Case study: This guy

John Robb
John Robb

Now it’s a bit different as this case study is not about the victim, but about someone who seems to be advocating organized harassment or as he (John Robb) calls “coercive game” to wage new form of disruptive non-violent protest against the powerful, but undemocratic cliques by targeting individuals who belong to these circles, but stay under radar of democratic process.  I don’t think the object of the attack matters – it’s the method of the attack what matters. Instead of exposing something they go undercover and “fix” situation as they see it fit their agenda whatever it might be. Since everything in their game is secret they are themselves the definition of word “undemocratic”.  His motivation appears to be driven not so much about issues, but his vision for the future of the warfare. He is military strategists, astronautical engineer, “black” counter-terrorism expert, former USAF pilot in special operations. He boasts that government spent $2.5 million on his education.

What could be behind all of this?:

  • He is spreading these ideas of grassroots terrorism something along the lines like illegal arms trade to his own operatives.
  • place seeds by giving tools to players that are independent from government/military and watch them misinterpret, mutate, make moves and take advantage of their mistakes or “victories”
  • diversion – group who uses such tactics could be used as scapegoat and blamed for other instances of similar harassment
  • clandestine method to transmit of information to operatives and agents
  • all of the above – tip of the iceberg

MethumbsupHe coined a new term for this kind of warfare – open source warfare. It appears as if it’s just another term for fourth generation warfare; other term that are used for this are wikiwar, netwar, irregular warfare, etc. I’d rather call it scumbag warfare or con-ware. He wrote a book on a subject called “Brave New War” that reached 25th place on amazon best seller list. He simplifies the concept to be as adaptable feasible template in form of a game. He is dumbing down advanced academic military concepts for less intelligent paramilitary operatives, thus enabling (his?) movement to target the individual and their family with:

  • Stalking and harassment.  In the street, at a restaurant, or at school.
  • Identity theft.  From financial to professional.  Publication of private information.
  • Denial of communication.  Flood phones, e-mail accounts, voice-mail, etc.

In short, any online group of sufficient size could launch an effort like this.  However, to really zoom the effort and turn it into a coercive tool, one modification should be made.  It should operate as an online game.  Here’s a potential template:

  • Experience points for accumulating information.  Pics snapped with a cell phone camera.  Points for financial account information. Etc.  Experience points translate into basic improvements in status which improves the weight of a contributor’s vote (on the next target, the quests to open, etc.).
  • Quests. Equivalent to counting coup on a tribal enemy.  Draining the target’s bank account.  Gaining control of a voicemail system. Tagging the target with paint.  Disabling the target’s car.  Quest achievement translates into special recognition (emblems, new tools, positions of leadership, etc.).
  • Competition.  Contests between individuals or groups to complete a given task within an alloted time period.  As in first to….

Think in terms of this game running as a darknet (not visible to anyone but invited players and only those that have deeply enmeshed themselves in the game).

One only has to wonder how much of his theories is just theory. If any of that he observed in real life? His vision for the future is very bleak:

Security will become a function of where you live and whom you work for, much as health care is allocated already. Wealthy individuals and multinational corporations will be the first to bail out of our collective system, opting instead to hire private military companies, such as Blackwater and Triple Canopy, to protect their homes and facilities and establish a protective perimeter around daily life. Parallel transportation networks–evolving out of the time-share aircraft companies such as

Warren Buffett’s NetJets–will cater to this group, leapfrogging its members from one secure, well-appointed lily pad to the next. Members of the middle class will follow, taking matters into their own hands by forming suburban collectives to share the costs of security–as they do now with education–and shore up delivery of critical services. These “armored suburbs” will deploy and maintain backup generators and communications links; they will be patrolled by civilian police auxiliaries that have received corporate training and boast their own state-of-the-art emergency-response systems. As for those without the means to build their own defense, they will have to make do with the remains of the national system. They will gravitate to America’s cities, where they will be subject to ubiquitous surveillance and marginal or nonexistent services. For the poor, there will be no other refuge.

