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It’s most likely going to be my last post. I figured a lot, but it also cost me everything in the end. Was it worth it paying your life for learning the reason for it? I was an idiot for getting myself into some business where I shouldn’t be. At last I learned so much and gained peace of mind. My intuition helped me throughout the ordeal the most, also not fixating on certainty and not making conclusions along the way. Everything is bullshit, but everything is important at the same time. What happened in the very end was surreal and extremely bizarre experience. I can’t even begin to describe what is out there, even people who are targeted will have very hard time understanding it if I told the story and I don’t have enough time. Stage before the last one was most bizarre experience of my life hands down.  I can just tell one thing It would for certain debilitate any target, sooner or later.

Reflecting on my blog – quite a bit of content on my blog is the truth, but some of it is probably bullshit. One more thing – term “weapons of mass destruction” should also be considered as NSA linguistic construct to describe and encrypt organized stalking where individual is destroyed by masses. Something like that “Log Cabin Republicans” marketing term – it screams HQ of NSA/CIA (place where surveillance logs are processed, collected, analyzed etc). At the same time in tradition with double plus good times WMD can also describe a weapon that destroys human body weight (mass). Think of the fake scaremongering diseases like cancer/HIV and “abolishment” of death penalty as initiatives that were being used as cover for such scam (weapon). Scam that probably rivals another ongoing scam – global warming. From the looks of the Steve Jobs demise he probably  got attacked by weapon of mass destruction. Penn Jillette seems to be under attack. Of course that part also encompasses all those diets and psychiatric traps related to weight loss, healthy eating, organic food, etc. Another option is that WMD can have religious connotations, but it’s hard to say if it’s some secret weapon by those pervertariat NAMBLA card carrying men in black (very interesting story, not to mention that Yokubaitis is lithuanian sounding surname) who hold masses on Sundays or weapon to attack those who hold masses on Sundays or whatever day those masses are held. So it is hard to tell how “Mass Media” is incorporated into this fair of balanced carnival food diet of let them eat yellow cake shaped like loaf of bread and circuses, but you don’t have to be “operation paperclip” rocket scientist to see that it is rotten to the core. Oh and don’t forget that carefully constructed phrase out of GWB mouth “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” – it should be taken more literally. You will not be given time to figure out who is this entity “us” and even if you do figure something you will not be given chance to join “us”. How can you join or be part of something that doesn’t exist or exist only in your imagination – you’re just a potentially dangerous and disposable nut who doesn’t know how things work in real life. Not that any sane and free person would want to be a tool to be used in the hands of others. In caste system you have to be born into it. In mafia (pervertariat) caste system you can be made into it. But it’s probably just a myth. Same as military caste system that is camouflaged as ranks. Nobody really advances in ranks. At the same time in this age of globalization you have to keep in mind that there is only one military in the world (example – they shifted majority of the military industrial complex into private enterprises and contractors so they can share and supply themselves secret military technology worldwide more efficiently) and all those country labels on embassies and consulates doesn’t really mean anything – they are all staffed by that special CIA/UN caste that is above the law. And that caste is being multiplied by algorithm resembling geometric progression – every time they divide or split some country or territory into new entity they establish right away whole new apparatus and staff them with people who have immunity from the law, the practice with embassies seems to be divorced from common sense considering all available advances in telecommunications one of them being full scale holograms. Ambassadors used to be very special people, the position established in the times of uncertainty when no telephones or faxes existed. Their word had as much weight as the king’s.  Think about EU countries having embassies in each other countries. Oxymoron-ism on steroids. Same goes for business and world leader travel and meetings, which hasn’t been really reduced at all. So thats seems to be the direction the world is going – serfdom, slavery, etc..

