What is this?

I’ve been somewhat skeptical about widespread assaults of electromagnetic/microwave weapons, but now this belief got shaken. I’m not really sure what it is, but it doesn’t look like something that would be generated by some sort of normal human activity or home appliance. I was recording acoustical aspect of harassment, but after the night I noticed some very strange and intense blocks of signals in the top channel that wasn’t even supposed to be recording (mono microphone). Bottom channel is acoustic noise that got picked up. Recording device was set up above my bed. It was middle of the night – there was nothing turned on in the room except laptop computer :

em ew attack

I set up recording and went to bed. 15 minutes later something got turned on for about 30 minutes. It was repeated 2 more times. So these 3 top blocks on timeline are very strange. I’ve always was suspect about them waiting for me to go to bed no matter how late I go to sleep only to move something (clearly audible). Before I speculated that it’s related to psychological aspect of creating disturbance related to sleep cycle, but now I’m thinking about some more sinister motives being involved. It didn’t make sense if thinking in terms of payback for effort ratio – where you wait diligently until someone goes to bed (I started to go to bed later and later) in order to move or switch on something only to mess with someone’s head.

SPECTROGRAM (looks pretty)

spectrogram of em attack


waveform db from 2013-02-15 12:41:21


pitch Screenshot from 2013-02-15 12:42:03

ZOOMED IN (you can judge zoom level by timeline on top)

spectro log zoomed Screenshot from 2013-02-15 12:58:49

waveform db zoomed from 2013-02-15 12:57:07

zoomed spectro Screenshot from 2013-02-15 12:44:50

waveform zoomed

db waveform more zoomed


Screenshot from 2013-02-17 03:00:09

It was detected by instrument that is not designed for this task, so it should be considered interference. How to interpret this? The dominant frequency is about 1000 Hz and recording plays as annoying very high pitch signal, although I don’t think it was audible in the room.

Any thoughts? If you need more data or sample, let me know.

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Case study: This guy

John Robb
John Robb

Now it’s a bit different as this case study is not about the victim, but about someone who seems to be advocating organized harassment or as he (John Robb) calls “coercive game” to wage new form of disruptive non-violent protest against the powerful, but undemocratic cliques by targeting individuals who belong to these circles, but stay under radar of democratic process.  I don’t think the object of the attack matters – it’s the method of the attack what matters. Instead of exposing something they go undercover and “fix” situation as they see it fit their agenda whatever it might be. Since everything in their game is secret they are themselves the definition of word “undemocratic”.  His motivation appears to be driven not so much about issues, but his vision for the future of the warfare. He is military strategists, astronautical engineer, “black” counter-terrorism expert, former USAF pilot in special operations. He boasts that government spent $2.5 million on his education.

What could be behind all of this?:

  • He is spreading these ideas of grassroots terrorism something along the lines like illegal arms trade to his own operatives.
  • place seeds by giving tools to players that are independent from government/military and watch them misinterpret, mutate, make moves and take advantage of their mistakes or “victories”
  • diversion – group who uses such tactics could be used as scapegoat and blamed for other instances of similar harassment
  • clandestine method to transmit of information to operatives and agents
  • all of the above – tip of the iceberg eg notice he wasn’t mentioning AI in 2004, 2008 or even 2012, but nowadays (2018)  he suddenly top authority and foremost expert on AI, in other words the rainbow scumbag is also serving as tar budgets bait, hook, line and sinker for angling inclined towards believing something. for starters it is diversionary military psyop. he is in similar position as those swastika worshiping snake oil gurus guarding burning corpses on the ghats of ganges river in varanasi.

MethumbsupHe coined a new term for this kind of warfare – open source warfare. It appears as if it’s just another term for fourth generation warfare; other term that are used for this are wikiwar, netwar, irregular warfare, etc. I’d rather call it scumbag warfare or con-ware. He wrote a book on a subject called “Brave New War” that reached 25th place on amazon best seller list. He simplifies the concept to be as adaptable feasible template in form of a game. He is dumbing down advanced academic military concepts for less intelligent paramilitary operatives, thus enabling (his?) movement to target the individual and their family with:

  • Stalking and harassment.  In the street, at a restaurant, or at school.
  • Identity theft.  From financial to professional.  Publication of private information.
  • Denial of communication.  Flood phones, e-mail accounts, voice-mail, etc.

In short, any online group of sufficient size could launch an effort like this.  However, to really zoom the effort and turn it into a coercive tool, one modification should be made.  It should operate as an online game.  Here’s a potential template:

  • Experience points for accumulating information.  Pics snapped with a cell phone camera.  Points for financial account information. Etc.  Experience points translate into basic improvements in status which improves the weight of a contributor’s vote (on the next target, the quests to open, etc.).
  • Quests. Equivalent to counting coup on a tribal enemy.  Draining the target’s bank account.  Gaining control of a voicemail system. Tagging the target with paint.  Disabling the target’s car.  Quest achievement translates into special recognition (emblems, new tools, positions of leadership, etc.).
  • Competition.  Contests between individuals or groups to complete a given task within an alloted time period.  As in first to….

Think in terms of this game running as a darknet (not visible to anyone but invited players and only those that have deeply enmeshed themselves in the game).

One only has to wonder how much of his theories is just theory. If any of that he observed in real life? His vision for the future is very bleak:

Security will become a function of where you live and whom you work for, much as health care is allocated already. Wealthy individuals and multinational corporations will be the first to bail out of our collective system, opting instead to hire private military companies, such as Blackwater and Triple Canopy, to protect their homes and facilities and establish a protective perimeter around daily life. Parallel transportation networks–evolving out of the time-share aircraft companies such as

Warren Buffett’s NetJets–will cater to this group, leapfrogging its members from one secure, well-appointed lily pad to the next. Members of the middle class will follow, taking matters into their own hands by forming suburban collectives to share the costs of security–as they do now with education–and shore up delivery of critical services. These “armored suburbs” will deploy and maintain backup generators and communications links; they will be patrolled by civilian police auxiliaries that have received corporate training and boast their own state-of-the-art emergency-response systems. As for those without the means to build their own defense, they will have to make do with the remains of the national system. They will gravitate to America’s cities, where they will be subject to ubiquitous surveillance and marginal or nonexistent services. For the poor, there will be no other refuge.

John Robb
John Robb

That part about work being foundation of security sounds like that infamous writing “arbeit macht frei” on Auschwitz gates (the meaning of that Nazi writing is very similar to “freedom is not free” that has been used in USA for quite some time now) .. on the other hand whole modern world starts to resemble that social model – it’s like that caste system from Aldous Huxley  “Brave New World”, which seems just to be copied from real life Indian caste system.  In reality work itself is not important at all just like any other possible initiator of pride  – it’s just a tool of social control for those who are made to follow orders ordered, implied, imagined or otherwise – the security provided by work is illusionary. Caste system follows anonymous rules: it doesn’t forgive, doesn’t forget, expect it. It also follows very secretive and secure protocols – everything is on need to know basis. Don’t assume that if you’re useful to someone at the moment it’s because of something you know or your special skills – it could be  just because there is no safe way to get rid of you at the moment. In other words your pride is being worked on by keeping you on shorter leash than those friends that are allowed to roam free.

