Theremin method Theremin is obscure musical instrument from early 1920’s that plays “music” without contact, based on electromagnetic waves (aka predecessor to modern motion detector). It was up to most interest to secret agencies spawning super secret spy methods and devices (like laser microphones, infamous US embassy in Moscow bugging, etc). I guess it’s most obvious choice as there is no operator needed – as Ron Popeil used to say – “Set it and forget it”. So person who is sentenced to death becomes his own executioner, conducting and directing the capital punishment. Modern society is wired in such way that man is unable to process such infinite loop his brain is forced to process and has to self destruct by some other method. If you ask me “who are these sick people?” – I guess kids who tie empty soda cans to cat tail, but once they grow up they become behavioral “health” (those fake social gestapo science balloons can be punctured with “don’t judge” clause needle – this pyramid is built by using behavioral science as foundation by utilizing dumb monkey teams camouflaged as wise monkeys mafia algorithm) scientists and illiterate, but with IQ of Einstein in emotional intelligence of psychopathy and get million dollar laboratories to keep on refining such methods on animals and people.

Now think how some folks in military treat the sense of hearing as senseless area to be exploited by dual use technology:

Audition is the act of hearing a sound in response to acoustic waves or mechanical vibrations acting on a body. Sound also may result from direct electrical stimulation of the nervous system. The physical stimuli that are, or may become, the sources of sound are called auditory stimuli.

Now you have to understand we are talking effects that are beyond believing even with seeing, hands on labs, experiencing, etc. It is territory of salem witch trials, magic scattered castles or kingdoms, houses of lords of the rings and harry potter brexit empire information operation. So at this point we know that it’s impossible to even know if effects described are real or just another misdirection decoy or decoy of a decoy crafted by mighty pig pens. Science as we know it is encrypted, out of your reach and dead. It’s that time when cuckoos nest strikes midnight and we are left with brexiting alibabas, cinderellas, borats, pumpkins, rats, gypsies, tramps and thieves, etc ready to finishing whatever the solutions to any problem has been started turning it into  come-for-table numb “democratic” pogroms, holocausts, genocides.. You’re one of the inhabitants of the planet of the apes. Sucker (mammal) that get born very often. In other words they are treating humans as electromagnetic systems who is interconnected and belongs to other systems with intricate clockwork orange colored schematics that they cracked, since they can operate them like zombies by using non all kinds of your non resistance options and levers. Biorobot of some sorts. So it’s another narrative for “rise of machines” where machine is you, so called battle for hearts and minds – the soul. Similar narrative is SETI where they were “looking” for intelligent life in space occupied by you eg waste of space. It also doubles as survival strategy hoping that such implementation of the sword for coming will be left behind. You know – forgiveness due to being ignorant tools that do not understand what they are doing with those orders that they are following. Tell us what are zombies good for? swarming into africanized killer seabee formations to perform in-formation operations? Problem is that in this version of apocalypse the zombies are smarter than the hands they target, hunt and feed on. So if ongoing doctrine is about “you’re with us or against us”, but nobody is with us it means you are on the wrong side. Keep in mind no child left behind. No one left behind including you. Sure another narrative is rapture and raising the dead eg this little venture of CIA homo from america on (firing) line called “rise of the rest” meaning rise of those who are resting in peace or in pieces. So there are plenty of other concurrent narratives in play and while they are “interesting” they are still baits for beautiful minds.

Moisture detectors Tramex_RWS_Roof_and_wall_scanner_2-700x700Considering that human body is mostly water – moisture detectors that are marketed for locating leaks and wet spots in the walls, ceilings, flooring, roofing could be used for this purpose. I guess some expert modification to tweak signal strength is required.for example: tramex roof and wall scanner
Metal detectors Could metal detectors be used to find gold metal through walls (wedding bands, jewelry, gold teeth, etc)? What about titanium, silver, mercury, cobalt, nickel, palladium, etc metals that are used in dentistry? Metal detectors are advanced electronics and can detect gold buried very deep. I wonder how many of the people in former soviet union that die with gold teeth have them with them when are buried (gold was used very widely in restorative dentistry in USSR).
Wireless RF Network 3dfloorplan-tmdXandem (US). Uses a network of radio frequency (RF) transceivers as a sensor in a home to track a person’s location and detect movement. Method implemented and commercially available as security product branded/called Xandem’s Tomographic Motion Detection. I guess with sufficient number of sensors it would be possible to track hundreds of people living in a big apartment building or even population of whole city from one location simultaneously (simple geometry – no miracles). I guess first suspect to start looking at would be utility companies – modern meters  (gas, electricity, water) can be read remotely. They are no soprano types anymore, never were. Maybe there is something little extra that we’re getting with conveniences of modern age? Even if it’s true – don’t start tearing out your meters – it will not help one bit – it will just make a sea above your head one drop drier. PDF: xandem government funding program. One has to keep in mind that it also resembles IOT (internet of things) which can also serve as cover up / creation of scapegoat for existing surveillance network.

satellite dishes that do not look up into the skyAnother strange thing about Lithuania is that if you walk down any street you would see quite a few of satellite dishes on residential buildings, but almost all of them do not look up the sky. Most of them have lots of receiving heads on them (3-4). They are almost always directed parallel to the earth surface. Of course it might be something as simple as classified military or intelligence sigint implementation as part of embedded irregular warfare forces (don’t think that it’s not something not encrypted in layer of deception where they might be selling hacked satellite feeds for pennies on the dollar), but hey even internet protocol in encrypted in 7 layers of b.s. Keep in mind that house in the photo is located in the center of the capital of Lithuania – there are plenty of telecommunication companies offering much cheaper and more reliable cable services.