So whole modern history of the past few centuries (maybe all history) should be looked at as something made up to advance some sort of Dr Evil agenda. Complete and utter fraud. In 21st century science, medicine, education has been taken away from people and replaced with con artists, snake oil peddlers, money laundering circuses, degenerate pervertariat attractions and freak shows that is pumped into everyone through MS Windows to your soul. Study history very carefully especially knowing that it has been written by operation paperclip guys, where League of Nations, UN, EU served as cover to coordinate activities. If talking about history one has to realize that Soviet Union collapse shouldn’t be considered the year of 1991 nor 1985 (perestroika), but the year of 1977 when they passed the third constitution and established new class of people (intelligentsia) and started implementing their own version of “British” invasion. Was that constitution by any chance grown in Khrushchev corn field? Don’t worry about repeating anything, worry about that chain on your neck and the chain of command for yanking it. The most obvious thing to start is to dig around that CIA homo Obongos birth certificate and annul all that degenerate change and hope that CIA gestapo continued implementing after that Jeff Gannon lover. Bush, Trump, Sanders, Clintons and any other “doctor” peddling snake oil froth or pride parade from their mouth for the ailing patient – don’t doubt for a second that Lewinsky scandal wasn’t a wag the dog operation to misdirect from his own homosexuality or pedophilia scandal. Gennifer Flowers wag the dog operation was probably concocted to divert attention from very messy Franklin Affair and something resembling homosexual pedophilia prostitution ring in the highest levels of government. Don’t forget that top US politicians and officials quite a few times were photographed sporting strange bruises and black eyes. Notice how neocons shapeshifted and rebranded themselves for Obamas presidency PNAC -> CNAS. Another interesting thing about CIA gestapo linguistics and semantics is the notion that world is bad and needs to be changed and they are some sort of holy prophets, enlightened gurus and saviors that need blank check to work their magic with secret tools, secret operatives and secret operations. Don’t get your hopes up about those dischargers or masked inquisition clowns – they are all part of the dream team gooba-gobble show. Worry about the leaks that pervertariat kept to themselves and at this point in information society one should assume that all those classified secrets are magically synced through rainbows in the clouds over that stonewall – real encryption is something entirely different and all those leaks are just worthless clouds of ink that octopus had to “leak” to get away. One has to look at modern politics and lawmakers as one would look at WWE. It’s not for entertainment purposes if house always wins, unless it’s purpose has been rewired with a goal to entertain the enemy at your expense. So yes – ketchup is not a vegetable no matter what that CIA homo said and at the same time deficits and debts do matter. He and the rest of CIA homos probably studied in that Stalin think tank where they have to learn one and only rule: “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem”, not to mention that it also echoes concepts of that banking system concocted by psychopaths of the land where their hands get red vivisecting little boys private parts. If you think it can’t happen to your kids – it’s wishful thinking for example the overwhelmingly majority catholic country of Philippines has military squads that goes through schools and circumcises boys right in the classrooms while on paper it’s presented as medical mission “charity” sponsored by such CIA rainbow organizations like rotory international or as it rather should be called international organized crime syndicate where it’s just one of the systems in the system of systems and participating CIA wolves in sheep clothing aka Christian missionaries (same case with cover any other faith flavor, charities or NGO’s – there are no charities in the world except Kevorkian inspired grateful deathwish clockwork bloodorange concentrated juice futures trading places machines) and apparently employing some mind control weapons against little children, not to mention bringing heavy weaponry to help market unmarketable. Of course labeling and labels is something that exist only for making a fool of yourself or someone else so be careful of reusing anything you find anywhere. So think that word “medical” might also be a dual use technology tar budgets lulzboat indicating activity of our thing performed by our troops from “medici”.  After huge recent influx of Borats into Lithuania they hurriedly passed the law prohibiting female circumcision as if it’s related to refugees, but in reality trying squirt existing laws about protection, mistreatment and mutilation of children or humans all together by using divide and conquer approach. Circumcision is not religious ritual – it’s more like a branding of the herd procedure that is related to very sickening issues.  So how about that debt, NASA?

