See Through Wall radar imaging Technology

Here I’ll put all through wall human sensing, localization, tracking and surveillance technologies that are in commercial product stage (for acoustic through wall surveillance go here ). Not prototypes, not patents, no university or academic research. Products that are available only (allegedly) to law enforcement, military and first responders. In wrong hands its a perfect technology to create psychiatric symptoms in anyone.

Recent article (jan 2015) in USA Today creates impression that this technology has been around for about couple of years, which is not correct as almost all devices listed here are around 5-10-15 or even 25 years old. Even 40 years ago they were already experimenting with radars on babies as described in “Contactless respiration monitoring of infants” where they describe battery powered radar along with other methods. Another paper published back in 1978 called “Time-Domain Electromagnetics and Its Applications” (local copy) provides even more insight how much they understood about applicability of such technology – it reads just like modern literature of UWB technology, albeit back then it was referred as Time-Domain Electromagnetics and radar was called baseband radar. What is strange that there haven’t been any credible public demonstration of any such devices, no witness accounts, manuals, no bragging after successful swat/hostage rescue operation, etc. Not even after bin laden raid did they ever mentioned such technology – why? It’s not used by swat teams. Check video of recent 2016 Mexican military elite special forces swat team raid on so called drug kingpin El Chapo. No through wall radar in sight. SWAT team very edgy and jumpy every step of the way while sweeping the building. Maybe the sweeping was just acting? You know like those military psyops that serve as opportunity for fragging activity by trojan horse stable cuckoos nest offspring.

So far these handheld through wall radars are nothing just a bunch of hot air. Theoretically it might be useful for three letter operatives that move in into the area after death squads leave – those kind of missions where it’s critical that no survivors or witnesses are left behind. Might come in handy for those who handle classified intelligence about hidden caches – their work is like never ending easter egg hunt. For what it is it could be part of global psyop to create misdirection from what something secret really is and what is really capable of. So even this example would be just another cognitive decoy as demonstrated in this pentagon PDF : covertly 100 meters from the building or even on global scale through Satellite/GPS/GSM/RF/earth magnetic field/etc technology:

Screenshot 2015-07-14 07:01:19


Or something like this (darpa):


Above picture is identical and depicting LEIDOS “Integrated Building Interior Surveillance System” (IBISS). As you can see there is some sort of illumination signal from above. Keep in mind that satellite radio (also should be treated as military decoy, where king of all borat, alibaba, gypsies, tramps and thieves brexit empire media has his rainbow gender bending hand and Mr hand in it) got their frequencies about the same time as UWB technology was being introduced into the marketplace. Those on the ground somehow are able to utilize this signal to their own advantage (maybe they just get info beamed to them from above as well?). You have to treat this entire through the wall sensing as pure military deception and look at it as if they are just revealing something to cover up something – something along the idea of ufo’s concocted to created to divert perception from drone technology that tar budget scumbags were probably actively developing or refining in the privacy of stonewalls and stonewalling so they can pride parade rainbow tails, manure stained hooves and nambla horns. Notice all those multi rotor copters can perform all those impossible feats that would easily be attributed to flying saucers. Nobody could even suspect anything about existence of quadrocopters even 20 years ago. Nowadays they are available to public in all miniature shapes and sizes in any supermarket. Of course that brings us to energy issues… So for time being one has to assume that we are experiencing a balanced fair of alibaba fairy tales flying carpets history repeating. Another option is that history is not repeating and we are not entering same river twice – we are just riding rails of some sort of blueprint. So even bible should be treated as product of mighty pig pens that are so mighty that all your nuclear tipped swords exploding at once is just distant fart in the wind..

Ultimately nobody would sell such technology if it existed, they would only provide it to their own bred operatives. And even if it was sold to someone it would be provided as bluebeard secret room “dual use technology” – like a box of razors to the infant. Money and price doesn’t really matter.

Brand / Product manufacturers original Description if available
MIR (USA) stealthmir_long_logo

Micropower Impulse Radar (MIR)developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in 1993. Ironically MIR means “peace” or “world” in russian language. Probably just coincidence. Licensing wasn’t cheap – $100K, but just a pocket lint for someone who understands what is going on. The hardware itself costs nothing – $20 with off the shelf parts. Don’t be fooled by this non-assuming little box – it spawned myriad of applications:

  • MIR Motion Sensor
  • Range Gated Field Disturbance Sensor
  • MIR Hidden Object Locator (studfinder)
  • RF Fluid Level Switch
  • Micropower RF Receiver
  • Time-of-Flight Radio Location System
  • Cardiovascular Monitor
  • Microradar Rangefinder
  • Micropower Impulse Radar Imager
  • Electronic Trip Wire
  • Modular Rangefinder
  • Multichannel MIR Motion Sensor
  • Micropower RF Receiver
  • MIR Strip Proximity Sensor (Smart Wire)
  • Microradar Microphone

This description is from their 1995 website (

Soon after McEwan’s breakthrough in 1993, it became evident that such radars had the possibility of impacting an extremely wide range of applications. Since then, nearly 30 patents have been filed, hundreds of commercial applications have been identified, and MIR technology has become LLNL’s biggest technology transfer activity.

Licenses with industry have been signed in the areas of automobile back-up systems and in hand-held tools for finding studs and other objects behind walls. Many other diverse applications are under investigation, including fluid level sensing (electronic dipsticks), heart monitoring for medical applications, security systems, detection of breathing through walls or rubble (e.g., finding survivors of earthquakes), monitoring of infants for the possible prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), underground and through-wall imaging, and many others.

Probably the main unique feature of this radar is the cost. The current version uses off-the-shelf electronic components so that a standard MIR board can be assembled with less than $20 of parts. Future development plans include reducing the MIR components to multi-chip modules or ASIC’s as the demand increases and it becomes economically feasible.

What makes the MIR so useful for security applications is its range gating capability. Imagine that each radio pulse is a large wave traveling across a lake. The wave bounces off an island and comes back to you. The amount of time it takes the wave to return depends on the distance to the island. By setting the radar’s “gate,” or echo acceptance range, to open only at the right time to receive echoes from a certain distance, it can ignore all other echoes. Range gating can therefore be used to set up an invisible security bubble around the radar. In a burglar alarm, for instance, the range might be set at 20 feet. The radar then detects only objects that modulate the reflected signal at this distance. It detects motion by repeatedly checking the echo pattern to see whether it changes over time; a change means the bubble has been penetrated by a moving object. This eliminates triggering on stationary background objects or “clutter.”