Ultrasound I guess it could be acquired from unregulated medical sources. If you think about it psychiatrists experimented with humans in most evil ways imaginable: lobotomy, electroshock therapy, etc.. Jaycor (usa) jaycor tws ultrasonic people monitor 3Ultrasonic through wall people monitor developed jaycor tws ultrasonic people monitor 2by Jaycor (pdf local copy) back in the early 2000s (currently owned by L-3 same company that manufactures emmdar or range-r). jaycor tws ultrasonic people monitor 1It creates very convincing impression that it’s very simple to create such device.
Pest inspection devices Consider Termatrac T3i which manufacturer describes as a cross between a Ground Penetrating Radar and a Tracking Radar. Termatrac Termite Detection Radar emits a microwave signal specially calibrated to detect termites. The emitted and received signals are processed to yield certain details about the nature of the signal disturbance; hence the Termite Detection Radar has been tuned to the movement of termite shaped objects.If it’s only matter of “tuning” and “tweaking” – how about tracking precise shape of your nose, tooth filling, heart or skull? So keep in mind high quality entertainment narratives by those always brexiting numbered citizen – what if military grade encryption is about encrypting you as pest subject for extermination – simply for being a nuisance for some pride parader.
Home assembled from UWB prototyping / designer kits Screenshot from 2015-02-17 18:39:16If a price of through wall motion radar prototype was less than $20 from off the shelf electronic parts back in the 1993 – it’s probably cheaper now. Examples (for some reason they charge thousands – probably software is expensive):

uwb stud finders 81kXpiJrCfL._SL1200_ 41dJiClO0gL Considering that FCC had to make special waver for such device to be allowed into civilian marketplace it’s no wonder it’s on suspect list. Another speculation: by allowing prohibited frequencies FCC opened Pandora box for electromagnetic weapons to be used in urban/civilian areas. Coincidentally Satellite radio got their frequencies and launched off the ground in parallel manner just like UWB technology. I guess by that time FCC was already compromised. Who can afford to pay $500-20000 for a stud finder? So far there are few of them:

  • Bosch D-Tect150 D-Tect Wallscanner
  • Hilti detectors costing up to $20000
  • Milwaukee M12™ wall scanner
UWB Mine Detectors minehound600They explain them with all kinds of confusing hi-tec names: fusion of metal detector, uwb (ultra wide band) radar and gpr (ground penetrating radar). Hopefully it doesn’t cost for military like those $1000 toilet lids. The one in photo (minehound) is made in Taiwan by Dafar inc.


tele behavioral health

tele pain

tele insomnia

tele group counceling

digital health

digital wellness

If you read wikipedia info about this new “advancement” in healthcare you’ll understand how it might fit with “gangstalking” phenomena. It seems that world is moving towards elimination of jobs where is requirement for comprehension, by converting them into just button pushing positions. It’s scary that doctor will become just a word, like everything else they are trying to kill. Anything that moves is object of interest to generate profit in most devious ways. If nothing wrong – there are myriads of made up neurological, behavioral and psychiatric symptoms to be explored by some personalizable algorithm.

For example this invention by these MIT “scientists” that claims ability to continuously monitor a person without need to wear any sensors:



You have to understand that even in simple cases like psychological counseling services as used by US government and military (eg purchased care network) the potential for fraud and abuse is astonishing as the whole thing can be just a troll by Miss Cleo type psychic or 900 sex chat hotline operators, to even more devious “eliza” like chat bots utilizing latests advances in AI. So in this case it shouldn’t be considered an abuse, but a hostile attack from inside as no real psychologist would even consider counseling over the skype. Of course those 900 hotlines were already part of irregular warfare operations on US soil (think of movie “punch drunk love” how it revealed just a tiny glimpse into such attack where only extremely unorthodox behavior by someone borderline mentally psychotic due to family abuse saved him from these psychopaths for the time being). So in the end such doublespeak expressions like “making a sustainable impact on people’s health” could also be encrypted activity of suicide squads implementing dr kevorkian  grateful dead final solutions.