Another point one has to make is infusion of crematoriums into the culture of western world – eg in Lithuania foreign company recently built a crematorium and started selling it’s stocks on NASDAQ – they already building a next one. Not to mention that they’d used those environmental ideas and changed Lithuanian thermal plants from heating oil to bio-fuel aka wood long time before building the official crematorium. So all those hundreds of heating plants possibly doubled as underground crematoriums conveniently located in each and every town. Of course there is very intensive deforestation policy in play. Look at England – it’s a pale shadow from the times of what has been described in books about Robin Hood. It’s pretty much just dead land slowly turning into Arabian desert. Similar story here in lithuania – it is major supplier of IKEA which operates numerous factories across the country, exporter of wood to scandinavia for building log houses and all other even crazier ideas, etc.. Such monkey business defies common sense (scandinavia has way more timber than lithuania) unless we are in territory of 3 wise monkeys.

Don’t forget all those leaked documents about those color coded CIA secret prisons in eastern Europe. Lithuania had “violet” color code – coincidentally it was theme color of another hostile CIA military psyop called “the way of courage” that riled whole lithuania with “clockwork orange” eye clamp type stories and imageries of pedophilia. It left lots of corpses behind, not to mention they formed a political party and gained seats in parliament. Nobody could find any of those CIA prisons even though there were the biggest lookers out there looking for them. For what we know those documents could be describing not black site prisons, but safari type concentration camps encapsulating whole countries with locals as free range inmates/targets. Where numbered ID tattoos have been replaced by individually numbered digital communication devices targets pay money to carry with them 24/7. Yes lets call such countries and nations as brexit empire penal colonies (any given GPS point of the world).

Another strange point I’d like to make that is related to crematoriums. Not sure about other Lithuanian towns and cities, but there are very strange discrepancies with common sense if I look at our little town’s cemetery and compare the land mass area with graves that it is occupying now and beginning of the independence. During past 25 years of litvicide area used for burial expanded at least 3-4 times. The town had old german cemetery and this new one was probably started when lithuanians (1918) or soviets (1945) moved in or maybe it was even started by germans themselves. Of course one has to keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone buried is from local population – it could also be used as dumping ground from other places not to mention soprano type rainbow muscular boys from energy department (there is only one in the world if thats what you’re asking) having tight grip on waste management and landfills. Don’t assume anything, but security related incident or war rape if you see lisping slimies going out with women as one can witness on all those porn tube videos – not a straight man in sight. Those porn tube sites do not make any sense if looking from any point of view except one that is hard to express without compromising some very special operations. So crematoriums is just evasive action – think about modern Japan that cremates 99.9% of all corpses.

There could be a lot bigger fishes being fried eg consider that Kissinger said in 2012 that Israel will cease to exist in 10 years time it means Israel has about 6 years left to go. At the same time lots of functions from Israel are being moved elsewhere and Lithuania seems to being shaped and molded into being one of those places if not the main base. First they modified the core law about citizenship and minister of the interior issued and keeps issuing daily thousands and thousands of Lithuanian passports to foreign nationals. If you look at lithuanian jewish community website – first goal is to bring jew diaspora back to Lithuania. Of course it’s like evil Borat type joke – you would be hard pressed to find a single jew in the whole country of Israel or the world for that matter – labels do not mean anything except deception. You can hardly see Lithuanian sounding name in the business, entertainment, media or politics. Most of the names are foreign, words taken from lithuanian dictionary, two syllable surnames (used to be very rare – none of them are of lithuanian origin – at best of nickname origin), lithuanianized made up words, catchy and short porn/MIB/anonymous type names, etc.. If you read lithuanian newspaper it reads like brute force dictionary attack, doesn’t matter if it’s a story about government, politics, religion, art, business, crime, etc.. Similar story with newly baked national heroes, street naming, monuments for fake orwelled idols, public buildings named after these strange fellas nobody ever heard before, etc, etc.. Most of schools nowadays are named after some foreign sounding or artificial made up pride paraders. I remember vividly that in soviet times we knew only one foreign movie star who claimed lithuanian heritage – Charles Bronson, nowadays half of the Hollywood Walk of Fame claim being lithuanian descent (yes it’s a shatner). If you see some older businesses registered under such names – it’s just magic of Orwellian CIA bookkeeping of KGB archives (they took control of those archives 25 years ago and kept the money (info) to themselves just like all other more recent pervertariat leakers snowballing and stonewalling those discharges between themselves and their operatives as weapon of kompromat until it’s juiced up dry while all along the scam screaming about being not worshiped enough). Let me give you one easily verifiable example where they orwelled one great (britain) historical personality – grand duke by the name of “butigeidis”. Keep in mind that in lithuanian history grand duke is the biggest baddest title of nobility there is. So lulzboat of the situation is that such label is compound word “buti” (to be) and “geidis”  – which transliterates very similar to word gaidys aka rooster. In lithuanian language there are no cuss words so that word also is being used by lithuanians to describe the same rainbow phenomena by americans that british also use to describe pack of smokes. Notice this grand duke is so fresh baked that there is not a single monument for him, not a single street, school or locality named after him, except one NATO military batallion of CIA lemon party gestapo.