MIR website PDF’s from (local copy):

MIR home page

MIR overview

MIR Licensing info

MIR government info

What is interesting that already in 2004 they could detect a gun through a wall and have pretty good visual of human body:

Engineering Division Detection for Ultra Wideband Radar Arrays
Engineering Division
Detection for Ultra Wideband Radar Arrays
LLNL Homeland Secuirty Organization
through wall imaging 2004 person holding a gun

article from 1994 LA times

extremely interesting article from 1988 that puts things in perspective about those “einsteins”

ERKOS (previously sold by and (Italy although money comes from big guys) erkos radar

ERKOS Environmental Radar for a Knowing Observation and Surveillance ERKOS is the SELEX Sistemi Integrati innovative solution for emergency and life-threatening situations. The new hand-held system provides immediate detection of humans behind concrete walls and their continuous tracking, as well as building layout and life signs detection.Life Signs Detection This function allows to detect life signs, like heartbeat and/or breathing in a through-the-wall context, in particular revealing motionless people in real-time. The detection of still people is performed by illuminating the investigated area with electromagnetic signals and exploiting the phase-modulation induced from the breastbone movement. This feature allows to locate people under ruins in case of landslides, earthquakes and other disasters. Advanced Tracking The system allows to locate and track humans inside the area of interest, both in free space and in a through-the-wall condition, with an improved resolution with respect to Global Positioning System based devices. Tracking is carried out by means of a two steps algorithm. The first step provides the spatial map of targets position while the latter uses this map to perform tracking. The processing is able to remove the presence of spurious objects that could be wrongly identified as persons.

PKI 7405 (germany) PKI radar

This device is a small handheld system for the detection and localization of human beings or animals being suspected in inaccessible rooms. The typical application is during anti-terrorist interventions and disasters like earthquakes, demolitions, etc. Its high sensitivity even assures reliable detection of objects hidden behind solid structures like walls, wreckage, etc. According to the micro-movements performed by their life functions the system detects and localizes them. In common use, the PKI 7405 can be deployed vertically for forward observing or horizontally for up- and down scanning. The easiest way of operation is just to place the device on the wall or any other solid object. Another possibility is to mount the system on a tripod and to observe the obstacle from a distance of up to 10 m. An optional LAN remote control allows the operator to survey the scene from a safe distance, which is especially useful during long term operation. PKI 7405 has two basic modes, one for fast moving and one for non- or slow moving objects. The fast moving mode has a better tracking accuracy whilst the slow moving mode is more suitable to detect objects which are not moving.

EMMDAR and RANGE-R® by Cyterra (USA) emmdarranger-30br-nocoin-450pxdscf3044_11362594looks fake

My comment about range-r radar – in all published photos the thing looks less credible than something purchased from TOYS’R’US. Looks like a prop. The screen looks like piece of paper printed with inkjet printer and glued on.

Today’s soldiers are faced with asymmetric warfare tactics that require more sophisticated means to locate and engage enemy combatants. As the battlefield spreads to urban areas, soldiers must increase their situation awareness to protect themselves from ambushes, suicide bombers and other potential threats. EMMDAR provides the modern soldier with the operational advantage of increased preparedness when entering buildings that have potential hostile enemies, thus ensuring elevated mission success rates and the ability to save lives.L-3’s EMMDAR is a lightweight handheld radar system designed to detect people through walls. In seconds, EMMDAR informs the user of the presence of moving or near-stationary personnel and the distance, or range, to the person.EMMDAR is type classified by the US Army as AN/PPS-26 and is a controlled item under the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR). EMMDAR may be exported with the proper authorization by the U.S. Department of State.RANGE-R® is a highly sensitive handheld radar system designed to detect and measure the distance to moving and near-stationary personnel through walls constructed of common building materials. Designed to increase situation awareness in urban environments for its users, RANGE-R provides vital intelligence necessary to safely undertake a variety of law enforcement and search and rescue operations.RANGE-R applications include:

  • Police / SWAT — Determine the presence and location of assailants or hostages in a building
  • Search & Rescue — Locate injured people inside buildings
  • Firefighters — Quickly determine whether people are trapped in a building

L-3’s patented stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) radar technology and proprietary target detection algorithms enable RANGE-R to operate as a highly sensitive Doppler motion detector. Advanced packaging design results in the smallest, lightest through wall sensor available today.

With near immediate analysis and results in seconds, RANGE-R provides first responders with critical information that may make the difference between life and death.

ASTIR (US) Akela

AKELA, through sponsorship by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), has developed a high performance, portable, see-through-the-wall imaging system. The system provides the ability to detect and track the presence of both moving and stationary individuals within a building structure.Unlike some through-the-wall systems that must be placed in direct contact or in close proximity to a wall, AKELA’s system provides for a standoff distance up to 30 meters. This helps to keep the personnel operating the system out of harm’s way. It also provides a wider viewing angle, allowing for detections within multi-level structures from a single position.The provided software allows full control of system operation, signal processing, and graphic display. A display of detection results appears within a few seconds of start-up. The system provides the ability not only to detect an individual person, but also to determine his approximate location in both range and azimuth without the need to relocate the system.

ACU-CPR4 (Acustek)Resucesafe appears to be clones ACU-CPR4 / CPR3 another clone by cinside rescuesafe cpr4cpr4 wall radar case

Only 700g in size of 12*20*3cm, ergonomic designed, required of minimum training and with backlight for dark usage. Tested in different field scenario

have shown it is the best choice for break operation. Enables to see through to a human in a 70°sector 3-5m behind a 20cm concrete wall, 10m behind an interior wall and 25m without any obstacles.Sensitivity of detection can be easily increased or decreased as needed. Movements such as fans and machinery are filtered out and not detected. Up to 7 through wall radars can be remotely monitored from a PC, PDA or IPAD. Wireless connectivity means it can monitored and controlled from one remote windows computer.
XAVER by Camero-Tech(Israel)

The Xaver™ family of through wall imaging systems

all three camero systems side by side
all three camero systems side by side

Company owned by Samy Katsav Group (SK Holdings) – defense, shipbuilding and real estate related companies controlled by Samy Katsav. Which in turn closely related to Baran Group (at least it has website) – they have joint real estate venture called NES PAN doing shady real estate business all over the world. Please don’t startle ADL – I doubt they are jewish (none of them have any allegiance to any nation or country) even though they might be speaking the language, sing the anthems the loudest, self proclaimed history experts (or sources of all experts) and dance national dances in most extravagant manner.