John Robb
John Robb

That part about work being foundation of security sounds like that infamous writing “arbeit macht frei” on Auschwitz gates (the meaning of that Nazi writing is very similar to “freedom is not free” that has been used in USA for quite some time now) .. on the other hand whole modern world starts to resemble that social model – it’s like that caste system from Aldous Huxley  “Brave New World”, which seems just to be copied from real life Indian caste system.  In reality work itself is not important at all just like any other possible initiator of pride  – it’s just a tool of social control for those who are made to follow orders ordered, implied, imagined or otherwise – the security provided by work is illusionary. Caste system follows anonymous rules: it doesn’t forgive, doesn’t forget, expect it. It also follows very secretive and secure protocols – everything is on need to know basis. Don’t assume that if you’re useful to someone at the moment it’s because of something you know or your special skills – it could be  just because there is no safe way to get rid of you at the moment. In other words your pride is being worked on by keeping you on shorter leash than those friends that are allowed to roam free.

Another point one has to make is infusion of crematoriums into the culture of western world – eg in Lithuania foreign company recently built a crematorium and started selling it’s stocks on NASDAQ – they already building a next one. Not to mention that they’d changed Lithuanian thermal plants from heating oil to bio-fuel aka wood. So all those hundreds of heating plants can double as underground crematoriums. Of course there is very intensive deforestation policy in play. Look at England – it’s a pale shadow from the times of what has been described in books about Robin Hood. It’s pretty much just dead land slowly turning into Arabian desert. Don’t forget all those leaked documents about those color coded CIA secret prisons in eastern Europe. Lithuania had “violet” color code – coincidentally it was theme color of another hostile CIA military psyop called “the way of courage” that riled whole lithuania with “clockwork orange” eye clamp type stories and imageries of pedophilia. It left lots of corpses behind, not to mention they formed a political party and gained seats in parliament. Nobody could find any of those CIA prisons even though there were the biggest lookers out there looking for them. For what we know those documents could be describing not black site prisons, but safari type concentration camps encapsulating whole countries with locals as free range inmates/targets. Where numbered ID tattoos have been replaced by individually numbered digital communication devices targets pay money to carry with them 24/7.

Another strange point I’d like to make that is related to crematoriums. Not sure about other Lithuanian towns and cities, but there are very strange discrepancies with common sense if I look at our little town’s cemetery and compare the land mass area with graves that it is occupying now and beginning of the independence. During past 25 years of litvicide it has grown 3 times. The town had old german cemetery and this new one was probably started when lithuanians (1918) or soviets (1945) moved in or maybe it was even started by germans themselves. Of course one has to keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone buried is from local population – it could also be used as dumping ground from other places not to mention soprano type rainbow muscular boys from energy department (there is only one in the world if thats what you’re asking) having tight grip on waste management and landfills. Don’t assume anything, but security related incident or war rape if you see lisping slimies going out with women as one can witness on all those porn tube videos – not a straight man in sight. Those porn tube sites do not make any sense if looking from any point of view except one that is hard to express without compromising some very special operations. So crematoriums is just evasive action – think about modern Japan that cremates 99.9% of all corpses.