So in that sense you have to look a bit differently at the past, the present and the future. Think of the 21st century situation as if WWI didn’t end, it’s still ongoing. WWII didn’t happen. Hitler/Stalin didn’t exists. Borats are not lying about surviving the holocaust and that 6 million figure is not about them, but about them having to endure the hardship doing the work of killing 6 million of you, only that number is probably about killing 6 million per month or per week or something and we are not talking about birth control. Such numbers are meaningless in the human world where human life is priceless. So that is the key to the matrix. It’s just bullshit narratives, that serves as encryption allowing to obfuscate real carnage. Of course such “amusement” rides are engineered in such ways that you’re the one who is left with red hands. You should think that holocaust only began with the end of WWII, where those WWII concentration camps served as some sort of dry run proving ground testing and calibrating social weapons of mass destruction where they end up introduced to new generation as a game of survivor and musical chairs by using newly rebranded instruments of league of nations. I’m speculating about UN. They look like do nothing machine shaped as windmill. It’s a military decoy. Both sides of cold war were just two butt cheeks for turning located on the same phantom of the opera. So current fake “tensions” between US/UK/Russia is just squeaking noise generated by spinning red, white and blue axis of Dr Evil rainbow kaleidoscope where they are utilizing mighty pig pens, but lubricating them with sand from dried out riverbeds of second hand rivers for not entering. If you’re still alive you’re also holocaust survivor, only in light of don’t ask don’t tell 9/11 pervertariat rainbowlution it should be called as rainbowcaust. They are patriots who fight for your right to rest in pieces and use patting to build stonewalls of windmills equipped with blades shaped like swastikas for you to riot. The only question for how long are you alive for? Remember how they used to ask rhetorical question about going back in time and killing hitler/stalin/etc other mad boys of rainbows? That question is about mighty pig pens of the house that never loses churning orwelled victorious history for never ending pride parades… They are very attractive and very inclusive – you’re expected to be part of it. It’s about righteousness. So if they start paying attention to you they can make hitler out of you, so you can indulge in act of heroism saving humanity from yourself. Thats the doublethink idea behind targeting by using suicide squads, suicide girls, just ice justice, suicide prevention, hunger games, etc.. Notice the word “hunger” contains word “hung” and word “game” has multiple meanings – it’s also about objects of the hunt. So if you’re told not to hate the players, but hate the game – it’s another brexit humor joke. It’s one and the same – the player and the game. So in this case word is powerful psychiatric warfare instrument for divide and conquer. So if you’re hating you’re shooting yourself in the foot. If you’re loving it – it’s the same – your foot end up being trumped. It’s about that stalin doctrine – no man no suicide problem. Who knows maybe it’s some sort of h1b-ollywood non state actor jackass joker playing tricks wearing high quality silicone latex or even flesh body suit bad grandpa in little britain usa. Think of aristocrats joke… In other words it’s just diversionary activity by using “cult of personality” instruments from toolbox of diversity weapons of soot souls from tar budgets. Think of modern situation where massive cult of personality military theater  by using non state actors is being performed in any so called free and open democratic society. In globalized world you’re the north korea… Demilitarization zone is oxymoron. So killing hitler is like trying to chip teeny tiny tip of the rainbow iceberg the size of unthinkable while not being nowhere near the iceberg even though you’re sitting on it. So you’re not even making a dent, unless we count all those black eyes, cuts and bruises on your bodies. It’s about encryption. So keep in mind that you can’t judge or make judgments by using artifacts or facts – for example if you try to arrive to some conclusion by examining brexit empire traffic system and analyzing motion only in one way streets – you will make fatal mistake assuming that it’s just like us, while in reality they celebrate opposite days. Wikipedia, wikileaks, etc is cooked fact books of artificial intelligence agency such as CIA/UN/etc… All those alphaBET no soup for you letter combinations means nothing except sign of activity by rainbow al-qaeda. There is not a single intelligence agency in the world since there is no legit or legitimate authority, entities, states, countries, organizations, etc left. What we have is intricate artificial intelligence algorithms allowing soot souls of tar budgets to operate various open sesame broke back mountains. So UN is just one of such butt pirate caves. Same story with US, UK, Russian, Indian, China, etc military or merchant navies – in reality it’s joint (united pervertariat) operation of seaorg only divided into factions of various degrees and angles of convenience for conquering those respective targets. Same story with literacy system of borats that is using some sort of uncomfortable mirroring encryption. If you examine each individual letter – it looks similar, but as conventional approach without a cypher key it’s illiteracy. You’re not exactly sharpest tool in a toolbox if you’re coming to a movie theater and sitting down facing the silver screen with your back in order to catch in the act rainbow boys who squeal “wolf” in crowded movie theater  – you already appear as madmen, you will look like odd man out not to mention missing all the action on the screen probably by this time showing documentary footage revealing all the tricks and intricacies of magic and live news report about crowded movie theater filled with retards having to endure rainbow boys entertaining themselves by shrieking something about wolves. So the joke is on you the retard is you  paving highway to hell even though your intentions might be good. The iceberg is smart enough to generate directed acoustic noise to create impression that you shot your own foot very convincingly with splattered blood and all other 666 yards. There is no point in trying to understand anything for dishing blame or serving dishes of justice or revenge. It’s a trap towards a path where you’re under assumption that it’s possible to remedy situation by reversing something subsequently falling into the same back to the future hole.

why don’t you take a seat right over there? …


3 thoughts on “last post

  1. It is very upsetting to read this. I’m so sorry for whatever you are going through. I hope that you will continue to blog if only to let us know that you are okay. You don’t have to say anything that puts you in greater danger. Know that some of us really care about you. Can we help in any way? It is not idiocy to want to know why one is being tortured or even just to want to find a way to make it stop. That is basic human nature.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog.You’ve supplied some excellent information that can be used by others to forge forward in this Brave New World. I do wish you would continue…..just for the sake of knowing you’re still out there. Please, let us know once in a while. The Truth shall prevail.

  3. Like Sierra I am deeply saddened to read your possible last post and particularly its content which is almost cryptic and scary. If you are still able I am sure the whole of the TI community – disparate and desperate as we all are would want to know what you have uncovered. M

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