Not to mention they changed the hundreds years national custom about how married women surnames are called so it’s no longer possible to understand if it’s maiden name or not. For example president of lithuania is sporting what one would assume is a maiden name grybauskaitė, while in reality due to brave new rules of courageous rainbows it might in fact is a name of married female or even male or something resembling brexiting gender bending unicorn snots in-between. So in this case it’s a special category of names where new rules allows creation of surnames for married women that appear and sound as maiden names eg if she married someone by the name “grybauskaitas” and used new rules to pick a name for herself. The root of the surname based on word “grybas” which in english translates as “mushroom”, which should be worrying in times where rainbow al-qaeda constructed for themselves a heaven powered by cloud technology and probably not only for the claiming reward of those 72 same sex virgins. So it’s not a real name, not a real identity and be careful about such stories to cloud your judgment – or you might end up as one who was yelling at the clouds. They tried all kinds of “tricks” with books filled factoids of orwelled history was presented where she is representative of red faction of rainbow gestapo aka high ranking KGB officer from moscow, etc.. while in reality she is probably from some swastika or crescent worshiping ashram in cambodia or indonesia.They also actively injecting into society male names that are using feminine gender words. So all those male surnames ending with “ė” are right away red flag – they are obvious fraud like 3 dollar bill, but it also serves as monument of conquering on the mass grave of lithuanian nation. They even tried recently to put in charge of government someone by the name of “ropė”, which from lithuanian language translates into english as “turnip”, but of course it served dual use purpose high quality entertainment lulzboat signaling about the gallows and rope on the neck of lithuanian nation. Such obvious red flag also doubles as celebrating finish line racing final solution claiming promised land territory by sticking a flag of conquering, where pervertariat prefers not to buy, but brexit after breaking everything while playing running of the golden calves, holy bulls and sacred cows in the china shop. Male surnames that end with a letter “a” is also feminine gender, but it’s a bit different story. Such surnames were rare, but already present in soviet times, but nowadays they come in all kinds of crazy colorful flavors, shapes and sizes. Don’t make mistake with “brexit” traffic – it’s always flows in reverse circumventing span of your comprehension firmly situated in a blind spot of your attention, so they can always ensure stay behind powers of red handed gandhis and blood sucking mother teresas due to their activity involving massive cuckoos nests, crippling social engineering, trojan horse stables, NAMBLA, nation building based on solid foundation of rainbow slime, unicorn snots, melting tar pot ideals of brexit penal colonies, pride parades and need to know worshiping of false idolatry and orwelled ghosts and illusions, etc etc.. In other words they cripple people so they could be taking care of them that part includes all activities related to end of life cycle, death care, euthanasia, etc.. Maybe it’s just side product aka collateral damage of their military activities aka something that is presented as balanced fair of evolution and survival of the fittest. Their new nation initiatives are caricatures based on all shallow clockwork orange colored fear mongering, flag waving, cookie cutter nationalism, orwelled history, pride parades, sport, etc that doubles as lobotomization for have nots.. You don’t have to go very far just check teaching curriculum forced onto babies in kindergardens. It’s all about promoting character related to civic duties, patriotism, citizenship, being organ donor, etc etc it’s like north korea, only on steroids. It is very hard to understand life cycles of “haves”. It’s obvious these “our” troops and troopers are not from “here”. So it doesn’t matter the flavor of faith based initiative. If it’s christians you should treat them as crossers who will cross you so you could die for their sins and they could indulge living the mission paid by your grateful dead afterlife. If it’s lutherans think about them as luciferians, methodists as madmens practicing method to your madness, protestants as those who protest for the sake of protesting, disrupting, disturbing (military tactics), . etc.. If it’s a charity think that it’s a lulzboat concept made from verb “to char” and related to “charring” turning white bright human souls into soot colored souls of inhumans. .

What is very interesting that diversionary UFO type assault of alien MIB type surnames resembles those naming conventions allegedly “utilized” by native americans “left behind” in those reservations. It is very obvious not only in lithuania, but elsewhere in the world: russia, USA, UK, etc.. Suddenly information society is pride parading not only with CIA homos, DIA cunts, shit martini stirrers, borats, alibabas, gypsies, tramps and thieves, but also crawling with all kinds of beasts, animals, wildlife, livestock, pets, trees, plants, birds, critters, inanimate objects, adjectives, pride parades, instant subject of bullying, most outrageous surnames with ideas for targeting by using mocking, teasing, mobbing, etc.. and that is only talking about surnames that sound lithuanian or using some sort of algorithm to generate surnames that appear as lithuanian. You can pick any lithuanian government department and you will find more foreign names than in soviet times era KGB office. So yes you can also say that some entity was building communism for themselves and they achieved that goal considering how big, bloated and useless is this rainbow “do nothing” authority. Of course this “communism” of rainbow borats is dynamic – it’s like traveling carnival. Now we can only speculate where did they brexit from – area 51 or area 666, scattered castles utilizing witchcraft of harry potter or voodoo, salem, monasteries in greece or ashrams in nepal, UN refugee camps, weather underground, moon, mars or venus etc.. It’s not productive. Maybe we are not on earth to begin with. Even president of lithuania is using faker identity than obongo. I’m not musical person, but it’s obvious that many of government and business officials in highest levels speak with noticeable accents and dialects and i’m not talking about rainbow lisp even though they pretend being thoroughbred lithuanians, born and raised in whole 666 back yards with cooked up “ihre papiere bitte” CVs resumes to back up their outlandish life stories and narratives. So that points to some sort of technical inefficiency of so called gift of tongues. Even current president, bastys, barštys, etc.. Not that it’s something new. Previous CIA homos serving as lithuanian leaders were fake CIA con artists as well. I guess such surnames might serve not only salt on the wound type torture instrument, but also as security implementation for easy self destruction of offspring in case they have to brexit, sure maybe some sort of catalyst for survival of the fittest practical implementations of rainbow nurture evolution theories. Imagine growing up among your peers and your name is some sort of “scum”. It wouldn’t be easy unless you have something what it takes. So it probably serves like the bright warning markings on those poisonous insects, snakes, etc.. Maybe it’s designed with identity theft in mind. Maybe something else or something over your pay grade. They are walking breathing targets inviting to ask don’t ask type questions. So you have to rethink the history about navajo language being utilized as cryptological pathway towards victory in the past. You have to start treating history as “back to the future” type instruments. So in this version of “never again” history repeating the “operation paperclip” is just begining with the Musky apartheid scumbag and spaceX. It appears they are trying to fuse and herd lithuanian and latvian human terrains in this aspect, not to mention it can be used as weapons for various scams and cons including this freshly baked transgender shapeshifting con. They achieved an important milestone where unisex male and female surnames in lithuania is the reality of brave new world and they even achieved even more important milestone creating impression that it’s already been like that before. Another thing they added new letters (XQW) to alphabet so they can write American last names on Lithuanian passports and documents. At the same time there are “professors” and “experts” that are agitating to stop using some Lithuanian letters. 15 or so years ago they created Balto-Slavic language family group and placed Lithuanian language into it, which was probably preparatory work towards chocholocaust operation in Ukraine. Baltic languages have nothing to do with Slavic languages. They were working very hard in the media and social media create some sort of weird brotherly love communistic associations between two nations. So that is interesting point after break up of soviet union they were running very balanced fair – all foreign names and locations in the media and newspapers were written in original form. Later on they have gradually introduced naming conventions attacking and destroying lithuanian language. Nowadays all those foreign names have been lithuanianized as if action is happening in your backyard even if they are talking about volcano erupting in indonesia. All foreign leaders sound as if they natives of lithuania. Of course it’s instant orwelling since it’s impossible to google such words eg if you want to educate yourself reading wikipedia about whatever they are talking.. Don’t think for a second that Russia was acting in the interests of Russia. They already proved with their involvement in Syria – they are just another CIA base. If Lithuania was about 90% Lithuanian just 25 years ago, so now it looks like statistics have been turned upside down. Of course militarization of the country is the main priority (it provides solid cover for all the shady business) – they instated mandatory conscription service and just like in Israel they are doing very intensive fear mongering policy. There was a case there vice-minister of culture was caught using forged high school diploma and thrown out from the government. There was one interesting psyop in 2014 that was widely presented in the media – they used NATO airplanes to bring Syrian refugees to Lithuania by using Lutheran church as cover. They explained these are Christians facing prosecution there, but after they brought them to local church every single one of them took off their shoes. They even had a website to document their adventures (sirai.lt), but unexpectedly they dropped it.  At the same time military seems to be resembling French Foreign Legion – there was a story in the media where guy who didn’t speak a word Lithuanian, claimed Lithuanian heritage even though he was from Mexico who had Spanish and Mexican passports volunteer for the army – he rescinded his old passports, was issued Lithuanian citizenship and was accepted into Lithuanian forces. Maybe it was just some sort of rainbow psyop where story in the media was used as cover up and at the same time as signal/advertising/marketing campaign for those in the know – the guy looked 100lbs overweight, was speaking in “elegant” manner and was wearing a bow-tie (story is here: 1 and 2 ; for video remove archive.org part from url – notice how they changed the title in 1984 fashion as time progressed). Moved massive quantities of military hardware and foreign troops under cover of constant military exercises. It resembles buildup to Iraq war, only in this case they will probably try to repeat “6 day war” scenario and 50 years of black budget laundering follow up. Notice Israel/Palestine issues no longer an issue as if it’s somehow resembles make believe whack-a-mole type communicating vessels. So boratlandia recently opened embassy and a year later started very massive campaign in the media blaming Lithuania and Lithuanians for holocaust, not to mention they started doing holocaust pride parades, forcing local schools and children to participate in their orwellian events, etc. It’s strange thing since such word didn’t even exist in Soviet history books, not to mention that it goes against that Rest In Peace clause. It was explained in more inclusive manner. Very disrespectful towards dead – they treat them like zombies and ride them like donkeys. At the same time they revealed inside joke that comes with this nasty trick where they can use local population nationalism and Machiavellism to signal and communicate between them anything in the open, just like magic. So called jewish community (who really pocketed the money?) started arranging compensations for the nationalized real estate right away after break up of Soviet Union. They were paid and such scam wasn’t supposed to happen anywhere. Nowadays the israel ambassador comes to our little town and starts explaining how he has some magic Orwellian history records about jews owning 40 prime real estate objects before war even though it was German land for ages, until some weird gang of dozen “Lithuanians” came and annexed it back in 1918. Another interesting troops on the ground evidence is that they secured multi-million Euro funding from Lithuanian budget and started paramilitary nationwide emergency volunteer force modelled after United Hatzalah. I guess it comes in very handy when arranging those death squad suicide psyops, meshing exercises and real life scenarios, not to mention the media articles about Israeli special forces living in Lithuania and waiting for signals to attack Hamas (maybe in internal Mossad or CIA documents Lithuania goes by the name of “Hamas Stronghold” for money funneling, laundering or other purposes?). Lithuanian military started creating psyop batallions in 2008 and by the year 2013 they had 3 of them. Similar story with cimic and humint areas. Of course it shouldn’t be looked at as presented – more like something about Iraq and creating and training national Iraqi military and transferring capabilities to home bred and grown “locals”. If talking about psyop one can’t forget that one factoid about Breivik from Norway who came to Lithuania in person to open bank account in Lithuanian bank Snoras. Bank folded right after Breivik’s terror acts. BTW word “snoras” means falling icicles/snow or avalanche in swedish language. Lots of those boratlandia operatives (should be looked at as biological weapons – they can kill any human with bare hands) here have established martial arts clubs. Of course you shouldn’t make mistake and not look at this as something impossible to look at without transcending it – you can’t grab water without freezing it especially if that water being water that is being used to water-board you. Of course you have to know what you’re doing – you might end up as frozen block of ice yourself. There are unlimited amounts of money stashed all over the world and millions of Alibabas running the world laundering it under various covers. Think of UAE – it’s another CIA “multicultural” base where almost every one of 10 million residents is expat, but using slightly different religion as cover. I just barely touched the geopolitical issues and internal issues that are very obvious for native Lithuanian – in any case they really had to thin out Lithuanian “human terrain” for this operation, at the same time they revealed something about linguistic aspect of this operation. It could be two options – Lithuanian language also used to serve as some sort of internal communication language in CIA or some sort of CIA’s offshoot rogue group aka AL-qaeda; second option is that they have linguistic capabilities that nobody even dreamed of. I think similar operations are ongoing elsewhere. Official statistics and media keep trumping about shrinking Lithuanian population (usually they blame immigration), but reality is entirely different unless they are doing updates about progress of warfare operations by using “us” vs “our” encryption. Lets take my district as example: in Soviet times the population was 40K. During the independence they split the district in two administrative districts and one has  population of45K and another 15K. Lets take another CIA scam called Red Cross and their local chapter where they distribute food packages to the needy (Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived ). Each time they do this they have all these photo-ops in the local media and they claim they serve from about 6K to 10K of local people. If you calculate the total weight of the whole shipment that needs to be transported, stored and distributed it adds up to 40-60 tons while in reality they have this little closet space with a few shifty eyed “volunteers” doing photo-ops. Some of them that were captured standing in line I see shopping in local supermarket for food – they do not speak lithuanian language, dressing very sharp (not deprived at all) and using store gift cards as cash. If you use just a bit of math how much time they would need to serve each and everyone of those people it right away blows into your face one more time.