There could be a lot bigger fishes being fried eg consider that Kissinger said in 2012 that Israel will cease to exist in 10 years time it means Israel has about 6 years left to go. At the same time lots of functions from Israel are being moved elsewhere and Lithuania seems to being shaped and molded into being one of those places if not the main base. First they modified the core law about citizenship and minister of the interior issued and keeps issuing daily thousands and thousands of Lithuanian passports to foreign nationals. If you look at lithuanian jewish community website – first goal is to bring jew diaspora back to Lithuania. Of course it’s like evil Borat type joke – you would be hard pressed to find a single jew in the whole country of Israel or the world for that matter – labels do not mean anything except deception. You can hardly see Lithuanian sounding name in the business, entertainment, media or politics. Most of the names are foreign, taken from lithuanian dictionary, two syllable surnames (used to be very rare – none of them are of lithuanian origin – at best of nickname origin), lithuanianized made up words, catchy and short porn/MIB/anonymous type names, etc.. If you see some older businesses registered under such names – it’s just magic of Orwellian CIA bookkeeping of KGB archives (they took control of those archives 25 years ago and kept the money (info) to themselves just like all other more recent pervertariat leakers snowballing and stonewalling those discharges between themselves and their operatives as weapon of kompromat until it’s juiced up dry while all along the scam screaming about being not worshiped enough).  Not to mention they changed the hundreds years national custom about how married women surnames are called. It appears they are trying to fuse and herd lithuanian and latvian human terrains in this aspect, not to mention it can be used as weapons for various scams and cons including this freshly baked transgender shapeshifting con. Another thing they added new letters (XQW) to alphabet so they can write American last names on Lithuanian passports and documents. At the same time there are “professors” and “experts” that are agitating to stop using some Lithuanian letters. 15 or so years ago they created Balto-Slavic language family group and placed Lithuanian language into it, which was probably preparatory work towards chocholocaust operation in Ukraine. Baltic languages have nothing to do with Slavic languages. They were working very hard in the media and social media create some sort of weird brotherly love communistic associations between two nations. Don’t think for a second that Russia was acting in the interests of Russia. They already proved with their involvement in Syria – they are just another CIA base. If Lithuania was about 90% Lithuanian just 25 years ago, so now it looks like statistics have been turned upside down. Of course militarization of the country is the main priority (it provides solid cover for all the shady business) – they instated mandatory conscription service and just like in Israel they are doing very intensive fear mongering policy. There was a case there vice-minister of culture was caught using forged high school diploma and thrown out from the government. There was one interesting psyop in 2014 that was widely presented in the media – they used NATO airplanes to bring Syrian refugees to Lithuania by using Lutheran church as cover. They explained these are Christians facing prosecution there, but after they brought them to local church every single one of them took off their shoes. They even had a website to document their adventures (, but unexpectedly they dropped it.  At the same time military seems to be resembling French Foreign Legion – there was a story in the media where guy who didn’t speak a word Lithuanian, claimed Lithuanian heritage even though he was from Mexico who had Spanish and Mexican passports volunteer for the army – he rescinded his old passports, was issued Lithuanian citizenship and was accepted into Lithuanian forces. Maybe it was just some sort of rainbow psyop where story in the media was used as cover up and at the same time as signal/advertising/marketing campaign for those in the know – the guy looked 100lbs overweight, was speaking in “elegant” manner and was wearing a bow-tie (story is here: 1 and 2 ; for video remove part from url – notice how they changed the title in 1984 fashion as time progressed). Moved massive quantities of military hardware and foreign troops under cover of constant military exercises. It resembles buildup to Iraq war, only in this case they will probably try to repeat “6 day war” scenario and 50 years of black budget laundering follow up. Notice Israel/Palestine issues no longer an issue as if it’s somehow resembles make believe whack-a-mole type communicating vessels. So boratlandia recently opened embassy and a year later started very massive campaign in the media blaming Lithuania and Lithuanians for holocaust, not to mention they started doing holocaust pride parades, forcing local schools and children to participate in their orwellian events, etc. It’s strange thing since such word didn’t even exist in Soviet history books, not to mention that it goes against that Rest In Peace clause. It was explained in more inclusive manner. Very disrespectful towards dead – they treat them like zombies and ride them like donkeys. At the same time they revealed inside joke that comes with this nasty trick where they can use local population nationalism and Machiavellism to signal and communicate between them anything in the open, just like magic. So called jewish community (who really pocketed the money?) started arranging compensations for the nationalized real estate right away after break up of Soviet Union. They were paid and such scam wasn’t supposed to happen anywhere. Nowadays the israel ambassador comes to our little town and starts explaining how he has some magic Orwellian history records about jews owning 40 prime real estate objects before war even though it was German land for ages, until some weird gang of dozen “Lithuanians” came and annexed it back in 1918. Another interesting troops on the ground evidence is that they secured multi-million Euro funding from Lithuanian budget and started paramilitary nationwide emergency volunteer force modelled after United Hatzalah. I guess it comes in very handy when arranging those death squad suicide psyops, meshing exercises and real life scenarios, not to mention the media articles about Israeli special forces living in Lithuania and waiting for signals to attack Hamas (maybe in internal Mossad or CIA documents Lithuania goes by the name of “Hamas Stronghold” for money funneling, laundering or other purposes?). Lithuanian military started creating psyop batallions in 2008 and by the year 2013 they had 3 of them. Similar story with cimic and humint areas. Of course it shouldn’t be looked at as presented – more like something about Iraq and creating and training national Iraqi military and transferring capabilities to home bred and grown “locals”. If talking about psyop one can’t forget that one factoid about Breivik from Norway who came to Lithuania in person to open bank account in Lithuanian bank Snoras. Bank folded right after Breivik’s terror acts. BTW word “snoras” means falling icicles/snow or avalanche in swedish language. Lots of those boratlandia operatives (should be looked at as biological weapons – they can kill any human with bare hands) here have established martial arts clubs. Of course you shouldn’t make mistake and not look at this as something impossible to look at without transcending it – you can’t grab water without freezing it especially if that water being water that is being used to water-board you. Of course you have to know what you’re doing – you might end up as frozen block of ice yourself. There are unlimited amounts of money stashed all over the world and millions of Alibabas running the world laundering it under various covers. Think of UAE – it’s another CIA “multicultural” base where almost every one of 10 million residents is expat, but using slightly different religion as cover. I just barely touched the geopolitical issues and internal issues that are very obvious for native Lithuanian – in any case they really had to thin out Lithuanian “human terrain” for this operation, at the same time they revealed something about linguistic aspect of this operation. It could be two options – Lithuanian language also used to serve as some sort of internal communication language in CIA or some sort of CIA’s offshoot rogue group aka AL-qaeda; second option is that they have linguistic capabilities that nobody even dreamed of. I think similar operations are ongoing elsewhere. Official statistics and media keep trumping about shrinking Lithuanian population (usually they blame immigration), but reality is entirely different unless they are doing updates about progress of warfare operations by using “us” vs “our” encryption. Lets take my district as example: in Soviet times the population was 40K. During the independence they split the district in two administrative districts and one has  population of45K and another 15K. Lets take another CIA scam called Red Cross and their local chapter where they distribute food packages to the needy (Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived ). Each time they do this they have all these photo-ops in the local media and they claim they serve from about 6K to 10K of local people. If you calculate the total weight of the whole shipment that needs to be transported, stored and distributed it adds up to 40-60 tons while in reality they have this little closet space with a few shifty eyed “volunteers” doing photo-ops. Some of them that were captured standing in line I see shopping in local supermarket for food – they do not speak lithuanian language, dressing very sharp (not deprived at all) and using store gift cards as cash. If you use just a bit of math how much time they would need to serve each and everyone of those people it right away blows into your face one more time.