Designed to provide an optimal solution for a variety of different military and law enforcement applications.The Xaver™ systems have been designed in close cooperation with the user community to provide a reliable and tactical situational awareness solution for urban environments. The innovative technology developed by Camero provides operators with an unprecedented operational advantage.The XAVER Net PDA supports viewing and control of multiple XAVER systems with an intuitive interface. This capability adds a new dimension of situational awareness to the operator by providing through-wall detection and imaging information from multiple XAVER systems at a remote distance.Design by confirmed here

Xaver 100

100cXaver 100 on Wallxaver 100d

Building on its successful legacy of through-wall RF imaging products, Camero is in the advanced development stages of an innovative presence of life detector – the Xaver™ 100. The Xaver™ 100 stems from the core radar- based imaging technology used in our Xaver™ line of through wall imaging products. The X100 uses micro-power, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), pulsed radar to penetrate standard building materials and alert the user to the presence of life on the other side of the wall. Developed with the specific needs of tactical operators in mind, the Xaver™ 100 provides instant critical situational awareness and target acquisition data.

The Xaver™ 400

cameroxaver400_2_10688588 400c cameroxaver400_10688587 xaver400_10049352 IMG_1612dsc-1783_11362593 dscf4047_11362595 dscf4057_11362596 IMG_161314cd5b1445fb346e5fe51610394d94673IMG_1155Xaver 400 on wall

allows for quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers, enabling tactical teams to step into the known and obtain mission-critical information.
The Xaver™ 400 is a compact, lightweight and durable personal device, optimized for the speed of tactical entries. The Xaver™ 400 gives special ops and rescue forces critical information in real-time about the number of people and their location behind a wall.

The Xaver™ 800

Xaver%20800%20on%20Wall 800 camero DSCN5613xaver-800Xaver_2 Xaver_3

portable, high performance imaging system, optimized for gathering instant and accurate real-time information from behind solid walls or barriers. The Xaver™ 800 is unique in providing for the first time a true 3D imaging of objects behind walls. The Xaver™ 800’s superior object resolution allows quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers, and tracking of their movement patterns to support differentiation between victims and hostiles.

Prism 200 (UK) prism_fieldcambridge consultants 2003

  • Prism 200 is easy to use, quick to respond, and fast to load
  • With the press of a button, operators can switch between front, plan or profile views for a complete picture and can also observe the scenario in a 3D view
  • Advanced signal processing highlights moving people and objects in complex environments
  • Its ergonomics allow the operative to use it one-handed or two-handed

Covert intelligence

Prism 200 has been designed for dangerous and life-threatening situations, where without invasive sensors it presents reliable information to the user. Using highly sophisticated software, the unit can analyze radar signals and instantly filter out objects that are not moving behind a wall or door. This means that Prism 200 can be used in a range of different environments – even offices with their angular surfaces and metal objects, which act as a ‘hall of mirrors’ to standard radar equipment. This level of analysis means that users do not waste their valuable time in translating spurious data; they can focus their attention on what is most important – the people inside.

Long term through wall surveillance video

ReTWis /Retia (Czech republic previous website and DF108 (appears to be chinese clone)


580930 ReTWis_human_radar_detection_system_behind_brick_walls_and_rubble_Czech_Defense_Industry_Security_Technology_003 ReTWis_human_radar_detection_system_behind_brick_walls_and_rubble_Czech_Defense_Industry_Security_Technology_001retwisA worker tests the RETIA Through-Wall imaging system (ReTWis) at a plant in Pardubice, Czech Republic, November 25, 2015. According to a press release, the ReTWis is a portable radar that can detect and display the exact position of living beings from behind walls or under rubble, as well as track their movements in real time and even capture micro-movements such as breathing. (Photo by David W. Cerny/Reuters)947

ReTWis is a through-wall radar system capable of detecting, locating, and real-time tracking of living human targets concealed behind solid barriers. ReTWis is a truly portable device; it weighs 7 kg, including its battery, which provides sufficient power for an endurance of 9 hours. ReTWis can be used for a variety of different purposes and in as many ways; whenever you need to know whether there are living humans on the other side of the solid barrier and what their current location is.

ReTWis is an invaluable tool in every case where having visibility is essential. ReTWis can see through most common wall materials enabling its users to view living beings at a range of up to 20 meters. ReTWis is the tool which can help you to have a quick evaluation of room activity and it can also be used as a decision-maker tool.

new version released 2015: 20151117_13124420151117_131237

press release (archive)

TiaLinx (USA) (web archive for more info) tialinx eagletialinx_5p

Lots of advanced through wall sensing products and least information available. Eagle5-P, Eagle5-N, Eagle45-W, Cougar10-L, and Phoenix50-H systems just to mention a few. U.S. based TiaLinx Inc. has developed a system, also utilizing a low-power UWB design. Actually, TiaLinx’ Eagle 5 family of radars can be used as ‘dual-use systems’ – for spotting and tracking targets behind walls, but due to its high sensitivity, the sensor can also detecting living people trapped under rubble, by spotting their breathing movements. The system can also detect underground cavities associated with weapon’s caches and IED emplacements inside walls.The imager ‘illuminates’ the target area with rapid, wide-band high frequency (nano sec.)
pulses that penetrate glass, wood, concrete, dry wall and bricks. The pulses echoed from underground objects and ‘anomalies’ are processes to create a two-dimensional image of the target. The radar can detect objects buried 30 ft deep into the ground or covered by 20 cm concrete slabs.TiaLinx offers two versions of the Eagle 5 – the Eagle 5P hand held RF imager for culvert and tunnel detection, and -5B model, designed for the detection of underground buried motion. Other models developed by the company are designed as hand held sensors, utilizing a helmet mounted display.

radarvision 2000 soldiervision 2000 (USA) B70o3q2CAAAMAUJ.jpg:largePO0503trexpo-2-1radarvision2 Bill Graham, Time Domain  Bill Graham shows Evans, Powell, Adelstein, and Gallagher Time Domain's UWB Through Wall Imaging System

Mentioned on the web as early as 2000. Appears to be novelty products manufactured by company armor holdings. (previously Huntsville, Ala.-based Time Domain Corp.) that used to be available more than 10 years ago. Current website has no standalone package available. Presentation from field testing (local copy). Video. Article from 2003. It is interesting since it was available in Lithuania (sold by UAB Arveka). Wireless Innovations Technology Showcase – May 12, 2003

Wesley Clark joined the board of the company in 2002.