Take one minute and watch this video about this CIA tool describing the way she is working towards some sort of final solution for Europeans:

In another post Robbs further expands on coercion and targeting and homemade microwave weapons. It is  as he could always offer plausible deniability saying he is just envisioning possible scenarios on being ready against future of terrorism, but there is no sign he would rather prefer current way of life over this ugly paranoid future where people are being cooked alive by microwaves and it’s hard to tell if his ideas are based on practice/experience. On the contrary he calls current way of life as “failed state of affairs” and appears to imply that his vision is a solution. He doesn’t expand why it will be so dangerous outside the cities and communities. He stresses about bailing out of collective system, but the only way to be safe in his future is to be part of collective system (resilient community). Will there be zombie armies roaming the countryside? Is this future based on prison gang mentality, where inmate is forced to join the gang for protection.

Another unrelated, but interesting factoid – John Robb also claims that he was running company that was the originator of RSS. So he probably knew Aaron Swartz who allegedly committed suicide. Aaron confirms in his blog that John Robb was CEO of Userland software at the time and he was reading and commenting about AAron’s blog.

I don’t know how much of that is true, but if it is – it shows enormous power in the hands of people like that to influence and shape society and future as we know it.

World recognized technology analyst. John led the move to cover Internet technologies at Forrester Research in 1995. His research provided many of the company’s top ideas and his service generated $5 m in revenue during his first year. Every Internet company that launched during those early years met with John.

From his interview on techcrunch (probably most revealing sound-bite about psychopaths with unlimited funds gloating about being free to roam the world unchallenged):

Systems disruption is how individuals and small groups can topple critical networks with very small attacks. These attacks are so successful–I have plenty of examples–they can generate returns on investment over one million to one! This area of my work has lots of fans in US special operations, the CIA, the NSA, guerrilla groups around the world.

Just to recap a bit. This is the first instance of coming up of someone who is advocating organized harassment. His proposed targets are rich/powerful people (just like himself), but how often do rich and powerful get gangstalked, where stalking is solely for disruption. I guess for them it might be form of amusement if someone tries to play this game – having information superiority the only outcome for adversary is something along the lines the goat climbing the steep mountain and eagle watching him ready to push him off the cliff at any moment. So I’m sitting here dumbfounded. Maybe I completely misunderstood something, but why isn’t this guy being housed in Guantanamo? Maybe that Guantanamo place is something entirely different – not a prison, but safehouse for extracted CIA black ops operatives or some sort of black budget medical experimentation laboratory?