 “scientists”  Of course in this day n’age such words as “science”, “scientists”, “researcher” or any “project” should be looked from very different perspective. Mostly from perspective that involves money laundering and black budgets and whatever carriage you think might come together with that trojan horse. Who do you think riding in that carriage? Men in black (budgets) shouting black (budget) lives matter in those (pride) parades floats? Think of this google project that involves partnership with the BluFlux – company dealing with all kinds of through wall radars and imaging.   Consider their home page description of their capabilities. It doesn’t mention any law enforcement or government or military – it suggests that it’s a commercial endeavor. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t most of the counties in USA are run like corporations.

For example I see lots of mentioning new labels containing prefix “neuro – …” describing various fields of psychiatry or medicine. It seems that this has been some sort of linguistic conquering related to eugenics or classified black budgets trying to go “open source” in open society setting. I was very interested in psychology, psychiatry, new age, etc back in the days and I don’t recall any such labels used in any of the material that i read.

Evil Doctors of Special Operations (death squads)  Let me quote few sentences from “Journal of Special Operations Medicine” (archive local copy) printed in 2001.

How about an infrared device that weighs 4 ounces, and can detect a heartbeat from 100 meters away, through a wall? How about a button-sized low frequency emitter that when interrogated returns a signal in the white noise spectrum? The development of these devices is near term. How many medics or commanders could use this device to determine if and when a medic needs to subject himself to that withering hail of gunfire. How about the same application in combat search and rescue (CSAR)? Do not confuse these devices with personnel status monitors or constant vital signs transmitters. These are special purpose devices that should be employed as they are designed, to detect life and to assist the medic in ascertaining the status of the casualty.

Notice through wall capability doesn’t make sense since it’s infrared. So it’s some sort of uber alles rainbow newspeak doublespeak of courage trapped in wrong bodies..

 offender tracking technologies  Now we are venturing into the territory of MAGA aka make america great (britain penal colony never) again (once again). Entire world is under attack. Reading into MARKET SURVEY OF LOCATION – BASED OFFENDER TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES provides some interesting facts and insights for example in the 1987 there were less than 1000 offenders with ankle bracelets, in the 1998 there were almost 100k neighborhoods converted into prisons, 2009 there were more than 200k global positioning satellite (GPS) and radio frequency (RF) monitoring devices in use across the United States and the State court system. Thats quite an infrastructure. They even have periodical publication dedicated to this pressing issue: “Journal of Offender Monitoring“. But don’t be so fast trying to attack such windmills. Everything serves as decoy and bait due to you being late to the party, CIA lemon party gestapo that is. So it’s that equality regime where war equals peace, freedom fries rapidly into the free range modern slavery, ignorance equals strength, etc.. So i’m mentioning this only from military deception and military encryption viewpoint. If your country is occupied by hostile power using Machiavellian strategy – the locals and natives are offenders whos goodness is judged by using the formulas about those hunting good testaments of those grateful dead native americans to absorb their assets by using some sort of salvaging army. So in a no country for old men of brave new world the no child left behind americans are native americans. Born again native americans are probably are those landed gentry h1b’s from brexit empire who can adopt the “indian” label and wear it on the sleeve with a glee on the face. It is a lulzboat piracy. Same story with any other country on the face of this planet.
 anti-, UN-, direction of brexit traffic, quantum physics of swastika worshipers, etc.. I’m just trying to point towards idea of something that is very unobvious. So with this strange concept of “information superiority” the CIA lemon party gestapo installing equality regime where war equals peace, freedom equals slavery – the surveillance might be implemented by using “opposite day” rules and regulations. Of course with such speculations we are breaching territory of “faith based initiatives” of brexiting harry potters, witches of eastwick, voodoo, spanish inquisition, salem witch trials, face the book of who’s naughty and who’s nice and this bizarre concept of “all seeing eye”. So it’s not the target who is under surveillance, but the entire environment. In other words if you’re not under surveillance you’re odd man out, who is sooner or later will end up with self inflicted grateful dead offer they can’t refuse to make fatal mistake in hunger games of non violent conductivity and resistance being propped and charged for the fall from the imaginary “ladder” fashioned like a plank they are forced to be climbing. So surveillance doubles as perimeter security – the bucks stops near your waste of space. Any visible observable instrumentation and technical implementation related to surveillance would serve as decoy and dual use technology for tying hands and lips. At the same time for “have not” targets of such equality – the environment and society becomes hell, where they are transformed into machines subjected to game of survivor by constantly teaching themselves a lesson to be not voted out of the closet they already out trying to adapt and never succeeding. Everywhere they would look will be traps, tricks and treats, baits, rainbow colored poison pills of deadly psychiatric symptoms. Think for starters about some red flags eg IPv6 protocol that apparently has enough IP numbers to be assigned not only for every atom in our solar system, but for every individual atom of almost entire known universe consisting of gazillion galaxies. So with IPv6 protocol they are signaling that they ready to move/change the earth trying to fulfill dreams of Archimedes about long levers and distant place to stand on.  So if they say “unamerican” maybe they are riding lulzboats about americans who are pro UN. If they talk about something “uncomfortable” – it means something that provides comfort for UN. Unfaithful someone who believes in UN. So prefix “un-” serves as encrypted synonym for “anti-“.



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