One of the most common human failings is to examine a complex phenomenon from only one perspective and claim to make definitive conclusions based on that limited perspective. (Benjamin I. Higginbotham)

Maybe the title of the blog is not entirely accurate since the object of interest is so slippery, but approach itself might give some insight to others targeted or not.

According to wikipedia “Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object, or system through analysis of its structure, function, and operation”.

The process is ongoing so you shouldn’t look at it as answers to questions, but reference points and insights for further research. A lot of times it’s just intuition. If you are an expert in any of the mentioned discipline it would be especially helpful if you chipped in with a comment or two.

This blog is not intended as a critique of police, social order, authority, etc, but rather observational view without a goal to arrive to some conclusion. It’s not about rejecting the status quo, but understanding it.

Approach itself should resemble consilience: when multiple sources of evidence are in agreement, the conclusion can be very strong even when none of the individual sources of evidence are very strong on their own.

I’m from Lithuania, EU. English is not my native language.

Many of the posts on this blog were edited throughout the years for example fixing broken links or adding new information. So if some post says “Posted on

If you leave comment on any page of the blog they don’t show to the public unless approved. So if you want to write me a message you can post a comment below.


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