Brand / Product manufacturers original Description
Sentry Probe (archived website) sentry probesentry probe

As of Feb 2015 inventor started kickstarter campaign so anyone with $150 can get their hands on “personal security device” aka through wall radar. Problem is that signal could be spoofed and radar itself used to drive the user crazy. So here goes “only for law enforcement” story.

SENTRY PROBE technology is retrofitted into a DeWALT flashlight to provide a rugged enclosure and recharging system, to survive rough handling for long life. Seen on the top is a Sonalert beeper which enunciates detected movement. Movement generates very distinctive sound which is automatically interpreted as movement easily heard even in noisy situations. The unit is battery operated, operating reliably for many hours without a recharge. It may be hand-held, placed on the ground, mounted on a pole for scanning high places or extended into places that are hazardous, mounted on a robot, or may be mounted on a dish for distant probing and penetrating substantial buildings and multiple walls even through foliage.SENTRY PROBE uses microwave Doppler RADAR. A computer running RADAR PC may be used optionally connected to the external connector. It is a stand-alone electronic device to detect motion through most doors, walls, and foliage both in direct contact with the surface of interest or at a distance. This detection is reported as a sound that allows the users to instantly know if any movement occurs in the field of the Illuminator.One important feature, the user is alerted instantly to any movement without watching or seeing the area of interest. The movement is turned into sound so the user does not have to watch a tiring video screen or peer through binoculars in surveillance situations. The sound may be easily adjusted to continuously report movement with extreme sensitivity or be silent and only make sound when there is movement, as an alarm would, and may silently trigger cameras for recording movement in sensitive areas.If your job requires you to breach doors to apprehend suspects or process a warrant, knowing if there is any movement behind a door, wall, or foliage may be of interest. If you need to detect movement in sensitive areas or through entry points SENTRY PROBE can warn you if there is any movement.Tactical Teams can use SENTRY PROBE to prevent dangerous surprises in sensitive situations. Barricade and Hostage situations may be managed to provide the Tactical Team real-time awareness of the movement of perpetrators and occupants inside the building of interest. SENTRY PROBE allows the user to reliably characterize the movement out of sight providing additional situational awareness unobtainable in any other wayInventor CV

Lexid Lobster Eye

  1. 2005
  2. 2012

LEXID® is a single sided X-ray detection and imaging system that provides through-the-wall acquisition and focusing of Compton backscattered photons of hidden objects, contraband, explosive devices, weapons or people. Physical Optics plans to have LEXID on the market as early as 2008, and it won’t be available to just Homeland Security. At a projected price of well less than $10,000 per scanner, the field is open for all sorts of uses. House inspectors, exterminators and construction workers could see exactly what’s inside the walls and foundation of a house. Archaeologists could save themselves weeks of trying to get inside a delicate structure only to find that it does not, in fact, hold the secret to the fall of Rome. SWAT teams could see exactly what they’re dealing with before they run into a building. Lower-power, higher-efficiency X-ray technology could mean that radiology departments can get rid of the lead blankets.Nothing about it is on website. Maybe it got canceled or was it classified?sources: 1 2 3

Through Wall Scope (japan) through wall scope

Youtube presentation. Detection errors caused by multi-path propagation can be reduces dramatically compared with conventional mono-pulse detection system by introducing newly developed UWB scanning system, IAA.
This system, IAA, provides smart and compact electronic scanning UWB radars.
High speed scanning becomes possible using this system and it can be expected that real-time target detection will be realized.
We succeeded in developing the very first through-wall radar in the world.
It can be applicable to radar systems for security, anti-terrorism and disaster, which are used in security companies, police and defense agency, and local governments.

picor bio (russia) Scout-3M-1_bckgr1 picor bio scout through wall radarpicor bio russian uwb radar

Through-Wall Imaging device for opaque environments monitoring PicoR-Bio is designed to detect people over optically opaque obstacles (walls and floors of buildings, including concrete slabs, unlit rooms, piles of building materials, damaged structures and rock avalanches, etc.), both moving and stationary (movement and breathing visualization). The device allows the operator to see people in the room “through walls” to determine the distance to them in real time,also the operator can see whether they are moving or not.This device is connected to a PC (for OS Windows) via USB. PC operator using SKI-Bio software cancontrol sensor values and see real-time objects detection on a radargram. Software also allows you to record any signal for further analysis.The device has a stealth and safest course of action. It can not be detected by radioscanners because power radiated by the device in a wide frequency range is extremely small. During scanning the device does not interfere with other radio equipment and is immune to interference itself.PicoR-Bio can be operated against the wall or from a distance.

SWAT TMP-Vision by (website disabled) direct link to radar was No copy available. Google cache copy here. What got archived on
swat vision

“No-knocks”, hostage rescue, barricaded gunmen, reconnaissance and surveillance ops all pose high risk. Swat TMP-Vision helps manage that risk by “seeing” through walls to detect the presence of motion and display valuable information on an easily understood, wireless user device.Swat TMP-Vision helps operators constantly monitor and evaluate a situation, accumulate new intelligence and prepare possible scenarios designed to save lives.The Swat TMP-Vision can detect and track motion through thick concrete, cinderblock, brick and other building materials. TMP-Vision will detect motion through up to 12 inches (30 cm) of solid concrete and even through meters of building rubble.