Now you have to try deciphering some aspects of his brave presentation layer of courage. Start by listening to him speak. Notice rainbow lisp? So you have to start peeling all that family man, wife, daughter, etc as pride parade crafted as artificial intelligence community camouflage.  It doesn’t really matter if those other people serve following tar budget orders as Mr & Mrs Smith type arrangement or they are trapped and being utilized as goats for staring and riding, they are live shields. He is a fraud. Maybe his wife demands to be called caitlyn. “Robb” is fake surname and fake identity. Doesn’t mean he can’t back it up or compensate with something that is unobvious. What i’m hinting about is the public knowledge about computers should be treated on the par with stone age technology in comparison to what is being used to implement it.

Another thing to keep in mind that cyber/crypto currency eg bitcoin and similar should also be considered as part of this operation. It’s hard to tell what exactly it represents, but most likely it should be looked at like casino gambling tokens (of course they do represent real money as long as casino says so). It’s hard to speculate how and if the process of “mining” might be connected to financial and banking system – maybe it’s used to tie lose ends – transferring funds into new system. Alchemy for obfuscating and neutralizing breadcrumbs leading to this rainbow butt pirate island with so called toxic and distressed assets, various just-ice programs such as asset forfeiture, etc.. So in tradition with brave new world lulzboats and high quality entertainment at your expense word “mining” is being used as taking over something. You know what is yours becomes “mine”. In such case it’s military encryption for activity of pirates/vikings/numbered ocean heists/etc..  Think of it as financial landfill used to hide lose ends and wash blood from the hands. You have to keep in mind that this brave war of theirs generates enormous loads of second hand clothes, appliances, real estate, used cars, inventory, etc. Imagine those photograph of piles of clothes and  jewelry in nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz. Now think of just this particular one logistic center for that CIA organization called “HUMANA people to people” that they built in Lithuania (don’t forget to check their new digs in Mexico – it’s as if Dr. Evil commissioned designers from Scientology department). They process 60 semi-trailer truck loads of used clothes every week. I assume these clothes are brought from abroad. It operates under some enhanced secrecy – at the grand opening the journalists weren’t allowed to take photos inside. There are many such “vintage” logistic/processing centers in Lithuania. Lithuania is also major hub for used cars that serves markets as far away as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.. If you walk down the street in any Lithuanian city – it’s filled with stores that sell used clothes and merchandise. These TV shows (aka Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Baggage Hunters, etc) about bidding on unpaid storage lockers should also be considered as military psychological operation that is designed to misdirect from what is really going on. Microsoft, Ebay should also be looked as possible tool of this war that was designed with this operation in mind, especially considering Microsoft/Ebay founder’s background and their activities after the exit.

There was the story on the day of 9/11 where some people were caught dancing and celebrating the attack. Of course the public wasn’t allowed to see or examine any real evidence from this incident, considering the reports that they were taking jubilant selfies with burning wtc in background. Don’t make mistake to believe that these people are jewish or israelis or mossad or even that such event ever took place. Think of prequel of Borat who can be all he can be in the army of one. Those moving companies can serve as temporary storage and logistic in brave war like this. Think of that hostile brave war like operation depicting “moving company” in that movie “breakdown” from 1997. Of course thats boots on the ground part. Whole thing is managed with implemented social mechanism that is watched very closely – troopers do not have lots of freedom to operate except follow orders.

DIA_Clandestine_Service_posterYou can’t assume anything but military deception in those DIA’s clandestine service promotional posters that were released with very strange slogans “you could be anybody anywhere” and “you speak the language and live the culture” that kind of hints at “gift of tongues” and shape-shifting superpower capabilities. Nobody recruits spies with posters. It was a psyop. Of course there is no smoke without fire, unless we are talking about something unknown, secretive, hostile, deceptive, etc… In that case it could be anything and should be treated as such – someone who is blowing smoke into everyone eyes, of course the fire could be under that cultural melting pot designed to cook you alive where you in grateful dead fashion acquired the kettle from your own savings, chopped the wood from your own backyard, hauled water yourself and jumped in just like in waterpark ride expecting something wonderful to happen.


John Robb
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JOURNAL: More Thoughts on Coercing Organizational Hierarchies

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Case Study: Lawrence William Guzzino

This case grabbed some public attention since victim (Lawrence Guzzino) was able to generate some publicity for his ordeal. Targeted individual/gang stalking/organized stalking websites like to point to this as evidence of police admitting of being aware of gangstalking. (some assumptions in this post might be inaccurate as I’m doing my best to trying to understand what happened only using info I found on the internet)

After more than a year of being gangstalked Lawrence Guzzino contacted the local media (Foxnews affiliate) and they took him seriously. They published a story and video report (Jan 29, 2011), where they interviewed not only him, but police officer as well who confirmed that “gangstalking” is growing problem and existed before Internet. It’s not clear if there was any police report filed. He said that Facebook and Twitter made it a lot easier to execute such crimes. They didn’t interview any neighbors who allegedly were harassing him or named any names. They used term “gangstalking” to define the phenomena of victim being followed around and systematically terrorized. Lawrence even climbed on the roof demonstrating how he has been harassed even in his own home at night, how he was afraid to go out play tennis or ping-pong. He even started crying explaining how this induced paranoia devastating his life and the relationship with family.

What reporter didn’t do:

  • Didn’t interview the wife/girlfriend of the Lawrence or children (He mentioned that this ordeal strained his relationship)
  • Didn’t interview any neighbors if anyone was bothered by the music that Lawrence assumed was the reason for harassment. It appears he had a wife or girlfriend (it’s not clear if they are married since her last name isn’t the same, but some sites mention that she sometimes uses his last name) and 4 kids.
  • Didn’t contact local neighborhood watch captain (if there is neighborhood watch)
  • Didn’t check how loud is his music or at what times does Guzzino plays his music. Why does he listen to the music at night? Doesn’t the music bother the rest of Guzzino family? He has small children himself. Was he trying to drown some sort of noise harassment?
  • He mentioned one of the reasons for his harassment is that he is outspoken. Is he outspoken about some issues, topics, politics, injustice?

I assume police did background check of Lawrence Guzzino at the time of the interview and it probably came out clean as they definitely would have mentioned such fact to the reporter. So how was Lawrence able to gain attention of news reporter? First he was credible – if you look at his resume from 2004 he has masters degree in mathematics, highly skilled programmer and computer security expert. Obviously guy is very intelligent. He likes computers, network security, typical geek. But not geeky – he also mentions working in offshore oil rigs as roughneck, engineer, roustabout, supply vessels, etc. His wife/gf Patrice Theriot principal engineer for the city public works and utilities department, she is successful professional and attractive woman. His father was a veteran of the United States Navy, active volunteer with police department.  They live in a nice neighborhood, decent house – according to real estate records they bought it in 2002 around the time their 4th child was born (they moved from multi-family unit). They should be making good money between them two. Maybe wife was unavailable for comment as they were separated at the time? But Lawrence mentioned that they “following us” as if it affects other members of the family too. So news report didn’t try to help Guzzino to patch any differences between the neighbors, but used his story to spread the message of this gangstalking phenomena. Investigative reporting, it wasn’t. He was more like a poster child to put a face on gangstalking.

