down to credibility, evidence, witnesses. The same story can be presented in many different ways.

As crazy as it sounds there is a good chance there are very advanced modern day weaponry in play where both apartments are attacked simultaneously and pitted against each other – it’s a huge mistake to assume anything. As impossible as it is not to assume something and if you somehow manage to not assume anything it would probably mean something to them as well. Think of next level of some sort of evil game of Stephen King’s “needful things” or that catchy tune about “something strange in the neighborhood” of movie “ghost busters” from the 1980s (keep in mind that it coincided with “going postal” era) which has recently been remade by using another (artificial) flavor of CIA fight club pervertariat. Hard to tell what is that slime supposed to symbolize, but most likely it’s byproduct of all that rainbowing (racketeering) activity behind those stonewalls. So the idea of the movie is they are such immeasurable treasure that they are heroes for wiping their own snot. It all boils towards “need to know basis” stonewall fight club knowledge that is probably distributed to chosen ones (most likely by rainbows) by using the first stonewalling rule of “fight club”. I have this weird feeling that vow of silence rule is one part of 3 wise monkeys multidimensional security algorithm (don’t make mistake that it’s three part algorithm)…  You have to keep in mind that it’s probably cemented as double edged kompromat by using something unspeakable: pedophilia, homosexual acts, cannibalism, torture, rape (porn), murder, snuff, “don’t be evil” digitized Hippocratic oath for the brave new world CIA pervertariat snake oil peddlers aka Kevorkian keyboard warriors (“alphaBet inc” is probably some sort of NSA encrypted reference to evolutionary or as it rather be called eugenic miracles of alpha homos betting, gambling and casinos where activities are very ethical on paper, but in most evil fashion imaginable in real life (probably with extensive usage of deep mind endless loop algorithms) – they did the little dance here in Lithuania as well – created the gambling company Tonybet and the rainbow CIA homo with fake name used it as stepping stone to gain seat into EU parliament), etc (thats what probably bible has in mind  about eye of the needle and camels).. It’s safe to assume that all those secret societies, fraternities and clubs were just cover for homos to gather and feel at home (think of the lands where men dance with men as precursor to lemon parties, sauna dates, kamasutra olympics, but have harems of women for breeding purposes to produce tabula rasa bio material for various experimentations with humans one of them being circumcision). At the same time it’s a gang weapon that can be used with Machiavellian tricks to select and eliminate any inside or outside threats. Nowadays we already have this slime woven into “war is peace” society, thanks to CIA/UN initiatives like “open society” which probably means letting that genie out of the “skull & bones” type secret societies bottles that must be overflowing with rainbow slime. Another thing to assume is that worldwide prison system is another human terrain layer that is probably tapped by these degenerates – any NGO that is in business of “integrating” people into society should be target of some sort of inquiry – it’s a serious signal that civilization has ceased being civilized if even one charity has to exist in the world (eg have quite a few of them here in lithuania that pretends integrating gypsies, “lithuanians” from foreign lands and prisoners into society, but reality is something entirely different). Just think of possibility where Putin placing Khodorkovsky in prison was not a punishment, but safety precaution organized by Khodorkovsky himself or one of his handlers like Putin – keep in mind that real billionaire would never participate in such b.s. – everyone without exception public billionaire is just WWE style CIA homo: something along the lines of Paris Hilton chihuahua guarding pile of dirty CIA money stolen from public and waiting for orders to be followed to launder it under pretense of charitable/educational/public interest/etc activities – eg Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Omidyar, Trump, Clintons, Soros, Forbes, Murdock, Ikea guy, Virgin Group slimy douchebag, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nestle, Tesla/Alibaba degenerates, etc. Think of US law enforcement – it’s been under homo rule since at least 1920s (talking about J. Edgar Hoover). In that case all those intelligence and military humint, miso, psyop, cimic, etc activities is something entirely different than implied. It’s hard to tell if rainbowlution of degenerate psychopaths was part of organized stalking or gangstalking is part of never ending rainbowlution of degenerate psychopaths as undetectable implementation of pogrom for 21st century.


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