HD-FKCT-034 (china)

through wall radar china HD-FKCT

HD-FKCT-034 Through-wall UWB Radar Detector is widely used in various fields:Law enforcement,City street battle,Fire rescue,Earthquake Relief Work

Motion Detector thru Wall – ISS (UAE) (previously sold by no archive available) ISS thru wall radar Motion Detector

Specifications A Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW), 94 GHz imaging radar, with 3D imaging A Pulse Burst Doppler radar, specifically tuned to low “biological” rates, 3D imaging at 94 GHz A 30 to 100? Terahertz 2-D imaging sensor, allowing passive imaging through clothing and lighter obstructions MEMS 6 DOF accelerometers fused with the RADAR image to remove RADAR motion during imaging Click on the image to enlarge We are developing a compact, completely portable, multiple imaging modes, motion compensated, self contained, low cost handheld Thru Wall Detection and Imaging Radar providing the operator with real-time data graphing and analysis capability.

LifeLocator lifelocator radarGSSI1-65

Search and rescue missions are extremely difficult to perform successfully. Limited resources, harsh weather conditions and
severely damaged infrastructure are often obstacles in SAR missions. The LifeLocator® system uses ultra wideband (UWB) radar technology to improve the odds of recovering living victims of avalanches, flash floods, earthquakes, building collapses and other man-made disasters. (article about them (archive))

It appears this company is subsidiary of OYO Group from Japan. Maybe the other way around. It is mentioned in OYO 2005 annual report. They also briefly had company called with a few additional products: ultrasensor and microdetector. Both of those UWB through wall radars to detect human motion could be buried underground or installed in the walls of the buildings, etc. Microdetector is something similar to that of Xamdem.

UltraVision Brochure

QN-Radar (China) through wall radar QN-Radar

3D Through-Wall Radar
Barrier Types: Clay Brick, Concrete Blocks, 9″ Reinforced Concrete, Wood, Mud, Stone and Plaster
– Frequency: 500MHz – 1GHZ
– Display: 10″ TFT, 2D Plan
– Detection Ranges: 15m ± .3m (29ft ± 1ft)

biken radars (china) biken through wall police radar biken through wall police radar

Various through wall and life sign detector radars for police and first responders

SVL-III (china) svl III through wall radar

Wall radar is a lightweight, durable and highly sophisticated equipment, designed specifically for public security, armed police, national security and special forces. Comprehensive coverage of ultra-wideband signals penetrate the door, hollow bricks, clay brick, concrete and other common wall, the wall space and rapid estimation of the situation room, get hidden unknown human and precise location information of moving objects . Monitoring in the building: detection, groups position; prolonged surveillance, need to decide when to enter; target hidden vivo. Under unclear circumstances, the wall quickly detect dangerous Clear. Search and Rescue: collapsed buildings, fire or smoke place; life detection. Customs inspection: search for illegal immigrants hidden in a wooden container; wooden container quickly check whether vivo activity.

cats eye through wall radar

Another radar offered on same website- cats eye.

STORM (USA) storm wall radar handheld portable

STORM Portable Units (Handheld, Manpack, Portable)VAWD Sense Thru Obstacles Remote Monitoring (STORM) Systems VAWD STORM System Capability All weather sense through obstruction life form detection sensor Detect, track, discriminate human and other life form targets hidden within building structure or deep inside foliage areas at long standoff range Platform: Handheld, Portable or Vehicle mount Standoff Range (SR): up to 50m for handhelds and greater than 100m for vehicle mount Moving or stationary life form detector Ground penetration, buried object detector and imaging VAWD STORM System Technologies High dimensional Radar Architecture Multi-Filters Biometric Classification Multi-spectral Line Radar Receiver Life form Spectrum Feature Extraction Techniques

ids corporation  (ingegneria dei sistemi) (hq in Italy) IDS (ingegneria dei sistemi) through wall radar IDS (ingegneria dei sistemi) through wall radar IDS (ingegneria dei sistemi) through wall radartwr

Judging from pictures it looks like ERKOS clone. Above pictures are from their powerpoint presentation of conference about ground based radars in New Zealand in May of 2016 organized by another shady dr evil NGO network called International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) – they are in charge of some aspects of this real world genocidal monopoly game. Notice the radar itself is not a photo.

By simply placing the through-wall radar against a wall, the device will detect the location and movement of people that are inside the room. With a 3D graphical interface, and a range of 20 meters, this easy to use device can be used to help save lives. Targeted at military or special forces that encounter high risk and hostile situations – the knowledge provided by the through-wall radar can help them accurately judge what’s going on inside a closed building. By knowing where their enemies are hiding, they will be able to avoid walking into any ambushes and they can look for unguarded entry points into a building.

product brochure

tonron (china) (previously sold by no archive version available) tonron through wall radar

Through wall detection radar adopts the advanced UWB technology and can pierce the normal wood wall, cob wall brick wall, concrete wall and glass etc to detect the location and shape of movable target inside the building which can he used in the domain such as antiterrorism, street battle or succor etc. This radar is possessed of good penetrability for wall and ground and features higher range resolution and precision target 3D imaging prop ertv which can be used in real-time detecting movable target behind the wall and displaying the target on the screen, and also has the wireless transmission function: the radar real-time condition can be known via remote computer. The design of small size and portability is adopted by this radar.

Cambrate P100 (UK) cambrate 100 p100

Cambrate P100 through-wall radar is a high-tech surveillance equipment which adopts ultra-wideband radar technology, specially designed for police, military and other special fields. Cambrate P100 analyses the time-domain doppler echo produced by human motion to determine whether the person in the building is living and get the person’s specific location information,at the same time Cambrate P100 takes advantage of the ultra-wideband electromagnetic pulse signal’s strong penetrating for obstructions(e.g wall) , combines with professional radar signal processing algorithms, and realizes the rapid positioning function for the person hiding in the building, to help combat personnel to seize the best opportunity for combating, and reduce the blindness of the action and the risk of casualties. The entire device is small size, light weight, easy operation and precise positioning. In addition, the device is designed in accordance with IP67 ,and meet the harsh operational environment requirements.