OK fast forward 11 months and Lawrence arrested and charged of possession of controlled substance. Bails, bonds, paroles, rearrests followed, most recent being just 4 weeks ago on Jan 09, 2013 for probation violation (website down). So now he is convicted felon. Formally processed, in the criminal justice system. What would happen now if he contacted local news complaining of community harassment?

Lawrence Guzzino mugshots

At least one of his arrests (March 21, 2012) also generated media attention since it was described as bomb scare, with bomb squad and explosive detection equipped with X-ray robot dispatched. From these news reports we find that Lawrence is convicted of arson even though none of the booking, mugshot, sheriff sites show any cases of arson. I tried to search news and police reports that would tie Guzzino to any sort of arson in that time-frame in that area – I couldn’t find anything. The only charge is “controlled substance” (alcohol) and apparent parole violations. If you read all these reports on the event – it seems that Lawrence Guzzino was traveling in his Honda CRV (I guess same Honda we see in the first video), full of personal items and probably camping gear – was he already homeless? He stopped on the side of the road for the nap. Someone reported him to police as suspicious. Police responded and found in the car stuffed with personal items: “anarchist cookbook”, tied road flairs, camping gas canisters and capped pipes. He also had warrant for his arrest, some reports only say he was on probation and was arrested for possession of shotgun shells. Some reports only say that he was taken into custody. Maybe it wasn’t arrest afterall as there are no mugshots from that time? Various local news media sites reported the incident painting it as apprehension of dangerous felon on the run. Few news sources also mentioned pile of lacy women’s lingerie giving impression of him not only being anarchist in preparation of planning terror attack, but implying he is a pervert too. Overall news reports are quite conflicting on this particular incident. Maybe they try to make it interesting and relevant, but nobody asked Guzzino’s any questions. As convicted arsonist Guzzino would be dangerous to community. Was he placed in some sort of community protection program? Was he under surveillance?

It is very hard to judge the story without Guzzino’s personal take on the story, but if looking from criminology point of view it confirms labeling theory if examining case superficially: once labeled as deviant by society Guzzino adopted criminal lifestyle and became a felon, even though he was a family man with children, wife, living American dream, multiple interests, hobbies, extended family and so on. After first news report Lawrence joined facebook, but he didn’t take part or try to document anything that was going on in his life. His wife’s facebook is just as blank.

I wonder if he ever set up any surveillance him being tech savvy and all. Did he provide any of the evidence to the news reporter?

This article on two competing Watsonville neighborhood watch groups is interesting to read even though there is nothing that would put Guzzino as possible target on their list.

Suicide rate in Santa Cruz county is also 25-45% higher than California average.

Gang Stalking, “Bullying on Steroids”


His archived website

Arrests and mugshots of Lawrence Guzzino (archived copies: 1 2 3)

Bomb-making materials, lingerie found in SUV

Watsonville Man Identified in Castroville Bomb Scare

Highway 1 Bomb Scare Defused

Deputies: No Pipe Bomb Found in Parolee’s Car (website down no archive copy available)

Watsonville man arrested after deputies find bomb-making supplies in SUV

Role taking and structure

I have to admit I like concept of symbolic interactionism that sociology/criminology uses as one of the theories to describe and peer into any social situation without prejudice. The mind that was able to come up with had to be free. If I didn’t know better I’d say Mead was watching stars in the night sky and feeling minuscule or doing some sort of drugs. Symbolic interactionism is just a theory, enlightened mind trying to convey something. I guess this brilliance rubs off in some way providing a glimpse into how relative is the meaning of it all where we struggle with pain. None of the theories can encompass gestalt of life, but they can be useful for understanding (self) imposed shackles of life. If just for a moment mind is able to shed constrains of roles, history, education, customs, culture, religion and be free – it’s a great moment.

Following is excerpt from “The Person in Social Psychology” by Vivien Burr.

In order to carry out a role within any social situation, a person must first have some conception of what kind of situation is at hand, since different situations contain different potential roles for participants. The person must therefore define the situation. The definition of the situation is a key concept for symbolic interactionism. People can be expected to behave differently according to whether they define a situation as, for example, ‘a chat with a friend’ or ‘a consultation with a therapist’. But the definition of the situation as it is used in psychology has a one-sided, intra-psychic character. It appears as a cognitive quality of the individual, rather like an attitude or opinion, and is represented as a discrete event; the individual takes a view on ‘what is going on here’ and then acts accordingly. For symbolic interactionism, situations can only ever be mutually defined by the participants involved in them. Furthermore, this definition is constantly under production by all parties, constantly monitored and liable to breakdown. Because of the reciprocal nature of roles, no-one can be sure of acting appropriately or of being allowed to play a particular role unless all share the same definition of the situation. This does not mean that all parties in an interaction somehow mysteriously find themselves agreeing about ‘what is going on here’. There may be conflicting definitions in operation. But if one’s own definition is at odds with that of other participants, this will necessarily have implications for the viability of the roles that they are attempting to play. Thus there will then usually ensue a good deal of effort directed at establishing and maintaining a mutually agreed or negotiated definition, including the use of role-distancing described earlier. is used in psychology has a one-sided, intra-psychic character. It appears as a cognitive quality of the individual, rather like an attitude or opinion, and is represented as a discrete event; the individual takes a view on ‘what is going on here’ and then acts accordingly. For symbolic interactionism, situations can only ever be mutually defined by the participants involved in them. Furthermore, this definition is constantly under production by all parties, constantly monitored and liable to breakdown. Because of the reciprocal nature of roles, no-one can be sure of acting appropriately or of being allowed to play a particular role unless all share the same definition of the situation. This does not mean that all parties in an interaction somehow mysteriously find themselves agreeing about ‘what is going on here’. There may be conflicting definitions in operation. But if one’s own definition is at odds with that of other participants, this will necessarily have implications for the viability of the roles that they are attempting to play. Thus there will then usually ensue a good deal of effort directed at establishing and maintaining a mutually agreed or negotiated definition, including the use of role-distancing described earlier.

Thus, if we encounter a situation in which it is not clear who occupies what positions and plays what roles, we turn our attention to figuring out these matters. We decide who around us has authority over us, to whom we are supposed to address a question, as well as who we are in the eyes of others. And if we find ourselves in a situation that is so ambiguous that there is no structure to it, we create one. A newly formed group, for example, may be quite undifferentiated, but before long some people become leaders and others followers, some are active and some are not, some take on this task and others that one. In short, we look for structure, and where we do not find it, we create it.