Take one minute and watch this video about this CIA tool describing the way she is working towards some sort of final solution for Europeans:

In another post Robbs further expands on coercion and targeting and homemade microwave weapons. It is  as he could always offer plausible deniability saying he is just envisioning possible scenarios on being ready against future of terrorism, but there is no sign he would rather prefer current way of life over this ugly paranoid future where people are being cooked alive by microwaves and it’s hard to tell if his ideas are based on practice/experience. On the contrary he calls current way of life as “failed state of affairs” and appears to imply that his vision is a solution. He doesn’t expand why it will be so dangerous outside the cities and communities. He stresses about bailing out of collective system, but the only way to be safe in his future is to be part of collective system (resilient community). Will there be zombie armies roaming the countryside? Is this future based on prison gang mentality, where inmate is forced to join the gang for protection.

Another unrelated, but interesting factoid – John Robb also claims that he was running company that was the originator of RSS. So he probably knew Aaron Swartz who allegedly committed suicide. Aaron confirms in his blog that John Robb was CEO of Userland software at the time and he was reading and commenting about AAron’s blog.

I don’t know how much of that is true, but if it is – it shows enormous power in the hands of people like that to influence and shape society and future as we know it.

World recognized technology analyst. John led the move to cover Internet technologies at Forrester Research in 1995. His research provided many of the company’s top ideas and his service generated $5 m in revenue during his first year. Every Internet company that launched during those early years met with John.

From his interview on techcrunch (probably most revealing sound-bite about psychopaths with unlimited funds gloating about being free to roam the world unchallenged):

Systems disruption is how individuals and small groups can topple critical networks with very small attacks. These attacks are so successful–I have plenty of examples–they can generate returns on investment over one million to one! This area of my work has lots of fans in US special operations, the CIA, the NSA, guerrilla groups around the world.

Just to recap a bit. This is the first instance of coming up of someone who is advocating organized harassment. His proposed targets are rich/powerful people (just like himself), but how often do rich and powerful get gangstalked, where stalking is solely for disruption. I guess for them it might be form of amusement if someone tries to play this game – having information superiority the only outcome for adversary is something along the lines the goat climbing the steep mountain and eagle watching him ready to push him off the cliff at any moment. So I’m sitting here dumbfounded. Maybe I completely misunderstood something, but why isn’t this guy being housed in Guantanamo? Maybe that Guantanamo place is something entirely different – not a prison, but safehouse for extracted CIA black ops operatives or some sort of black budget medical experimentation laboratory?