Melss (india) MELSS manufactures / support high technology electronic systems – Through Wall Radar. No information about it on their website – year 2011-2012? maybe earlier (removed now – no archived version available). It’s only mentioned in their corporate catalogue (local copy)

GnwARKZ afkpveL

Article from march 2016 about India’s defence lab having developed through wall radar

NSS610 (USA) (previously listed on now listed as ND-SV001 on NSS610 3d through wall radar

Appears to be clone of Xaver 800, even though left side buttons are different.The NSS610 is unique in providing for the first time a true 3D imaging of objects behind walls. The NSS610’s superior object resolution allows quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers, and tracking of their movement patterns to support differentiation between victims and hostiles. Simple to operate, the NSS610 delivers mission-critical information when and where it is needed, providing unprecedented situational awareness. The result is a high-end system that primarily suits urban Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, providing exceptional object resolution and image clarity.

newer models:

ND-SV003 See Through Wall Radar System

TNO (Netherlands) TNO through the wall radar

Dutch product. Not advertised. Picture from 2005 exhibition at NATO headquarters in Brussels On TNO website there are multiple PDF’s about research of through wall technology, but nothing about the product itself. There is archive version of TNO website available with description of the radar – archive (2007).

Gradient QD M1 S1 (germany)  Gradient-QD through wall sensing radar Gradient M1a through wall radar

GRADIENT QD is a portable high performance quick deployment sensor optimized for gathering information about living persons from behind solid walls. The system hardware including Flat Panel Phased Array Antenna is assembled in a Pelikan case.GRADIENT M1 Modular Persons Location

Gradient M1 is a high performance modular system, comprising a Base Station and several external Radio Frequency Heads operating on mid-UHF and High-UHF frequencies. The system features a longer operating range, better clutter suppression and range discrimination.

GRADIENT S1 is a stand-alone sensor designed for sectoral surveillance. The radar sensor is fully self-contained and works without any cable connections with external world. This adds to the system performance in a critical situation. The radar hardware including battery and remote control unit is assembled within antenna radome.

Also mentioned 2 legacy systems called Sirius compact and Sirius-1 Forward Looking Vital Signs Sensor

DSO (Singapore) (removed no archive version – link goes to 2006 press release description) singapoure dso radar

Through-Wall Motion Detector. Passive through wall radar.

Through-the-wall passive radar for target detection and imaging is a novel radar technique which has applications for law enforcement and military use. These applications include the potential to conduct surveillance through walls and the ability to detect the presence of living people behind doors or other barriers. The motivation behind this research work is to assess the feasibility and suitability of using passive signals that penetrate walls as the transmission of opportunity in the through-the-wall motion detection and imaging passive radar system.

DSO National Laboratories, the Army and the Defence Science & Technology Agency jointly developed the Through-Wall Motion Detection (TWMD) Radar that has the ability to “see through walls”, and can detect and track multiple moving objects behind a wall.

There is an increasing demand for through-wall surveillance operations that can support a broad range of time-critical situations, including national security and military operations.

With the TWMD, it can transmit ultra wideband electro-magnetic energy to penetrate through a wall to locate objects and sense their movements.

TWMD has the potential to support applications in counter terrorism and search and rescue operations in collapsed buildings. The system is portable.


Brand / Product manufacturers original Description
Данник-5 (dannik 5) Russia (original page removed from website although radar mentioned here ( It also here ( Данник-5 dannik 5dannik through wall radardannik 5

From pictures it appears there are two versions of uwb radar.

This radar is also being “offered” in Britain only marketed as “WG 5 Radar Detection Thru-Wall System” by company that describes itself as: Westminster International Ltd. is a broadly based, British security organisation operating worldwide through strategically located international offices, agents and partner companies in over 50 countries. We are a wholly owned division of the Westminster Group Plc which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and chaired by Lt. Col. Sir Malcolm Ross GCVO, OBE, a former member of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. The Company is run by a highly experienced board and management team and has all the technical and financial resources necessary to undertake projects of any size or complexity.

Notice such semantics point to tar budget operation. So it’s very unclear who is behind this product. Most likely it’s not a security product, but something like inflatable military deception decoy. Just like the rest of the garbage mentioned in this page.

MAI (russia) russia through wall radar Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow Aviation Institute developed through wall radar for police forces. It doesn’t appear to be prototype. It’s already being displayed in exhibitions. Doesn’t have a screen. Has indicators for distance to person, breathing and other vital signs. So it’s not imaging device. More like detector. Probably cheap.Video of radar on the news. (russian language)

InSight (Raytheon) insight raethon through wall radar

The InSight is a handheld TTWS made by Raytheon for military use.16 This small handheld device weighs 3.3 pounds and can operate for 3.5 hours using rechargeable batteries. The device has a 100-degree, two-dimensional (2D) field of view with an operating range of up to 40 meters. The device is able to detect walls as well as moving targets, including slight motion (although not motion associated with breathing).

PH20100924051101 PH20100924051031

Another raytheon radar described in washington post back in 2010. No model name.

TDR6000 (china) and others chinese through wall radars

Some chinese through wall radars. Appears to be some technical comparison table??

Probant (EU) probant mimo through wall radar

PROBANT stands for “People Real-Time Observation in Buildings:
Assessment of New Technologies in support of surveillance and
intervention operations”
EU product for belgian and dutch law enforcement.More info: 1 (local copy) 2 (local copy)

radar scope (darpa -US ) Original page removed archived version available here darpa radar scope through wall sensor

The Visibuilding program developed technologies and systems for new building surveillance capabilities to detect personnel within buildings, determine building layouts, and locate weapons caches within buildings. This program developed techniques to inject and recover probing radar waveforms and unravel the complicated multipath in the return signals to enable the mapping and characterization of building interiors.

Tenzor (russia) tenzor through wall uwb radar

UWB Radar for remote alive objects monitoring It is intended for remote monitoring for people, allocation of signals of breath and palpitation. It can be used for subsurface introscopy, definitions of positions of objects behind walls, definitions of thickness of dielectric layers with high resolution (about 1 sm)

Logis-Geotech (russia) PO-400 through wall radar АБ-400СН Георадар-обнаружитель

Few versions of radars RO-400, RO-900. They call their product as “stenovizor”. Keep in mind that it’s compound word where “stena” translates into english as “wall”.