But roles and the definition of the situation exist in a chicken-and- egg relationship, so that, although our definition of the situation indicates to us our possible role and its attendant expectations, we also define the situation through our observation of the roles apparently adopted by others. We ourselves help to create that definition through our own adoption of certain postures, in the way we present ourselves – through the role we claim for ourselves in that interaction. A situation is therefore necessarily a socially negotiated event; it cannot exist simply at the level of an individual’s psychology. Roles, too, are never simply prescribed and then enacted. Symbolic interactionism refers to role-making as well as role-taking to emphasise the fluidity and adaptability of the roles we play

Listening devices for through wall localization

I decided to compile a list of through wall listening devices that theoretically could be used to carry out human localization for through wall noise harassment. With multiple contact microphones placed in each room above or below target apartment approximate localization could be accomplished. Human ear can’t accurately detect direction of sound coming from above so effect of being followed in your own apartment could be similar. Microphones probably have to be wireless or multiple people employed. I see a few problems with such devices:

  • Learning curve (a lot of manpower has to be put into this BS)
  • Problematic identification of the target among multiple occupants
  • Probably boring without some sort of visual feedback, at the same time could be advantageous as ambiguity could be used against the target
  • harder to conceal, messier to implement, more variables to consider
  • own generated noise and background noise interference – I feel this is the biggest drawback for acoustic sensors. I guess it could be circumvented if sensors are not in the same apartment that carries the noise harassment campaign, thus it becomes even more complicated. Another way to avoid interference is to use doppler stethoscopes/contact microphones.
  • More affordable and less challenging to acquire such equipment, but still such technology is expensive
  • Probably possible to defeat with white noise generator

Through wall micro video scope solves a lot of above issues, but its invasive and leaves a chance of discovery. I guess covert cameras/microphones/bugs placed inside apartment would also make such harassment possible, but once again it would be a risky. I speculate that targets apartment probably shouldn’t be compromised so goal of creating illusion of mental illness would be the most obvious conclusion.

Some listening/video devices that theoretically could be used for through wall harassment

There are lots of types of sensors that can identify human traits, but for effective through wall surveillance and harassment the most obvious candidate is probably UWB radar (doppler shift sensors).

List of known UWB through wall imaging technology

Speculations about other methods


Through wall radar (Frisco, Tx)

This post is just looking at the purchase of through wall radar by town of Frisco, Texas. Town didn’t need to spend any of their own budget money – bill got covered by department of homeland security. Proposal states:

Background Information: The Frisco Police Department submitted and was awarded a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments and FY2011 Homeland Security Grant, Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) for a Covert Intelligence Through- Wall radar unit. The acceptance of the UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) grant will allow for the purchase of a covert intelligence through-wall radar unit(s). The unit(s) will be utilized primarily by the police department’s special operation unit for high risk operations. The unit uses radar technology to see through walls to give covert intelligence of the location and movement of people in situations where it would otherwise be impossible to gain such insight.

Grant is for $45.000 so it’s probably Xaver 400 as it’s FCC certified and in that price range. It’s not the radar purchase that is interesting, but next resolution submitted at the same time for different government grant – agenda resolution 21288 (radar) and 21289 (citizen contact patrol). The only connection between the two are by association, since they’ve been submitted the same day by the same department.

Program proposal sounds very simple. Dedicate officer to area who interacts with residents, learns their problems and helps to solve them. Criminology researcher will conduct surveys at various stages of the project to measure success of the program.

Program is part of Smart Policing Initiative overseen by Center For Naval Analysis. Smart Policing is based on Problem oriented policing and adheres to SARA model: Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment.

Instigating or Precipitating Events: For most of 2009, two of Frisco Police Department’s (FPD) officers conducted an experimental “place-based” policing (in another article is also called “informal”) program at a major problem apartment complex, Stonebrook Village Apartments, resulting in a 22% reduction in crime. That officer was awarded “officer of the year”.

They do not mention what kind of crime he was fighting, but SPI report states that current project is about property crime.

It is section 8 housing projects for low-income residents and naturally such area faces many various problems where officers have their work cut out for them. In their first meeting residents identified many various problems – most about criminology’s “broken windows theory” like public urination, inadequate street lighting, safety of the children, rummaging through garbage, pet waste not picked up, etc. Not criminal issues, more like concerns about livability in the area. It is just as social project as it is police project and hopefully Frisco finest are doing great job to improve that area of the town. You can read documents related to program and there is very little details of substance – the only real crime that they mentioned was identifying and deporting some illegal immigrants. If looking strictly from OS/GS I could think of a few issues with the program, but it would be conspiratorial mindset. One somewhat suspect issue that was raised in the first meeting with residents was “Some concerns expressed about sex offenders and how to identify them and their locations”. Many TI’s are targets of unsubstantiated rumors and it’s not clear who raised these concerns – officers trying to engage the residents to be on the lookout for perverts or some resident who felt as if there are sex offenders in the complex, but they can’t find them. It is interesting how officers answered that question – as answer could be easily shaped by the power of suggestion to create and embed in the minds of attendees profile resembling of someone living in the complex. It is easy to rally people behind threatening causes like this and create a cohesion of a group. But again it just as well could be valid concern raised by some resident.

So the purpose of this post? Just to raise awareness of through wall radar presence in Frisco, TX.


Community Protection Program

The only journalist that exposed this community protection program was Ruth Teichroeb of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She wrote series of articles about it. Obviously similar programs exists in other states and countries. Rest of the post consist of selected quotes from articles about this program. Most of the articles are only available through archive.org.


DSHS doesn’t advertise the Community Protection program. The names of residents and their histories are confidential. Even their addresses are confidential. Workers aren’t supposed to tell anyone about the program, according to most company guidelines.


In such cases, Community Protection, when it works, seems appropriate. But one of the state’s criteria in identifying candidates for the program is “other,” which includes “any behavior, which the case manager may feel places a danger to the person or others.”

So some people in the program have no history of any offense whatsoever. Others might need help – but not necessarily this program. One 18-year-old resident, a victim of sexual and physical abuse as a child, is described as “has humor, likes to help.” But there’s nothing else, according to state records. “Real nice guy, but is addicted to drugs & alcohol,” stated another person’s offense description.


But critics of the program say it, in effect, places people under house arrest for something they might do in the future.

“We do have people out there who are essentially under involuntary commitment,” said Ed Holen, the executive director of the Developmental Disabilities Council, a federally mandated watchdog agency. “They haven’t been charged. They haven’t been prosecuted. That’s not fair. And it certainly violates the person’s civil rights.”


Federal officials are investigating reports in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of abuse of clients and insufficient oversight of the state-run Community Protection Program, which pays contractors an average of $93,000 a year per person to closely supervise dangerous developmentally disabled adults.


The $42 million annual state program contracts with 16 residential vendors to provide 24-hour supervision of 381 clients who need monitoring because they are sex offenders, physically aggressive or set fires. All but two of the contractors are for-profit companies.


“I was very disturbed,” Keiser said. “We need to look at that very carefully.”