Now you have to try deciphering some aspects of his brave presentation layer of courage. Start by listening to him speak. Notice rainbow lisp? So you have to start peeling all that family man, wife, daughter, etc as pride parade crafted as artificial intelligence community camouflage.  It doesn’t really matter if those other people serve following tar budget orders as Mr & Mrs Smith type arrangement or they are trapped and being utilized as goats for staring and riding, they are live shields. He is a fraud. Maybe his wife demands to be called caitlyn. “Robb” is fake surname and fake identity. Doesn’t mean he can’t back it up or compensate with something that is unobvious. What i’m hinting about is the public knowledge about computers should be treated on the par with stone age technology in comparison to what is being used to implement it.

Another thing to keep in mind that cyber/crypto currency eg bitcoin and similar should also be considered as part of this operation. It’s hard to tell what exactly it represents, but most likely it should be looked at like casino gambling tokens (of course they do represent real money as long as casino says so). It’s hard to speculate how and if the process of “mining” might be connected to financial and banking system – maybe it’s used to tie lose ends – transferring funds into new system. Alchemy for obfuscating and neutralizing breadcrumbs leading to this rainbow butt pirate island with so called toxic and distressed assets, various just-ice programs such as asset forfeiture, etc.. So in tradition with brave new world lulzboats and high quality entertainment at your expense word “mining” is being used as taking over something. You know what is yours becomes “mine”. In such case it’s military encryption for activity of pirates/vikings/numbered ocean heists/etc..  Think of it as financial landfill used to hide lose ends and wash blood from the hands. You have to keep in mind that this brave war of theirs generates enormous loads of second hand clothes, appliances, real estate, used cars, inventory, etc. Imagine those photograph of piles of clothes and  jewelry in nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz. Now think of just this particular one logistic center for that CIA organization called “HUMANA people to people” that they built in Lithuania (don’t forget to check their new digs in Mexico – it’s as if Dr. Evil commissioned designers from Scientology department). They process 60 semi-trailer truck loads of used clothes every week. I assume these clothes are brought from abroad. It operates under some enhanced secrecy – at the grand opening the journalists weren’t allowed to take photos inside. There are many such “vintage” logistic/processing centers in Lithuania. Lithuania is also major hub for used cars that serves markets as far away as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.. If you walk down the street in any Lithuanian city – it’s filled with stores that sell used clothes and merchandise. These TV shows (aka Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Baggage Hunters, etc) about bidding on unpaid storage lockers should also be considered as military psychological operation that is designed to misdirect from what is really going on. Microsoft, Ebay should also be looked as possible tool of this war that was designed with this operation in mind, especially considering Microsoft/Ebay founder’s background and their activities after the exit.

There was the story on the day of 9/11 where some people were caught dancing and celebrating the attack. Of course the public wasn’t allowed to see or examine any real evidence from this incident, considering the reports that they were taking jubilant selfies with burning wtc in background. Don’t make mistake to believe that these people are jewish or israelis or mossad or even that such event ever took place. Think of prequel of Borat who can be all he can be in the army of one. Those moving companies can serve as temporary storage and logistic in brave war like this. Think of that hostile brave war like operation depicting “moving company” in that movie “breakdown” from 1997. Of course thats boots on the ground part. Whole thing is managed with implemented social mechanism that is watched very closely – troopers do not have lots of freedom to operate except follow orders.

DIA_Clandestine_Service_posterYou can’t assume anything but military deception in those DIA’s clandestine service promotional posters that were released with very strange slogans “you could be anybody anywhere” and “you speak the language and live the culture” that kind of hints at “gift of tongues” and shape-shifting superpower capabilities. Nobody recruits spies with posters. It was a psyop. Of course there is no smoke without fire, unless we are talking about something unknown, secretive, hostile, deceptive, etc… In that case it could be anything and should be treated as such – someone who is blowing smoke into everyone eyes, of course the fire could be under that cultural melting pot designed to cook you alive where you in grateful dead fashion acquired the kettle from your own savings, chopped the wood from your own backyard, hauled water yourself and jumped in just like in waterpark ride expecting something wonderful to happen.


John Robb
John Robb
John Robb
John Robb
John Robb
John Robb


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JOURNAL: More Thoughts on Coercing Organizational Hierarchies

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4 thoughts on “Case study: This guy

  1. The problem with this is the darknet WANTS you to study clumsy and expendable actions performed by unwitting, coerced,contracted, or paid participants who may by the lower parts of the hierarchy pyramid, they want the person to at LEAST notice their street theater.

    Dangerous giving untrustworthy individuals weapons, intelligence, and technologies, those who haven’t even formally pledged to protect and serve.

    The question is, who’s studying who?

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