Through wall radar (Frisco, Tx)

This post is just looking at the purchase of through wall radar by town of Frisco, Texas. Town didn’t need to spend any of their own budget money – bill got covered by department of homeland security. Proposal states:

Background Information: The Frisco Police Department submitted and was awarded a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments and FY2011 Homeland Security Grant, Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) for a Covert Intelligence Through- Wall radar unit. The acceptance of the UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) grant will allow for the purchase of a covert intelligence through-wall radar unit(s). The unit(s) will be utilized primarily by the police department’s special operation unit for high risk operations. The unit uses radar technology to see through walls to give covert intelligence of the location and movement of people in situations where it would otherwise be impossible to gain such insight.

Grant is for $45.000 so it’s probably Xaver 400 as it’s FCC certified and in that price range. It’s not the radar purchase that is interesting, but next resolution submitted at the same time for different government grant – agenda resolution 21288 (radar) and 21289 (citizen contact patrol). The only connection between the two are by association, since they’ve been submitted the same day by the same department.

Program proposal sounds very simple. Dedicate officer to area who interacts with residents, learns their problems and helps to solve them. Criminology researcher will conduct surveys at various stages of the project to measure success of the program.

Program is part of Smart Policing Initiative overseen by Center For Naval Analysis. Smart Policing is based on Problem oriented policing and adheres to SARA model: Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment.

Instigating or Precipitating Events: For most of 2009, two of Frisco Police Department’s (FPD) officers conducted an experimental “place-based” policing (in another article is also called “informal”) program at a major problem apartment complex, Stonebrook Village Apartments, resulting in a 22% reduction in crime. That officer was awarded “officer of the year”.

They do not mention what kind of crime he was fighting, but SPI report states that current project is about property crime.

It is section 8 housing projects for low-income residents and naturally such area faces many various problems where officers have their work cut out for them. In their first meeting residents identified many various problems – most about criminology’s “broken windows theory” like public urination, inadequate street lighting, safety of the children, rummaging through garbage, pet waste not picked up, etc. Not criminal issues, more like concerns about livability in the area. It is just as social project as it is police project and hopefully Frisco finest are doing great job to improve that area of the town. You can read documents related to program and there is very little details of substance – the only real crime that they mentioned was identifying and deporting some illegal immigrants. If looking strictly from OS/GS I could think of a few issues with the program, but it would be conspiratorial mindset. One somewhat suspect issue that was raised in the first meeting with residents was “Some concerns expressed about sex offenders and how to identify them and their locations”. Many TI’s are targets of unsubstantiated rumors and it’s not clear who raised these concerns – officers trying to engage the residents to be on the lookout for perverts or some resident who felt as if there are sex offenders in the complex, but they can’t find them. It is interesting how officers answered that question – as answer could be easily shaped by the power of suggestion to create and embed in the minds of attendees profile resembling of someone living in the complex. It is easy to rally people behind threatening causes like this and create a cohesion of a group. But again it just as well could be valid concern raised by some resident.

So the purpose of this post? Just to raise awareness of through wall radar presence in Frisco, TX.



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