Detection of moving people behind reinforced concrete walls 0.6 m thick
Detection of caches
Detection of holes, underground communication passes, hideouts
Detection of contraband criminal disposals, etc
Detection of mine-explosive devises, including caseless ones or those in non-metal cases, placed in building constructions, under roads and railways. During scanning the operator can see on the display the signals reflecting from a moving man and can hear sound tone. Previous version was called

news video where the company representatives demonstrating and talking about their radars (in russian language):

AVID (UK) (page removed no archived version available although mentioned on front page of current site) Sister site that mentions it is here: Life Signs Monitoring Systems Limited avid through wall radar Life Signs Monitoring Systems Limited, The Dower House, Church Lane, Boyton, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 0SS Registered in the UK, Company No: 04059742 :: VAT Reg No: 771 4640 27

AVID – hand held through wall radar. (no further information)They also manufacture permanently installed through wall sensor systems for prison cell 24/7 monitoring. They claim they had through wall radar in production in the 1990s.

SIRCHIE 007 (previously listed on no archive available) (china) sirchie 007 through wall radar

SIRCHIE 007 through-wall radar is a high-tech product which is designed and manufactured for public security,urban operations,and anti-terrorist special battles.In recent years,especially western nations have pressed on with this technology.So the military has paid close attention to it.The device can be used for anti-terrorist operations of the police and military,detect criminals through building with wide effective detecting range,and confirm the criminal’s location with advanced environmental perception. The battlefield can be towards to us. Then we can judge the situation more accurately,put into effect attack more availably.The new version is also used for ATA(anti-theft alarm) in banks,military base,weapon warehouse.

DKL LifeGuard (usa) dkl lifeguard human detector

The lightweight, hand-held DKL LifeGuard™ is a passive electronic sensor that detects the electric field created by a beating human heart, even through barriers. A patented filter eliminates all but the unique ultra low frequency (ULF), human electric field. Since it detects only living humans, the LifeGuard ™ is immune to false alarms caused by animals, heat, vibration or noise.

Rescue Radar (canada)

alternative vendor:

Rescue-Radar ground penetrating1-14051316343SY1-140513163419647

Detects the movement of victims buried in soil, rock, rubble or snow. Rescue Radar is sensitive to small movements of arms, legs or even breathing.When disaster strikes and people are buried alive, time is critical! Rescue Radar is designed for rapid deployment by search and rescue teams.

Life Sensor radar (japan/russia) Life sensor resque radar

Commercialization of Russian military technology (Developed by Tenzor Co.,Ltd.). Search of live human persons (suffered during spontaneous disaster and calamity) invisible for visual detection under obstruction of broken buildings, soil, snow avalanches and so on as well as persons hidden in mentioned environments, buildings, containers.

milicam (france) mentioned here  Milicam30 french through wall radar franceScreenshot 2015-02-15 02:18:13Screenshot 2015-02-15 02:18:58

Milicam30 sensor was developed to detect human presence behind walls or under debris. It can also detect objects inside walls or screen passengers or baggage at airport security checks.So far it seems most advanced device as it’s able to detect contours of human body through wall. Not very portable though.

video from some fair (in french)

fcs3 (local copy)(japan) fcs-3 through wall radar

unknown (japan) through wall radar

appears to be military

unknown (japan) ( japan through wall radar

ATO technology (usa) (local copy pdf) ato technology through wall radarato technology through wall radar4266380839_4e1b86be36_z 4267127852_2f4167ee3d_z 4267127774_1d9be18896_z 4266380567_67704cb204_z 4267127596_35072bb27e_z 4266380997_43ffb2fb9b_z 4266381153_ed18c168c2_z 4266381289_8ac5ede82b_z 4266381543_e643e59585_z 4260612056_d44b49fd08_z 4259856765_9e3b2565a0_z 4260612030_065433bed5_z 4260611998_34ba12368c_z 4259856603_7e58c3b8f2_z 4260611822_993871bbeb_z 4260611694_fe0da410b8_z

Seems to be Military oriented. More pictures from some sort of military fair or carnival (exhibition if you will). Note earpiece on the presentation boy and sunglasses on sidekick

walleye technologies (removed archived version here) (USA) new version is up note that domain name has been changed. there is another website without domain name here hosted on free host. Model 24S Surface Penetrating Imager walleye technologies walleye-protype- through wall radar800walleye through wall imager

Walleye”s portable microwave imaging camera technology platform generates high quality digital images that allow users to see through solid objects and display, store, analyze and transmit images. The Walleye technology is based on the field of long wavelength imaging systems, in particular, millimeter wave imaging systems. Walleye”s ability to deliver the benefits of this technology in a portable, handheld, battery powered device is an industry first.prototype on the right has projected manufacturing price of only $500
Presentation brochure from site

Bankrupt as of 2014

CEO footprint

WallVision (usa) wallvision through wall radarClose Up Side View Of Goggles Web

Man Portable Hands-Free Heads-Up Display Wireless Remote Interface IntuitiveDisplay Non-Distracting Target Information Recognizable Target Images Real-time Display (23 Frames/sec)

geozondas (lithuania) geozondas Two-channel through wall Radar lithuania

Manufactures see through wall radars, uwb radar kits and a lot more.

Enforcement Technology Group (usa) enforcement technology group through wall radar

The Compact Sense-Through-Wall Radar Imaging System offers reliable detection to distances of up to 65 ft. (20m) through most common wall materials such as: Cement, Plaster, Brick, Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Adobe, Drywall, and Other Standard Building Materials Item #: ETG-CTWR Price: $45000.00. brochure

Golograf / holograf / радар “Голограф” (russia) holograf golograf russian through wall radar

Developed by nanotechnology center in russia

Top Sky TS-120 (china) top sky through wall radar chinaSee_Through_Wall_Radar_systemHandheld_see_through_wall1Handheld_see_through_wall2Handheld_see_through_wall

TS-120 Through wall radar is an ultra-portable, handheld and durable presence of life detector. It is compact size and lightweight and can provides personnel critical information in real-time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall.

TS-120 is professionally designed for special safety protection or emergency industry. It is widely used in tactic assault ,safety protection, Hostage Recovery, search &rescue and son on.

As of Feb 2015 they changed product photo to this. Screen appears to be the same packaged into different casing. Smells even fishier.


