Subtleties of acoustic harassment and Audacity

If you are harassed acoustically one thing that you want to do is try document it for proof that you’re not crazy. Not exactly for outside world, but for own self – thats how strong is the illusion and the reality of torture. So the line between sane and insane is being blurred to the point of target succumbing and collapsing into it as modern man is not equipped to deal with any of this. Just like a kitty is not equipped to deal with beer cans tied to it’s tail. The only possible routes are esoteric or psychiatric – which are not self exclusionary as they both serve as part of security fabric of the state and should be used only for entertainment purposes with “don’t ask don’t tell” type approach in case target is pushed into it. It’s probably the only thing that target has to hang onto when confronted with undue influence. You shouldn’t divulge any of your methods or ideas to even most closest person you’ve got on this earth – as they will be used to destroy you, before you can complete the puzzle that appears to be unsolvable so far (just like three card monte or cups and balls con). If I appear to be contradicting myself since I’m “divulging” something in this blog – you’re mistaken. Problem is that most of the targets are not technologically savvy, or at least do not even know where to begin looking for help or solutions. I’m not talking about solutions here – it’s about deciphering some aspects of the harassment that are not obvious to average person. There are many many types of microphones, but for what is worth you might already have some tools to begin with. If you own a fairly new computer with a decent multimedia soundcard you can try to make a recording with your laptop. It doesn’t really matter how you acquire the recording: dictaphone, contact microphone, directional shotgun microphone, laptop microphone, lapel pin mic, etc. You also want to get decent pair of headphones that do a good job reproducing lower frequencies.

You will have a sound file that you want to “examine”. Notice i put quote marks around word examine? Mostly it’s due to “yanni or laurel” type conundrum hinting about mighty mighty “sonic” weapons or whatever they are. It echoes illiterate brexit shakespeare question of “To be or not to be?”. More recent load of rainbow slime: “Nurture or Nature?” or more eye opening brainteaser for children: “A and B were sitting on the pipe – A fell down, B disappeared; whats left on the pipe?”. So it’s not so much about your beautiful mind being useless, it’s about dangers of it being used as binary tool against you turning you into a tool in a grateful dead manner. There is a great tool that is free and open source – available for windows, linux and mac: audacity. Audacity can be used to make a recording, to edit it and to listen to the recording. Some things I recorded with my laptop microphone it’s easier to explain as paranormal than harassment, where speech of two or more people were recorded as loud as if the person were in the same room, but strangely enough I heard nothing while it was recording, but object of their conversation was related to the situation. They weren’t trying to create effect of “hearing voices” since conversation was candid, so obviously their equipment was not working as it should and if it did work as expected it means they were trying to create effect I can’t explain. For what we know it could be something like this:

“essentially, with a few tools, you can transmit your voice, play an annoying tone, or even blast your own music through their speakers—even if their speakers are turned off.” (

So any speaker in your apartment becomes harassment device and each of us have plenty of them: ipods, tv’s, radios, cellphones, laptops, stereos, clocks, toys, appliances like washers, microwaves, dryers, stove etc…

In my case I discovered that there are multi-layered type of noise harassment: constant and persistent projection of derogatory words along with my name embedded into almost undetectable environment sound. I speculate that it would be detectable by a person that is hyper-aroused and hyper vigilant (as I was at the some point of campaign). It was almost unbearable for me and would drive anyone crazy. I no longer can hear it in the environment, but if I listen through the recording it’s easy to detect. If I enhance current audio recording with audacity effect filters and do some tinkering It’s should be quite obvious even for non-sensitized ear.  This hum is projected for most part 24/7. Keep in mind that I’m fully aware of EVP and even though I might be mistaken in some cases I believe for most part I’m correct, not to mention I have a evidence of people making such recording 16 months ago. Only now I’m connecting the dots.

Another interesting thing that I noticed is pairing of two stimuli’s: loud bangs together with derogatory or threatening sound bites and names. In essence you hear a bang, but bang also contains threatening word[s]. So bang serves three purposes: it gets your attention, it masks the message (you can’t decipher it simply by listening at that time), it delivers the message subconsciously, not to mention thought stopping and disruption effects. By recently listening earlier recordings (from a year ago) I noticed the pairing when it was performed by some kids on the street. The banging wasn’t so prominent mostly as attention grabbing and derogatory message followed. Another thing about such bangs is that it’s very easy to perform targeting anywhere without any high tech stuff – TI can be walking on the street and stalker can bang on the fence few times to disturb you even without message making you wonder if it’s natural occurrence or incident of harassment. Of course word “disturb” is something that I used in the mildest sense imaginable in comparison to what person really goes through.

Another thing that I noticed by listening recordings from last year is the way of creation of illusion that everyone is talking about you. My windows are next to sidewalk and if someone was passing by and they are talking between themselves they’d inject some comment into my environment as if people talking about me. I noticed that when kid voice was manning the mic and two grannies were passing by and he injected comment that was suppose to startle me, but his voice didn’t really fit in with their voices. Another thing to keep in mind that if I say kid voice it doesn’t mean it’s a kid who is speaking: voice can be masked and transformed very easily.

By trial and error and pure accident I discovered some interesting things. For one I no longer believe they are using through wall radar as some very specific comments clearly point to hidden cameras, but that again is just pure speculation.

A few pointers about audacity. Selecting portion of audio and pressing CTR-B will create a label that you can name and easily find later. High and low pass filters are very handy narrowing voice frequencies. Noise filter is very useful too.


One thought on “Subtleties of acoustic harassment and Audacity

  1. I found your blog through my facebook friend, i am glad i did. It has been two and a half years since major attack. I have been learning the technology by surfing the web. You explain so clearly and most of symptoms are same as i experienced. i am still having v2k 24/7 and i want to record it but i did not know how… english is my second language, i will try to understand what you said about how to record it. thank you for your information.

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