She questioned whether the program should rely so heavily on for-profit companies.


The state’s intent is excellent. The Department of Social and Health Services contracts for intensive supervision of developmentally disabled clients whose behavior poses a risk to the community, especially sex-related offenses. Care in the community avoids impersonal institutions.


Louis, the mildly retarded young victim of a sexual predator in Washington State, was put under 24-hour supervision with a for-profit residential care company, partly to protect the community in case Louis’ abuse turned him into an offender, says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He never had been in trouble with the law. He’d never threatened the safety of others. Yet the state placed him in the $42 million annual Community Protection Program — the closest thing Washington has to a prison without walls.


Roberts is one of 13 Community Protection clients who have died in the past four years. All but one of the deaths has been blamed on natural causes. An Aacres Landing client died in June 2001, a few months after accidentally setting himself on fire.

DSHS officials refused to release names of those who died, citing federal and state privacy laws, making it nearly impossible to investigate their deaths. Roberts’ death came to light because his co-workers took up a collection to put his obituary in a local newspaper.


The state pays for-profit companies to closely supervise dangerous developmentally disabled people in the community. While the costly program does protect the public in many cases — most of the clients are sex offenders — it has left vulnerable adults at risk of abuse and neglect.

Little-known state program failing to protect the disabled

Washington ‘Community Protection’ Program Blasted (archive.org)

Protection program to get federal scrutiny (archive.org)


Social Services: Beyond intent (archive.org)

WA Community Protection Program: Victims Vulnerable (archive.org)

Co-workers see a young man ‘waste away’. He dies while in state program

Public Protection, Private Abuse (all articles of Ruth Teichroeb at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Attack Therapy

Attack therapy, verbal attack therapy, emotional haircut, confrontation/confrontational therapy,  milieu therapy aka intensive peer pressure therapy, synanon “game”, group truth-telling session – these are synonyms of same thing – highly confrontational interaction between the patient and a therapist, or between the patient and fellow patients during group therapy, where the patient may be verbally abused, denounced, ridiculed or humiliated by the therapist or other members of the group. Many of the individuals under such therapy need therapy afterwards for PSTD, depression, anxiety and so on.

What caught my attention is not so much therapy itself as I can see how it could be beneficial in some cases as self-reflection tool, but how wide-spread it is in historical context and forced upon unwitting people – to the point that even religion started solely on such therapy (church of synanon).

It comes from invention of therapeutic community concept during WWII in England military psychiatric hospital during Northfield Experiments. The idea was to try something radically new to enable more veterans to return to battlefield by moving away from monopoly of healing by doctor to healing by communitarian social order. Northfield experiments didn’t seem to use attack therapy, but started the trend of community as doctor where focus shifted from sick person to the group social psychology. Doctors from Northfield went on to work in Tavistock Institute (which is the source of many crazy Internet conspiracies).

Therapeutic communities (sometimes also called rehab) sprung up as a method to deal with those who abuse drugs and alcohol, mental illness and behavioral problems. Many of them are faith-based initiatives, enjoy tax exempt status and do not have to face government scrutiny. Even with overwhelming evidence of abuse it is very hard for survivors to bring them to justice as such institutions are considered “last-ditch” approach to those who go there for help. People making accusations have less credibility and power than those being accused. At the same time we can’t put blank blame statement on all therapeutic communities – some of them in fact might be helpful. I guess it’s important to see linguistic manipulation of how something horrible could be presented and portrayed as humanistic and beneficial. Some of the concepts like lifetime rehabilitation concept – meaning you have to stay in the treatment for life goes against the main idea of therapy itself (red flag).

These initiatives are huge businesses and corporations, enjoying huge profits. The organization that used attack therapy to extreme was Synanon. It was successful corporation, enjoying healthy profits, drawing federal funds and there were many others who based their “therapeutic” model on synanon. Control over members occurred through the “Game”. The “Game” have been considered to be a therapeutic tool, likened to a form of group therapy; or else to a form of a “social control”, where members humiliated one another and encouraged the exposure of one another’s innermost weaknesses, or maybe both. I couldn’t find a single video of attack therapy or synanon game on YouTube, so I’m not sure how it looks like in the real life. Here is one persons account on how attack therapy drove him to suicide (wasn’t synanon game – it was group therapy in the therapists office):

Things then took a dramatic turn for the worse after I attended a type of group therapy which comes under the general name of ‘Attack Therapy’. It is perhaps difficult to see how a therapy session could trigger psychosis. As you can guess from the title, this type of therapy is where the therapist actually attacks the client. In the intensive therapy sessions I attended, and with the tacit approval of the group, the therapist attacked me hoping to bring about a crisis point in me that would then clear the way to a dramatic ‘improvement’ in my personality. Unfortunately this improvement could only be reached by making me fully realize how fake and pathetic my current personality was. Such an approach perhaps wouldn’t affect a confident person too much, but it affected me, as at the time I was looking for some way to change my personality, and I desperately lacked self-esteem and confidence.I would normally feel very tentative about applying any blame to an external event or person, as this is something that as a person I very rarely do. I am much more likely to blame myself entirely for things going wrong rather than other people.Unfortunately, I think that sort of thinking made me the worst client for this course, as it really affects people like me, who deep down think that everything really is their fault. The effect of the course was so comprehensive that 2 weeks afterwards I tried to kill myself despite never having had a suicidal thought before that day. The message I suppose is twofold. Firstly you need to be careful if you tend to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong as this sort of behavior can lead to sudden bouts of powerful depression. Secondly, avoid any groups or individuals that offer any sort of ‘Attack Therapy’, as it is dangerous for your mental health. This style of therapy is apparently still quite popular in America, even though studies have been done which back up my belief that they can be very damaging to a certain percentage of the population, and show no overall benefit

Attack therapy so far has only been used in institutionalized settings – therapeutic communities, group therapy and so on. It must be like controlled meditation on social stigma and self-esteem. Therapist who doesn’t understand his client could easily become “the rapist” if he prescribes such therapy when client is not ready to face such “treatment”. There are no accounts of Synanon employing their “game” on outside folks – they resorted to real violence, sometimes resembling scenes from the movie clockwork orange. Former synanon residents started various other organizations: Narcotics Anonymous, Delancey Street, Walden House, Samaritan Village in Brooklyn, Amity Foundation, Marvins Corner in Miami or Phoenix House, etc..

I have strange feeling about such therapy. One one hand it could be useful, although it could be extremely damaging especially in the forced settings. Modern society has moved away from institutionalization and growing number of voices are vocal about alternatives to incarceration as methods to deal with issues related to social and behavioral problems are more and more implemented and intertwined into community itself. Something could be labeled in many ways, but the object of the label is never the label.

Attack Therapy

information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about Synanon.

Lawyer who dealt with Synanon

Discovery of therapeutic community. The Northfield Experiments (local copy)

Medical Whistleblower: Abuse and Neglect in U.S.A. Residential Treatment Centers (local copy)


Widespread Abuse, Neglect and Death in Small Settings Serving People with Intellectual Disabilities (local copy)