Brand / Product manufacturers original Description
unknown (vietnam) sold by through wall radar vietnam

youtube demonstration

Novasky Electronic technology Ltd (china) novasky uwb radar

pdf of original website presentation

Hitar by vizornet (USA) HITAR® a Sense Through The Wall (STTW) product uses ultra-wideband low-power radar in a handheld device that can see through the walls from a significant distance and provide a map of individuals behind the walls.
Radar flashlight (usa) website (http:// w w w . has been disabled no archive copy available.
radar flashlight georgia techradar flashlight georgia techradar flashlight georgia techradar flashlight georgia techradar flashlight georgia tech

Photos above are from 2001 Georgia Tech website press release about through wall radar funded in 1998 by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a division of the U.S. Justice Department. Archive copy here. “Research that evolved into the RADAR Flashlight began at GTRI in the mid-1980s with the patenting of a frequency-modulated radar for remotely checking vital signs of soldiers wounded on the battlefield “. I guess its about checking vital signs of wounded enemy soldiers so death squads could finish off the survivors.

79038451_scaled_913x684 78983587_scaled_907x680 78943961_scaled_914x685

Probably one of the oldest products mentioned in the media (20 years ago). The RADAR Flashlight was developed to be a law enforcement tool. It can detect the respiration signature of a motionless individual standing up to 5 meters behind a 20 centimeter hollow core concrete block wall.

Wave Sense (USA) (archived website) wave sense bob schreider san diego

A Pocket-Sized Through-the-Wall Motion Detector. Another defunct website of this product is Demonstration video available on youtube.

kopin / golden-i kopin Golden-i_3.8_DHard to tell if they just bragging for some other reason, but their partner verizon in this youtube video claims firefighters use it to see through walls. It’s strange video – firefighters would never use such device as shown in the video. I guess video is designed to create impression that it’s used in such way, but in reality it’s probably (if ever) used in completely different fashion. For what we know it could be just government money laundering.

Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response


Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response

If you enlarge above photo it’s pretty obvious that to manufacture suitcase itself probably required most engineering expertise to deliver this “invention”. It looks like high technology jargon is used to launder money. There are no good company names left nowadays – crooks and con artists have them all.

In partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Admin-istration’s (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is developing a technology called Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER). FINDER uses low-power microwave radar to detect the small movements from breathing and the heartbeat of a buried victim, even when the signal must pass through several feet of rubble and building debris. FINDER searches for the unique characteristics of human breathing and heartbeat to distinguish between humans, animals, and mechanical movement. It can also distinguish between multiple victims, since each person’s breathing and heartbeat patterns are different.

PDF intro brochure

Bharat Electronics (india) ultra-wide-band-23-638 Click on image for more info
 Visiray (USA)



VisiRay Inc. is developing next generation cameras to allow inspectors to see through walls and view clear images of pests hidden inside. For that purpose VisiRay has signed an option agreement to license state-of-the-art scanning technology developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the same technology used in full body airport scanners nation-wide.

  • We attempted to license millimeter wave cameras and scanners for non-security fields like building inspection and termite detection.
  • VisiRay was awarded a $50,000 DOE startup grant, and placed and won cash awards in many national business model competitions. (taken from – archive)

It hard to tell what they mean by “licensing”. Maybe they are just repackaging and dressing up the product of DOE (which is part of intelligence community) so it can be used by some clandestine operatives at large?


GPR Detector (UK)


 GPR detector through wall radargpr detector screen

The GPR-detector is designed for decision of the following tasks:

To detect moving people behind reinforced concrete walls 0.6 m thick
To detect caches
To detect holes, underground communication passes, hideouts
To detect contraband criminal disposals, etc
To detect mine-explosive devices, including caseless ones or those in non-metal cases, placed in building constructions, under roads and railways

The design features and innovative engineering solutions allow quick application of the device to detect to detect people by movement in real-time operation with:

thick reinforced concrete walls,
multi-layer building constructions.
During scanning the operator can see on the display the signals reflecting from a moving men and can hear sound tone.

Are these tools for guerrilla death squads – ISIS/AlQaeda?

vayyar (israel) walabot  It seems they can track anything that moves. Great wall of china? Berlin wall? How about wall of your heart cell.. It’s not so much what to track – they don’t really have any ideas what to do with the technology except getting hands redhanded.
 STM (turkey) 01 12_d 11_d 10_d 9_d 8_d 7_d 6_d 5_d 4_d 3_d 2_d 1_d turk-muhendisler-duvar-arkasini-gosteren-radar-uretti-1480238690548





DAR (Through-The-Wall Radar) is a system developed by STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. that uses Radio Frequency (RF) signals to detect the presence and location of people in a closed space in case of no possibility of access. DAR can be used in many cases that the detection of people in a building is so critical, such as hostage rescue operations.

 decod (Singapore)

from their website: Wall Penetration Radar may conceptually be regarded as an application of GPR technologies applied on walls instead of horizontal surface. The deliverable is essentially 3D images of what lies behind the wall.

Eagle Eye Labs eagle eye labs

Now it’s not exactly a product not even a prototype, but just bunch of air coming out of some cheap mouth of illiterate einstein in front of his non judgemental peers. If you watch youtube video – businesss pitch sounds as something obviously too good to be true. It’s like kings men magic – 24/7 continuisly recording 360 degrees body warn camera that sees through walls, translates language, detects threatening behavior, etc.. It doesn’t sound like camera it sounds like some sort of balancing gyroscope that can zeroe onto frequencies of visible, audible and other portions of rainbow and 50 shades of gray spectrums – it is fair to those on the side of the fair, carnival and circus of “you’re with us or against us”. It’s as if it’s not exactly encryption or high technology, but methods to the madness constructed out of antimatter that can see lives that don’t matter for arranging death pecking order for brexit mass murder mystery death row according to security algorithm that also utilizes good intentions of your beautiful minds. So with such “security” you have to keep in mind not only your broken mirrors  pieced into disco ball or kaleidoscope, but also one way mirrors, polarized glasses, etc etc. while keeping in mind obviously false quantum concepts about duality of light: according to illiterate einsteins it’s both particle and wave, just like “yanni or laurel”, “to be or not to be”, “a and b were sitting on the pipe”, etc

Related links:
White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Sense-Through-The-Wall (STTW) Test Report(2013)

Pakistan Navy Invitation to bid for supply of 10 x SEE THROUGH WALL RADARS

Covert intelligence through wall radar purchase by Police Department in Frisco, Texas




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