Listening devices for through wall localization

I decided to compile a list of through wall listening devices that theoretically could be used to carry out human localization for through wall noise harassment. With multiple contact microphones placed in each room above or below target apartment approximate localization could be accomplished. Human ear can’t accurately detect direction of sound coming from above so effect of being followed in your own apartment could be similar. Microphones probably have to be wireless or multiple people employed. I see a few problems with such devices:

  • Learning curve (a lot of manpower has to be put into this BS)
  • Problematic identification of the target among multiple occupants
  • Probably boring without some sort of visual feedback, at the same time could be advantageous as ambiguity could be used against the target
  • harder to conceal, messier to implement, more variables to consider
  • own generated noise and background noise interference – I feel this is the biggest drawback for acoustic sensors. I guess it could be circumvented if sensors are not in the same apartment that carries the noise harassment campaign, thus it becomes even more complicated. Another way to avoid interference is to use doppler stethoscopes/contact microphones.
  • More affordable and less challenging to acquire such equipment, but still such technology is expensive
  • Probably possible to defeat with white noise generator

Through wall micro video scope solves a lot of above issues, but its invasive and leaves a chance of discovery. I guess covert cameras/microphones/bugs placed inside apartment would also make such harassment possible, but once again it would be a risky. I speculate that targets apartment probably shouldn’t be compromised so goal of creating illusion of mental illness would be the most obvious conclusion.

Some listening/video devices that theoretically could be used for through wall harassment

There are lots of types of sensors that can identify human traits, but for effective through wall surveillance and harassment the most obvious candidate is probably UWB radar (doppler shift sensors).

List of known UWB through wall imaging technology

Speculations about other methods



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